How To Start Plastic Recycling Business I प्लास्टिक रीसाइक्लिंग का बिज़नेस कैसे करें


in today's world, wherever you will see you will find plastic everywhere.

like plastic bags,

food packaging material, etc.

but the use of plastic is only the source of plastic pollution

looking at the negative aspects of plastics, its the time to encourage the plastic recycling business,

today we have brought to you a new industrial documentary,

in which we will learn about the business of recycling plastic and making it into plastic grains and granules,

I Kuldeep Kalia, S.K.Engineering Works, from Mangolpuri, i have started this business,

whose basic work is making of plastic recycling machinery,

without plastic recycling, our life is a waste, if we do not do plastic recycling,

then in this whole country, in this whole society, lots of dirt will be spread, this

only education has to be provided that how you can recycle plastic

and how you can safely use it, also how to use it again,

providing only this education is very necessary for people

Recycled plastic granules manufacturing process is started from the thrown away plastics, plastic waste,

plastic scrap like, poly bags or by collecting plastic boxes,

you can buy plastic waste from scrap dealer too,

after that scrap is segregated or differentiated by its quality,

In recycling plant first of all the dirty plastics are cleaned by putting it in dust cleaner machine

in dust cleaner machine any kind of dirt or mud present in the plastic bag, can be cleaned easily,

Now this cleaned plastic bags are then put into plastic scrap grinder machine,

and then it is shredded in small particles,

this shredding machine can shred around 50 to 100 kgs of plastic in an hour,

After this shredded plastics are then put into washing conveyer,

which, by washing it, transfers the plastics to washing machine,

the length of washing conveyer can be made by the usage, from 6 to 14 foot,

from washing conveyer machine one person takes out plastic and

sets it into the washing machine, for further wash

in this washing machine any type of dirty plastics can be washed,

normally by this machine 100 kgs of plastic scrap can be cleaned in an hour,

after washing, the clean and wet plastic scraps, are now put in film dryer machine for drying it,

all the shredded plastic comes out dry from the film dryer machine,

shredded plastic once again then put into Agglomerator machine,

by Agglomerator machine, the plastic particles comes out more small and dry,

now this fine shredded plastic can be treated in plastic recycling machine

in the hopper of of plastic recycling machine

fine shredded plastics homogeneous mixture is put,

from where the plastic goes to heating barrel,

from the other end of the barrel, melted plastic comes out through a dye,

and to cool it down it is passed from a water tank,

this plastic after cooling down reaches to the cutter, where plastic pallets are cut,

now this pallets or plastic granules are ready for sale in the market,

with the help of injection moulding machine, this plastic granules can be used for making new new products,

Hi, I am Abhishek Kalia, representing my company, S.K. Engineering Works

We are the manufacturers of plastic recycling machine,

we are into this business since 30 years,

we export in many countries, like Doha, Qatar, Kenya, etc,

and we have participated in many plastic exhibition like China, China Plast, Germany K Fair, Mauritius, etc,

For starting a plastic recycling machine you will need these machines,

all this machine can be made according to your requirements,

Dust Cleaner, whose market price is nearly about 1,80,000

Plastic Scrap Grinder, its value would be around 1.5 lakh rupees,

washing and conveyer machine, washing and conveyer machine price would be around 2 lakhs,

Film dryer and Agglomerator machine market price is respectively, 2,50,000 and 2,75,000

Plastic recycling machine, in which water tank, cutter and machine panel is included,

the overall cost of plastic recycling machine would be around 9.5 lakh rupees,

to start the plastic recycling business you will need minimum of 1000 square feet area,

in which you can, at different levels you can keep,

you can keep all the machines which are in need

To run this plant you will need 10 to 12 people at least,

You can start plastic recycling plant with the investment of nearly about 50 lakh rupees,

you can also start the journey of entrepreneurship, in this journey IID will be with you,


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