5 Ways To Generate Real-Estate Leads WITHOUT COLD-CALLING

what's up guys this is Teddy welcome to

my youtube channel in this video I'm

gonna be talking about 5 ways to

generate real estate leads without cold

calling if you watching my other

previous videos you know that I do cold

call but I don't like it at the end of

the day I just hate cold calling and a

lot of my business revolves around non

cold calling activities I'm gonna show

you five ways that I generate leads and

I actually get business from them

without doing anything on the phone

first way is going to be YouTube YouTube

has went from a very small platform

almost to nowadays it's almost like

owning your very own TV show I get calls

all the time from YouTube I get people

who emailed me I get people who like my

videos I get people who hate my videos

and I even have people actually

recognize me just out on the streets if

you have that kind of exposure with a

YouTube channel there's no way that

you're not going to get business YouTube

really the secret is is you just grind

it every single day YouTube is a grind

you have to target keywords you have to

do the research you have to figure out

how to make really good thumbnails you

have to figure out how to get your

camera set up it's almost like playing

an instrument and you always have to be

figuring out each day how to make your

channel better because you can quickly

get left in the dust there's a lot of

competition out there takes crazy

amounts of work to get a YouTube channel

established but once it's there it's

there pretty much forever not unless you

delete the channel it's always passively

and consistently producing business for

you who is going to be Instagram

Instagram is another one of those

platforms that has went from something

that's relatively obscure and to almost

like a social phenomenon there's people

who are in the real estate industry who

have hundreds of thousands of real

actual followers and you could turn this

into a lead source I've gotten listings

off of Instagram gotten buyers off of

Instagram and overall I've cultivated a

audience of people and I built an

audience in a relationship with

literally thousands of people that I

never would have been able

- even though I don't have that big of

an Instagram I still get business from

it what I do is I type in the Wilmington

hash tag at the top of the search engine

and I just go around and I like people

who kind of fit my demographic of buyers

and sellers that are in my age range go

you have to post a image or something of

yourself I post memes there's other

people Luna G has a very popular

Instagram she is one of those people who

I know gets a lot of business from


there's the broke agent there's all

different types of these Instagram

celebrities and if you're somebody who

knows how to work it

you can make a lot of money through

Instagram to be relocation blogging and

real estate investment blogs relocation

blogging takes the form of talking about

areas in your city maybe the best places

to eat maybe a secret spot even though

blocking that scene is something in

sperry 1990s blogs can get very huge

lucrative followings this is because

people are finding you through search

engines as opposed to YouTube's search

when somebody types in something on

Google and your blog is ranked very

highly you're going to show up in that

Google search and you can use it to

divert people to other forms of content

maybe your YouTube maybe your social

media following you can get people on

what I call the content carnival so

people get on one piece of content and

they have a lot of fun then they go to

the next piece of content and before

they know it they've spent 30 minutes on

your website or they spent like 30

minutes on your YouTube channel and

that's the way that you built a very

strong relationship with do real estate

investing blogging I've had a lot of

success with real estate investing

blogging type in real estate investing

in Wilmington my website is currently

number one people who have went onto

that website they looked at it and

within I would say three days they were

buying an investment property with me

and this has happened multiple times

this isn't just like a one-time thing

build email list with a blog so when

somebody is looking at your blog you put

in some type of call-to-action you

capture their email and you can build a

huge email list of people that is

relatively free / for is going to be

neighborhood videos neighborhood videos

is just essentially you take out

you're casey neistat vlogging setup you

go around with a gopro or something and

you just blog neighborhoods it's very

very simple to do you don't need any

type of fancy camera you could probably

just do it with your iphone go to each

neighborhood you do a quick video

explain what the price ranges are for

this neighborhood what type of person

would be the best fit for this

neighborhood and maybe some type of

unique aspect to this neighborhood you

post it to YouTube and you'll get tons

of business that way because when people

are doing research for a home the first

thing they're going to do is turn to the

Internet and if you're the person that

has a lot of information

maybe you seem very knowledgeable about

this particular neighborhood people are

gonna pick up the phone and they're

going to call you you can also take your

YouTube video you can put it in your

blog and you can use your blog to rank

for keywords as well so people are

searching in YouTube they're searching

in Google and then they find you they

really like you and they do business

with you it's very simple so number five

and this is what I really haven't talked

much about I don't know why I haven't

mentioned it before is you set up we buy

houses sell my house fast landing pages

so essentially this is a wholesalers

landing page and I call them investor

karat websites most people have a

different name for him I just call them

investor karat websites an investor

karat website is like a hundred bucks

and it breaks for words like sell my

house fast I'm in pre foreclosure what

do I do and certain keywords for

somebody that is planning on selling a

piece of real estate very quickly what

you can do is you can show up and if you

have a buyer for that property you could

bring a cash buyer I've actually done

this before so what he filled out one of

those somebody actually called me and

said that they needed a cash buyer to

sell their house very quickly okay I

explained to them like a hundred times I

just kept saying you know if we put this

house if we list this house on the

market you're gonna make a lot more

money if we sell it the traditional way

they said they did not want to do that

they wanted a cash bar I've also had

people who didn't really even realize

that they really needed a realtor they

didn't need a wholesaler what they truly

needed was a real estate agent to sell

the home

I got the listing that way it works a

bunch of ways but the overall thing is

is that you're trying to build a website

that ranks for keywords like sell my

house fast we buy houses and things that

are geared towards wholesalers but

you're just a real estate agent anyway

that's my video for today I hope this

you guys enjoyed this if you did make

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always thank you for watching