Big Money Selling Vintage Vinyl Records

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hey it's done the auction professor

today I wanted to talk about something

that sells for some insane amounts of

money these days it's vintage vinyl

record we're gonna talk about some very

specific 45s today that sell for

thousands even tens of thousands of

dollars these are standard seven-inch

records let's show you some right now so

let's just talk about records for just a

minute here before we go into the

conversation today the category I make

the most profit per item per investment

I get has always been records I have

always made more from selling

high-dollar records than I have anything

else I have ever sold in all of these

years that I've been a reseller we've

made thousands of dollars from one

single record from one single flip on

many many occasions something that I

spent a dollar or less on in almost

every single case when I'm buying

records now the biggest problem with

this category for most people is the

learning curve is incredibly tough you

have to know a lot you have to

understand records you have to be able

to distinguish reproductions and things