Selling Reclaimed Wood - Business Idea / Hustle Idea Video

hey what is up guys it's rules for

rebels it is Monday morning just having

my morning coffee here and wanted to

make one of these quick videos where we

kind of spit ball in brainstorm of

potential business idea so first things

first the business idea is selling

reclaimed wood for those of you guys who

don't know what reclaimed wood is it's

really popular right now in home design

furniture design etc reclaimed wood is

essentially old wood that they salvaged

after tearing down a barn tearing down

an old factory etc and as you can see

here from the picture like reclaimed

wood is aged as you know cool patterns

it shows some age a lot of people make

like barn doors out of it a lot of

people make end tables and furniture

some people will do picture frames and

other people use it to do like an accent

wall in their home which you can see

looks pretty cool so this stuff sells

for pretty good prices if we go over to

ebay um obviously you know you're

somewhat restricted by how much wood you

can ship to somebody because at some

point the shipping becomes cost

prohibitive to somebody just buying

reclaimed wood locally but here you can

see somebody selling a reclaimed wood

bed frame that they made other people

are just selling you know 15 reclaimed

wood boards which is probably enough to

sorry that browser crashed on me which

is probably enough to you know do a

little wall mural or something like that

here somebody has 18 pieces of reclaimed

wood from an old burn for crafting so

you can see here's a pretty limited

amount of wood at shorter pieces so this

is something I could easily be shipped

in a priority mailbox which you know it

is is a flat rate regardless of how much

it weighs so as long as the pieces are

small you can fit quite a bit into like

a UH a medium or even a large flat rate

box one other tip about flat rate boxes

for those of you guys who do ship

heavier larger items they actually make

a lot of sizes that you're not going to

see in your average post office the post

office typically only carries one or two

types of medium boxes and one or two

types of large boxes however if you go

on USPS comm you have a

account and you can go in there and

order yourself additional shipping

materials they actually have a lot of

different sizes and there's one large

box that's like three times as big as

the ones you're gonna see in the post

office I have

feeling they don't put them out because

they don't want people shipping these

things because they're probably more

expensive even though they are the same

price as the smaller large boxes but

there's a whole assortment of USPS flat

rate boxes that you guys probably don't

even know about unless you go to the the

post office but you will just kind of

scroll through here and see you know

reclaimed wood reclaimed wood I mean a

single board is selling for $34.50 so

and you guys can see there's some money

in here right let's go over just out of

curiosity if we go over to Terapeak and

pull a report on Terapeak let's see how

we'll go over to the Maine come let's

see how much in a given week is sold of

reclaimed wood so in a given week twenty

one thousand four hundred and fourteen

dollars and eighty two cents is sold so

that's actually really really good sales

numbers the sell-through rate is a

little bit disappointing the souther

rate is only eighteen percent I think

the really I wouldn't be turned off to

this category I think the reason to sell

through rating is so low is because if

you think about it

reclaimed wood is very you know if

you're gonna buy a phone charger you go

buy a phone charger there's really not

that much selection involved however

reclaimed wood you're typically probably

going for a certain look in your home so

you know this person who's looking to do

a wall like this they want a very

specific type of board and if we flip

through you know everybody has their own

kind of unique style so because it you

know it's sort of like shoes or a

handbag there's so many different styles

everyone's gonna have their own taste so

a lot of the stuff you know this may be

nice and well for somebody's project but

if this isn't for the look I'm going for

in my house is probably isn't gonna do

anything for me so you know it comes

down to personal preference that

everybody's looking for probably a

certain pattern or a certain style of

reclaimed wood so it's kind of

understandable that the the seller

ratings would be pretty low just some

other random information a day of the

week when most people when it sells the

best is Monday oddly enough the time of

day when most of the stuff is selling is

4 to 5 a.m. I'm guessing maybe

construction guys and handy men are up

early in the morning let's see you know

here's a time of day chart things seemed

to pick up a little bit in the evening

Monday again by far the day when people

are buying the most reclaimed wood

here's some of the highest price

listings here's a reclaimed burn wood

kitchen island refinished

and it looks like that the hottest price

point is like zero to $31.99 let's see

like the type of items that are are

selling you know I'll just kind of

ramble about the the actual business

idea so you could just shall Raw recant

claimed would just sell boards and

things like that if you're a little bit

handy you might want to build some

furniture build some like you know

decorative crates that people can keep

plants in or something like that you

could focus on larger pieces of wood for

people who are doing like wall murals or

you could focus on smaller chunks like

you know I showed you guys a few minutes

ago somebody who was selling smaller

pieces of reclaimed wood more use for

like craft projects and things like that

you could sell this on eBay you could

sell this on Etsy you could sell it on

Craigslist locally where you're not

having to deal with shipping and here

we're just gonna look at some of the

items which got the most bids okay one

reclaimed wood soapdish

rustic reclaimed pallet $45 reclaimed

floating shelf barn style misses is

essentially just a board that sold for

19 dollars 20 square feet of reclaimed

wood sold for $57 you know the floating

shelves seem to be pretty popular if you

can find yourself like a 4 by 2 or an 8

by 2 or whatever that could easily be

called a floating shelf and sold for

probably a little bit more money but yes

you can see there's some decent money

here on eBay

if we go over to Craigslist here some

people who have like reclaimed burn wood

furniture is somebody made a wine rack

even if you're not very handy something

like this would actually be very very

easy to make reclaimed wood headboard

some for $425

I noticed the beams are really popular

this probably isn't something you can

ship because it's so heavy in so large

but for local sales people like using

the the reclaimed beams as like ceiling

beams as accent pieces on walls and then

here's also where you can actually

because we've talked about where you can

sell the reclaimed wood right but where

do you source it from so here's a

Craigslist listing we need to have two

old burns removed from a farm in North

Jackson Indiana buyer must have insured

crew that can handle their reclaimation

salvage of barn and clean up the site

afterward the barns were built

in 1900 and made from rough sawn lumber

and 5.5 inch beams that are nailed and

not pegged the siding is mostly 11 and a

half inch wide boards on the burn both

barns have lost so think about how much

wood you're gonna get off this barn you

know I mean like this thing is giant in

addition to having all four walls in the

roof you also have all the interior

beams and stuff like that as well and if

we look here people have these people

have two barns now this particular

person is gonna charge you a thousand

dollars to come out to their property

and basically allow you to tear down the

burn however what you could do I'm sure

there's plenty of people out there who

you know have an unsightly old burner

and unsafe old barn is falling down you

could probably just stop by some farms

or some you know if you have like an

unincorporated area in your town where

people have you know old barns and

things like that you could probably go

knock on somebody's door and say hey if

you have any intuition and taking that

burn down I'd be happy to do it for free

if you allow me to keep the lumber and I

think you'd be surprised how many people

go for that I know in my area there's

actually a lot of developers knocking

down the last of the farmland and they

have a lot of old burns so they're just

gonna knock that stuff down anyway so if

you spoke to a developer or the property

owner before they sold they would

probably allow you to take the burn down

now if we go back to Craigslist here I

think there's some people selling you

know here's somebody selling reclaimed

barn wood tiles I was trying to find the

listing I saw there's a lot of people

selling see if they list their price

from what I've seen most people are

charging about $3.00 per square foot for

reclaimed wood so if you think about it

think about how much how many feet of

lumber you're gonna get from that barn I

just showed you and then if you figure

you're getting paid $3 per square foot I

can't find anybody to list the price but

I know yesterday I was looking and

people people were basically charging $3

a square foot for for reclaimed wood so

there's definitely a lot of money in

this if you wanted to get into this what

would you need or what would you need to

get set up it would help if you had a

truck or a trailer to where you could

haul this wood away it would probably

help if you were fair

handy so that you could a take apart

burns and be potentially build some of

the stuff in the furniture and it you

know it's a pretty good luck selling

reclaimed wood at three dollars a square

foot but imagine if you could make a one

of those hanging sliding barn doors that

are popular on HDTV HGTV right now or an

end table or even something simple like

a picture frame or some decorative you

know milk crate style things where

people could put plants or store items

all of a sudden you know as soon as you

make something out of it that the price

skyrockets and you can see people are

home selling you know furniture made

from leat reclaimed wood for four

hundred dollars eight hundred dollars

fifteen hundred dollars here's a coffee

table made of wreath reclaimed reclaimed

wood door that they're selling for a

thousand dollars so there's a pretty

good amount of money in this like I said

if you have a you know property or a

large garage or something like that

where you could store all this wood to

where you don't have to you know blow it

out of the cheap price but you could

actually sell it piece by piece or lot

by lot to people you'd be able to

squeeze a lot more money out of it but

this is a pretty simple concept um I

think your best luck would be local

sales on Craigslist let's go offer up

five miles sites like that but as you

can see there's also a healthy market

for this stuff on eBay as well and you

can even set up a Shopify store and sell

individual pieces if you build furniture

make things with it you could sell that

as well if we look at this Terapeak

report the total number of listings for

reclaimed wood is actually going

slightly going down the average end

price is actually kind of on an upswing

so that's something good that we like to

see we can take a look and see and by

the way if anybody's wondering what

program I'm using to pull these stats

it's called Terapeak it's a eBay

analytic program and basically we can

see you know this guy sold two thousand

two hundred ninety five dollars worth of

reclaimed wood it was a single listing

we could go take a look at what that is

one thing I really like to see about

this category a lot of people have

really high sell-through ratings and the

other thing you'll notice there's not

one or two people dominating sales in

this category it's pretty evenly spread

out amongst everybody so that means it's

pretty easy to break into this category

and I yeah it looks like I this this

category basically shows us how things

sell internationally I think some

countries like Customs and Border Patrol

may not want foreign wood coming in

because there could be termites or bugs

and things like that native to one area


not coming into their all their country

so I don't know that international would

be very good for this but as you can see

guys you know here's the the team that

you Bay are the Terapeak stats I'm just

curious if any reclaimed-wood stuff

being sold on Amazon I'm guessing

probably not but let's take a look ok so

there's some reclaimed wood furniture

but nobody's really selling the rug wood

here's a an actual sticker for people

who are too lazy you don't want actually

put up with on their walls you can buy a

peel and stick sticker here somebody's

making reclaimed wood shelves 20 bucks

apiece I mean you know these boards cost

absolutely nothing so you know

somebody's made probably making a good

buck off of that again this is a canvas

that's not real wood um but yeah that's

basically the hustle for you guys today

uh you know sourcing and then turning

around and selling reclaimed wood like I

said you can do it locally you can do it

on eBay and you could also set up your

own Shopify site the only real downside

are- to doing this type of business is

it's harder to scale and here's what I

mean the same way that people do who do

retail arbitrage are constantly having

to go out and look for unique items and

in an hour having to go back and relist

so it's a little bit more work than you

know let's say I'm selling you know

lamps that I'm buying from Alibaba I can

buy one of these lamps or I can buy a

thousand of these lamps they're gonna

come straight to me once I create a

listing I can continue ordering from my

supplier in Alibaba and sourcing that

lamp so there's really no work in terms

of me having to relist items because

it's always the same item that I'm

selling with reclaimed wood because

every burn you go knock down because

every board that you get in is gonna be

unique you're basically gonna have to

break this stuff in a lot so

hypothetically I go tear down a burn I

you know take all the wood from that

barn and I break it into ten piece Lots

so okay ten pieces of wood here ten

pieces of wood here ten pieces of wood

here and then I have to lift each one of

those individually and I also have to

take pictures of each one of those Lots

because like I said people who are

buying this stuff are looking for a

specific pattern or a specific look so

it's not as if you can just show it show

it throw one picture up and say you know

I have a hundred Lots of ten boards

because people are gonna want to see

every one of those hundred lots of

boards so it is gonna be a little bit

more labor-intensive

because it is a unique item and every

and you get would you're gonna have to

take pictures and list it and people are

gonna want to you know choose specific

boards but outside of that I still think

there's very good money is so like I

said guys right now reclaimed wood the

HGTV and design shows and all that stuff

is really hot you could definitely take

advantage of it if you have some old

burns in your area you know you can

probably get yourself some free wood and

the only cost to you most likely well

some people do charge you to go tear

down their burns the only cost is really

sweat labor I'm sure a lot of people

would gladly have you come out to their

property not down to burn and take away

all the wood you're saving them from

having to pay somebody from doing it so

hopefully you guys like this business

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