5 Ways to Earn $100 Per Day Cooking Online (Make Money Online Recipes That Work)

do you want to make money online cooking

well in this exciting episode today

we're gonna talk about how you can earn

a hundred dollars per day just by

cooking your favorite recipes alright if

you have a passion for cooking and

creating delicious meals but maybe

you've wondered how you could translate

that into a part-time or full-time

income so you could live a life of

excitement and fulfillment with no

bosses doing what makes you happy for a

change then this is exactly the video

you are looking for okay please pay

close attention to the entire video

because in this video you will learn why

cooking could earn you six figures

online without being a top chef or a

master chef five different ways to cash

in on your pan sauteing talents online

even as a beginner and examples of

people who are crushing it as we speak

who by the way are no better than you I

promise and if you stay till the end of

this video I'll even share with you

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description below alright now let's get

into today's video hey friend

alright let's get right down into it

alright I'm gonna share with you five

ways you can make money online cooking

alright believe it or not you can if you

have a passion for cooking you can make

really good money in fact let me share

with you why I think you can even make

six figures online and yes you don't

need to get on MasterChef or Top Chef or

any of that you can be making money

really great money online on your own

even as a beginner alright now here's

the thing that's interesting about it is

that if you for me I find that you're

probably thinking like me success you

it's all about feeling a fulfilment and

passion and what you're doing

right and actually success according to

Les Brown is two things number one

finding something that you love to do

all right let's say it's cooking right

that's your passion and to finding

someone who will pay you to do it okay

that's it all right and you can do that

online you can do that as a beginner

because let me tell you right now if you

don't notice at the time of this video

2019 we're on a brink of an economic

recession most people don't know that

but that's what a lot of kind of mister

saying all right and what's interesting

about that is that there's not gonna be

a lot of jobs available really you know

so if you're cool if you'd love to be a

couple you're looking for jobs hey I'm

gonna share with you ways right now how

you better make money without having to

get a job because they're not gonna be

available when you think about and this

is just getting on a side tangent you

think about the baby boomers who are

retiring and the next decade or so

between 20 20 20 29 the amount of jobs

that are gonna be available gonna be

limited because guess what baby boomers

were the majority of people consuming

and so when there are not a lot of

consumers buying stuff that means

businesses don't need to make us stuff

which means they don't need as many

people to work for them that means jobs

are gonna kick cut by a lot people don't

notice but I'm just telling you you

heard it right here that's exactly

what's gonna happen so in any case the

whole point being is that if you love

cooking then hey you can find really

great ways to make money a hundred

dollars per day even more online and I'm

gonna share with you let's get into it

all right without any further ado all

right so let's town them down the Fitz

way you can make money online by um by

just by cooking is by private consulting

and masterminding now this is crazy okay

yes you can be a private consultant and

master or have a mastermind with people

and share with people different ways

that you can help them either make money

by cooking or by cooking for them period

all right here's an example of a woman

who's doing exactly that her name is

Julie right she's a professional set


she's an on-air talent but don't let

that bother you don't let that fool you

or intimidate you she started from zero

just like everybody else I mean look at

her website it ain't all that either


well she's killing a game she's doing it

and what if she does she just provides

really good recipes for the home cook

that's her niche all right and you can

see that she's been

doing that and she loves doing it and

it's a part of what she's been doing you

can see that she's been working with a

lot of huge brands over time and she's

gained popularity and continue to put

content out there right and so you can

see that you can work she has a little

link up here where it says work with me

if you click on that you'll see where

you can download her media kit contact

her and basically what she does now is

help you if you're a cook to get your

brand out there right to get you get you

found right so you can see that she has

shows she's been around and whatnot it's

got a lot of brands that she works with

so she'll help you get on air

appearances she'll help you write fresh

content getting video set up get your

social media campaigns so he's all all

this is designed to help you as if

you're a cook try to get your brand out

there but let's say you don't

necessarily want to do that maybe you

could also do catering you can also do

work with small groups of people who

want to learn how to cook better you

could do that you can do that with just

Facebook group just like private

Facebook groups where you can come on

live and you could do live recipes or

you can do one-on-one helping with

people coaching within a small

mastermind group things like that

helping them perfect their skills and

cooking certain foods and I will say

there's one of the best ways to really

really move forward with this is to not

only just be a cook but like a specific

type of cook next down okay the riches

are in the niches so is it is it country

style cooking is it Italian cooking is

it baking really really niche down

because that's where it's really gonna

help you move forward but for example

you can find different groups here these

are all private Facebook groups where

they're basically talking about

different kinds of cooking right in

different types of stuff here and any

one of these groups you can create a

private group have just a few people

that come in and do all the things that

we're talking about in this private

consulting private masterminding type

thing it's a great way to make money

it's really good money because you a

you're working with smaller amount of

clients but it's generally considered to

be a higher ticket item so I really like

this as an idea of where

to make money online cooking alright

number 4 way to make money online

cooking that you can consider is ebooks

alright so ebooks are really simple yeah

believe it or not people will buy ebooks

you know you can create a nice little

ebook once again niche down on a

specific topic or specific niche within

cooking maybe healthy cooking maybe

veggie vegetarian cooking maybe seafood

based cooking I don't care whatever

brings you ill brings joy in your heart

do that and you can publish books now in

a great place that I know you can do

that is Amazon like you can literally

just publish Kindle based ebooks and for

free alright so you can create them for

free and publish them for free and using

Amazon is really awesome because you get

like a really a lot of exposure via

Amazon and you can keep up to 70 percent

royalty on the sales of all your books

right so it's really really simple

definitely come here check that out

click here to get started I'll actually

leave a course that you can check out K

money mastery that it's a Clickbank

product that I know that it is really

really high-quality that will help you

I'll leave that a link in the

description below that you can check out

if you want to learn about how to create

really quality books on how to do it on

Kindle um another thing you can do is

like obviously you can go to canva and

make them for free right you know they

have tons of templates here we can

create anything you want I mean just

canva is awesome right and it looks

really high-quality all you need is the

information which you already have up

here right and then if you want to know

what I like really like is Instagram so

you could use Instagram as a way to

promote your ebooks so for example you

come on here you can find a lot of

people that are doing the cooking thing

on Instagram right and then it works

because if you think about it cooking is

a very visual thing the meals the food

that all the all the creativity around

it it's very visual people love looking

at it so you can see how people are

gathering a lot of subscribers a lot of

followers just doing that joy to Baker

as an example of it right I mean she's

nothing special she's just someone who

loves cooking decided to do something

with this she's made three books

cookbooks which by the way you could do

very easily by self-publishing on Amazon

she's creator of Drakon case she has

classes so once again that's consulting

private masterminding right there and

she has you

she can tag her for better recipes I

hate to see her here you got her

different images of what she's got going

on I mean there's nothing special here

right nothing special and then what you

could do is be posting on here and then

put a link here that tags that links to

a lead capture page with your ebook all

right and you can sell the e-book for $5

$10 and make some good money and build

your list at the same time it's

absolutely genius all right so I love

that as a strategy to make money online

with cooking third way you can do this

number three is membership sites okay I

love membership sites I like a lot I

think they're the most one of the most

brilliant ways to make money online with

doing anything especially for cooking

why because membership sites allow you

to acquire customers just one time and

then they continually pay you all right

it's brilliant this tends to be less

work involved in the entire process in

the beginning there's more upfront work

but the entire process is simple and

simple and it kind of makes your income

more stable so you kind of know where

your income is coming from and how much

you're getting every single month and

you get a recurring income so I love

membership sites all right an example of

it that I found was this website here

called mama baked right I mean these

websites are not not anything special

okay I just want to get you get it out

of your mind that you cannot do this or

that it's too big please you can okay

the only difference between these people

and you right now is not the talent it's

not the love for the game for cooking

it's none of that it's simply that they

have started and you haven't okay that's

it that's it so I really want to hope

you this inspires you to get started to

take one small step that's it all right

and so what she's done she's got a nice

little membership site here right it's

called a meal planning Club and it's

brilliant actually because you cook once

and you eat all week basically showing

mothers how they team can set up the

entire week's what the meals really

easily and they help them do that which

I by the way is a very much needed

needed service okay you can join the

model bake club they're charging nine

dollars per month for it you see that I

mean it's brilliant and once they

acquire this customer they're not likely

to go anywhere they get six meals and 90

it's very simple they've been featured

in a lot of different places you know

they're helping people I mean it's just

a brilliant strategy right you get once

a week cooking plants monthly and then

they show them everything they need a

shopping list step-by-step instructions

everything they need to get started to

make the meal and then boom done right

that's it that's it it's really just

that simple right it's really just that

simple for a membership site if you want

to know a great way to get started with

a membership site I will leave a link in

the description for a course called a

membership method that I think will help

you as high quality by gentleman who's

been making millions on membership sites

I'll leave that on as a link in the

description below for you to check out

if in fact that's that's something you

want to take a look at all right so

alright moving on to number two way that

you can make money online hundred

dollars per day just by cooking and

that's with a digital course yeah I mean

a brilliant way to sell a high-quality

material over and over and over again to

people via a digital course take your

ideas put them on videos create a nice

little chorus boom you're good to go

a great way to do that is just come into

udemy calm all right I mean it's a

beautiful place because they're a

platform for teaching and educating

people with just about anything alright

it's brilliant all you got to do is come

up in here and you can for example you

can search for anything right so just

say cooking right and you can see vegan

cooking vegetarian cooking Thai cooking

all kinds of cooking right quicken

classes whatever right let's say we just

hit vegan cooking or something like that

right that's a hot popular niche that

you can get into and you see people have

created lectures and courses vegan

cooking learnt using delicious vegan

recipes forty nine lectures one hour

there's something for ten dollars gets

pretty decent ratings right I mean you

can do this easily and make some really

good passive money as well as another

stream of income for your cooking empire

right it's beautiful all you gotta do is

come on here and say hey you can do you

nummy for business or teach on udemy


you click on that and they will show you

how to start creating courses on udemy

it's really simple or any money inspires

students join their community you know

you plan your course record your videos

and build your community is

it's really not that hard it's work and

it's time but it's not hard I promise

you okay it basic people are creating

these courses you can do it too I

guarantee it okay so that's another

example of a way to make money with

cooking is creating a digital course

it's beautiful

one-time work that continues to sell and

you can continue to sell it to people

over and over again alright so what is

the number one and this is really was in

any particular order but what is a

number one way that you could make money

online with cooking and that is with a

youtube channel now this is me

personally one of my favorite because

videos is like one is going to be taking

over the internet it is taking over the

internet over 80% of the Internet is

going to be mostly videos in the next

five to ten years if not already videos

are a high engaging high impactful you

think about cooking people want to watch

cooking it's very exciting very

enjoyable for people and it just tends

to just get people going you know people

love to eat and so it's just one of

those niches that works really really

well on pictures so especially on video

I go to youtube if you just hit cooking

boom you just get a bunch of different

stuff this person is tasty Channel 16

million subscribers Gordon Ramsay of

course 11 subscribers this guy here in

Carmichael 5,000 subscribers crazy teens

cook cooking hacks five million

subscribers relaxing cafe music million

subscribers I mean just look at how many

subscribers flash city with body pairs I

mean these people are nobodies alright

they're not anything special they're not

better than you but they've been taking

action six hundred ninety thousand

subscribers just look at this right just

to just decide to get on front of camera

and just doing what it thing you know

thousand subscribers you know how much

money she's making doing this this is

brilliant to me so clearly there's a

space in this channel for you right look

at this one cooking with sorrow six

hundred eighteen thousand subscribers I

mean if you click on her channel a

channel is nothing special okay alright

look at her that hug that header is

nothing special she just has a love for

cooking she's obviously not in the US

because she's cooking like very

different and what's the word exotic

type foods which is pretty cool it looks


but guess what it's enough for her to

acquire six hundred and eighteen

thousand subscribers alright so how do

you make money doing with YouTube number

one YouTube ad revenue right so she's

getting like thousands and millions of

views on these on these videos that's

making her a good chunk of change every

single month on top of that she could

also be doing affiliate marketing as

well right so if you find products or

services that are related to cooking and

the niche that you like you could also

be promoting and making easy passive

money just from the putting the links in

your videos alright and so those are

another way so now once again I do want

to remind you it's best to like niche

down with the type of cooking you're

gonna do so that people have an idea and

it just it just makes for better focused

content and better and more income and

at the same time also consider when

you're doing starting a YouTube channel

my recommendation is you find a channel

that is doing something doing it in a

way that you would like to do it and

model okay take a very very close look

at two things the thumbnails and the

headlines thumbnails and headlines okay

because if you can't get your video

found on YouTube it doesn't matter okay

but the beauty but is that YouTube is

sharing these videos like crazy because

people loved cooking so you're already

having advantage but if you can just cut

meat just modeling looks like copy but

model the headlines and thumbnails that

is a great recipe right there for

success on YouTube alright so that's it

my friend I write there's five ways you

can make money online with cooking and

doesn't even require to get on any

special Channel special TV show to do it

all right I mean all you gotta have is

the love and the passion for the game

and man I'm really excited for this

because like I said jobs are not gonna

be available as much as people think the

economy is on the brink of change right

now and the only people that are gonna

be successful are the ones who take

action who have a talent and a specific

love and pass or something and have the

willingness to take action on it do

something right now just a little

something on any one of these ideas to

make something happen for you all right

to take control of your financial

destiny and live the life that you

deserve all right so I hope this was

helpful I rule hope you enjoyed it all

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