Tips For Selling Vinyl Records Online

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recently I received some questions of

people asking what are the best ways to

sell your records if you're looking to

either call your collection or get rid

of them all well I'm gonna narrow down

the best ways and explain what each

method means right after this well the

easiest way to sell all your records is

to spend months of your life planning a

massive event in your town and no I'm

just kidding that's definitely the

hardest way but the most fun way you can

also check out local flea markets or

record fairs sometimes you can get a

booth there and of course there's gonna

be a ton of vinyl hounds just sniffing

around for stuff great way to get rid of

some stuff in person just make sure you

don't leave it in the Sun like a lot of

flea markets do and let those records

cook not good now I'm gonna talk about