Tips For Selling Vinyl Records Online

recently I received some questions of

people asking what are the best ways to

sell your records if you're looking to

either call your collection or get rid

of them all well I'm gonna narrow down

the best ways and explain what each

method means right after this well the

easiest way to sell all your records is

to spend months of your life planning a

massive event in your town and no I'm

just kidding that's definitely the

hardest way but the most fun way you can

also check out local flea markets or

record fairs sometimes you can get a

booth there and of course there's gonna

be a ton of vinyl hounds just sniffing

around for stuff great way to get rid of

some stuff in person just make sure you

don't leave it in the Sun like a lot of

flea markets do and let those records

cook not good now I'm gonna talk about

ways that you could sell with no fee

outside from the PayPal fee if you take

PayPal or with a little fee to a bigger

audience let me dive in the first no fee

option is offer up this is an awesome

app that I've used to find all kinds of

cool stuff from collectibles to records

to furniture

it's basically Craigslist for your local

area but it's more reputable because you

have a rating system there's a name

attached to it it feels more personal

feels less like you can get murdered in

an alleyway I think this is a great

place to find some things that you

wouldn't expect because a lot of people

aren't looking at the app throw some

records on there see if you can get some

buyers definitely a good way because

there's no fee another option is

Facebook groups if you google vinyl

record Facebook groups you will find a

ton if you're in a major city there's

probably a group for your city if you're

not there's also groups that are just

all about buying and selling records and

there are thousands of people in those

groups if you set up opposed to that

you're definitely gonna find people that

are interested in what you have to sell

and the final No Fee option is something

that I've referenced before on this


the vinyl collective forums and the

reddit vinyl collector forum so I'll

link to those in the description

they're basically sections of the

internet that are just people buying and

selling and occasionally trading records

I've had a lot of luck putting lists on

both of those sites again you'll take a

little PayPal fee but you won't take a

cut from one of the big guys speaking of

the big guys there are three different

ways to sell records online to a big

marketplace they're all gonna take a bit

of a cut though let me start with the

smallest cut reverb LP is becoming one

of my favorite and vinyl sites to

purchase records on also you can sell

records and they take the smallest cut

of the big guys and you have a lot of

people checking the site

for some deals so I recommend throwing

some stuff on repo and seeing what

happens if you want another large record

community of course you can go to

discogs now discogs is probably the

largest community for buying and selling

records they do take a large commission

though it really starts to add up and

take away from your profit but can't

argue there's a huge hungry marketplace

ready for your records so it's

definitely a good choice as well and

finally the largest of the marketplaces

of course eBay eBay takes 10% of every

sale so they are gonna take the most but

you're probably gonna have the widest

exposure not necessarily to all music

fans though so you have to take that

into consideration as well definitely

play around and see where you have the

most success of these but I would say

give each one a try and see where you

sell the most most frequently those are

the ways I know to sell records and the

ways I've done it in the past now if you

know other ways please leave a comment

let me know what I'm missing and let

everyone else know where else they can

sell their records if they need to sell

them which is always a sad day but

usually means more records to come if

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