How to Get Paid Selling Food Recipes And Make a Fortune!

in this video I'm gonna show you how to

get paid for selling recipes hi lopat

said coming at you from Lopez the same

calm and couple days ago I was strolling

on Facebook in a couple of social media

sites and I realized that there's a

demand for recipes and as a matter of

fact I met this lady a couple of weeks

ago at a local meetup and I encouraged

her to do the same thing so she has a

book of recipes if I'm not mistaken he

bought a book or book of recipes that

she has and she posts videos up

regularly on Instagram so I know there's

a demand for recipes especially custom

recipes so I was on Facebook and there's

there's a lot of Facebook groups and a

lot of people are actually looking for

recipes so I think it's a good idea to

write either some type of

leaving a book or a book for recipes on

Facebook and there's a there's a lot of

groups on Facebook Jesus Christ I mean

there's so many nice I'm you know I'll

be here all day

but all if you go to Facebook just go

search for sort of group section on

Facebook and search for recipe groups

and that's what you see exactly what I'm

talking about this island is thousands

and thousands of people in those groups

it's looking for specific recipes and if

you're a creative person or a writer you

can help them you can really help them

you know

and the next place I've found is a

create a profile on upward upward calm

you can register there and a lighting

you basically don't up work you this a

contract to the site and you can

campaign for jobs for people who want an

e-book created probably a full fledge

100% book cream so ebooks

it's full of the recipes is concerns in

demand especially on eBook I'm surfing

especially on up work and Facebook and

the third place you can check is fiber

fiber calm so that's five ara that's two

hours five double are calm farmer

dot-com mom you know that's the press

has started five hours especially if you

just starting off it started five hours

and then as you get more experienced and

more clients you can build up you can

raise your prices but on farmer that's a

good place to start

says uh you know basically you can

campaign or some people come looking for

you and a lot of people are health

conscious so if you go to a fiber and

you search health conscious nutrition

nutritious desert desserts vegan you

know that's the area that pretty much

where you can get started on fiber you

search both nutrition health

consciousness veganism all that good

stuff veganism I don't know if that's

worth you know quote me on that but if

you search for vegan on fiber you know

they'll tell you to start in the next

place you can uh you can start recipes

on what I think is Etsy I think that's

what they call it

it's website ETS yeah that if

you go to this website you can sell

recipes on there for me just say like

ten dollars a better ten dollars a

better on there so if you're a writer

you know if you want to see our recipes

you make ten dollars a better well I

think that's pretty good you know till


the better you know you certain people

people that sell the average book I'm

gonna put you on some game

the iris book most people don't make ten

dollars they make like a baby

lucky if they make two dollars in a book

published I'm talking like big brand I'm

talking about people that get these

books big book publishing deals you know

of course they get the upfront money you

know if you're a big big name a big

brand they get the upfront money of

course but after they get up front money

and when I done sold too hard thousand

books in two years and you know they get

royalties most people would be lucky if

they get a dollar a book lucky lucky if

they get $2 a book oh my god miracle oh

that's so you you're getting $10 of

better that's like yeah that's great

appears a lot of these big names that we

be hearing and the book deals I dig it

but but the book deals I dig it

they're not doing it for the money

they're doing it for life they're trying

to build a brand you know it's not it's

they trying to they want their books to

sell worldwide but we're not me and you

we're not in a position to sell a book

worldwide yet we can get there I'm

almost there my book sell i worldwide

but it sells what Australia America


Canada Brazil so I'm not I'm in a lot of

different countries selling books

I'm not worldwide yeah so so we we can

we can build up to that we're not there

yet so we can't think like these people

were big branches you know so that's

just a little food for thought cuts up

and next you can sell you can sell

recipes to blogs there's a lot of blog

recipe blogs food blogs out here and

they always looking for content so I

would find these blogs and I would find

their content contact page and send them

a message basically you know that's and

you can start your own recipe blog start

your own full bar you start a full

full-fledged food blog branded by you

just write it right all the time and

promote it using Facebook YouTube

Instagram etc you can go all out with it

you can start a food show go big you can

do it that way and you can sell your own

products and you can have an affiliate

you can get affiliates you do it that

way go big you know and it you can have

like contests you know the see what's

affiliate sales and most you know

yeah I'm like writing kontin's you can

have have that people guest posts on

your blog you can do all this stuff have

a full fledge 100% nutrition blog food

blog you know this is how people are

doing on YouTube now now future where

once a week

they'll have once or twice a week

they'll have a food episode maybe for

like 20-30 minutes talking about their

favorite recipe what they cook for today

they do it from their kitchen what a

camera just like I'm shooting right now


so you can do it that way too so hey if

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