How to Sell a House Without a Realtor

guys it is freezing here in Southeast

Idaho like I'm trying to do everything

that I can to grasp on to just that

little last bit of summer but I know

it's slipping away like I've I've got my

slippers on if it'll focus maybe it

won't focus anyway there we go

focus I've got slippers on and I've

tried to like add some greenery to the

office to make it feel just like a

little bit warmer but it's it's slipping

away pretty quick but that is not what

we're talking about today today we're

actually talking about how to sell a

house without a realtor

it sounds really complicated it sounds

really confusing but I promise it's not

in 2018 my wife and I sold our very

first house and being the numbers guy

that I am I quickly pulled out my

calculator I ran some numbers and I

found that if we didn't use a realtor to

sell the house

we would save seven thousand dollars now

I don't know about you but to me seven

thousand dollars that's a lot of money

but the other thing we had to decide was

if $7000 was worth all the effort of

doing all of the work involved with

selling the house going into it we fully

understood that we were gonna have to

get market analysis completed we were

gonna have to stage the house photograph

it list it and market ourselves deal

with Realtors schedule multiple showings

keep the house spotless during all of

this time we were going to have to

negotiate various offers right counters

offers deal with inspections and bank

appraisals file legal documents work

with the title company and a ton more

now if all of this sounds intimidating

it is and and selling the house for sale

by owner or Fizbo as some people call it

then that it may not be for you but

here's the thing it's really not that

bad if I've been able to keep your

attention this long it probably means

that you're ready to go down the Fizbo

route so that's exactly what we're gonna

do I'm gonna go step by step

and talk about how to sell your house

without a realtor this is going to be a

very detailed video a very long detailed


and so if you want to skip certain parts

down in the description below I'm gonna

timestamp each individual section so you

can skip all of my blabbering if you

want and get just to the specific part

that you want so without further ado

let's get right into it too step number

one which is fixing up the house you

know that super long list of house

projects that your wife has been bugging

you about for the last six months now is

the time to do all of those things on

that list but as soon as possible

we were so anxious to get our house up

on the market but we realized it just

wasn't in the best shape yet to be ready

to sell it we spent almost every single

night after work fixing up the house and

oftentimes entire days on the weekends

just doing all the different little

things that we needed to do I mean we

were replacing dented pieces of trim we

were pulling weeds in the yard we were

painting and puttying holes and all the

walls I mean just a little Nicks and

dings that were kind of an eyesore to

other people if we want to make sure all

of that got done now the key here when

you're fixing everything up the the idea

is not to go overboard here you want to

fix the immediate little things that you

know people are gonna notice right away

when they walk into your house but you

don't you don't need to go crazy here's

here's something that I recommend if you

don't feel that you can accurately tell

what people are gonna find is kind of a

negative or a con for your house so what

I recommend is getting a friend and have

them take a notepad and have them walk

through your house and write down every

little thing that they see and kind of

catches their eye as an eyesore now I

know this might be kind of hard for

someone to go through your house and

talk about everything bad with your

house but I guarantee that when you're

selling your house is really difficult

to separate yourself emotionally and so

if you can have somebody come in tell

them to be brutally honest with you and

marked out all the little things that

they see then you're gonna have a lot

better idea of what prospective buyers

are going to be seeing at the same time

step number two is to get something

called a comparable market analysis or a

CMA what this is is it's just a report

that goes through and tells you what

your house is worth compared to other


is in your area and typically it's a

really small area like like the street

that you live on and maybe two or three

streets away just what the the home

prices are doing in that specific area

real estate prices are hyper local so we

don't really care about what home prices

are doing across town or what you know

your your best friend a mile or two

miles away sold their house for what we

care about is the housing prices in your

specific neighborhood because they do

vary that widely all too often I see

Fizbo sellers not do CMAs and they just

list their house for whatever they think

it's worth and not what it's actually

worth see people get so attached to

their homes like they're so emotionally

invested in it that they list it super

high and then it sits on the market

forever and they wonder why their house

doesn't sell and the longer the house

sits on the market the more people think

something's wrong with that house it's

been sitting on the market for four

months and it's not sold yet so CMAs are

super important and they're totally free

and they can be done by any real estate

agent now you might be asking yourself

ho hold on a second I thought we weren't

using a realtor and you're right we're

not but a CMA can be done by any realtor

and they're happy to do it for you

because they're hoping that eventually

you'll change your mind and you'll

actually list your house with them so

what I want you to do is to call up

several probably ten to twelve different

realtors in your area and ask for a CMA

and be very very clear and specific with

them and tell them that you are not

interested in listing with them you're

only looking for a CMA the other thing

we want to do is we want to make sure

that we don't rely on a single CMA like

I said when we listed our house we got

10 to 12 different quotes from different

Realtors the very first CMA that came in

was $15,000 lower than all of the other

CMAs if we had just relied on that one

CMA we would have left a ton of money on

the table so make sure that you get

multiple step number three is to stage

the house now there is no way that I can

cover all the aspects of staging a home

in just a short video like this in fact

would probably require a super-long

entire video all by itself

plus there are probably infinitely

better videos that I could ever do

talking about the subject of stage in

your house but the point that I really

want to get across is just to clear the

clutter clear all of the crap out of

your house you just want to get

everything really minimal really clean

and plain-jane so get rid of everything

on kitchen counters just leave the bare

essentials get rid of coffee pots move

toasters off of the countertops get rid

of your KitchenAid I mean if you need to

put these things in the pantry or even

take them off-site temporarily if you

have to in bathrooms you want to make

sure that you get everything off the

cameras as well get rid of toiletries

get rid of hair dryers and toothbrushes

just clear the counter so they're super

super clear it really opens up the space

when people walk in and they don't see

all this clutter it really makes a world

of difference the other thing that I

want to say is make sure that you get

rid of all of the really personalized

decorations in your house like you take

down any huge family portraits sitting

on your wall or remove any you know

really it's really popular right now

those big signs will look like you're

your family's last name on the wall get

rid of all of that stuff when people

walk into your home they want to

envision themselves living there and

it's really hard to do that when your

family photo is staring them in the face

whenever you can try and really brighten

up the rooms try and lighten them up as

much as you can so pull back the shades

pull back the blinds turn on all of the

lights whenever people are there make

sure that you add lamps if there's any

like corners of the house that seem

really dark because the the darker the

space the the tinier and the smaller it

feels again you don't have to go crazy

here just the general rule is to clear

the clutter remove a lot of decorations

if you can just make it the bare

essentials and you'll be just fine

step number four is photography now I

cannot stress this heavily enough to you

but you cannot under any circumstances

use your cell phone to take your own

photos I realize that the whole point

we're trying to sell

our homes by ourselves is to save money

but the photography is not the place to

do that so take take a look at these

photos right here just a quick 30 second

search on Zillow and and I'll show you

exactly what I mean

as I'm looking at these pictures there

is a dead giveaway that one of these

some of these pictures were taken just

by somebody with their cell phone and

it's it's this guy right here like the

first thing that pops up is a picture of

their stairs cool your house has stairs

I got really sets itself apart and I

mean as I as I look through these

pictures I just can't help but think

like they're super grainy it's super

closed off they're super dark and then I

get to this picture you own a fish tank

maybe that comes with the house I don't

know I I think you probably get the idea

of what I'm getting at right here like

do not use your cell phone even if

you're good at taking pictures I don't I

don't care hire a professional to pay

for some really good pictures you could

easily be in the three to four hundred

dollar range but like I said this is the

best money that you will ever spend pay

the money and you won't regret it

step number five is to finally list your


we are finally to the fun part we get to

list the house now is the time to get

your house out to as many listing

websites as possible that means Zillow

Facebook Craigslist any anything that

you can think of just to get the house

out there onto the market the first

thing that you'll need to do is get a

property description so start combing

through Zillow just to kind of get an

idea of what people are saying about

their houses you want to go through and

you want to list all the unique things

about your house that that really sets

it apart do you have do you have a deck

on the back or do you have vaulted

ceilings in the living room whatever it

is that really makes sure how stand out

be sure to mention those in the

description but even more important than

the description itself are

two things that I'm gonna highlight on

the screen you'll see a copy of the

exact description that we use when we

sold our house but that's not the most

important thing pay attention to the

very first two lines of the description

so first we want to specifically clarify

in our listing that buyers agents are

welcome whoa whoa over there Bryce I

thought we weren't using Realtors you're

right we are not but 95% of the buyers

out there will be using Realtors

whenever you're a buyer you actually

don't pay the the realtor Commission's

all of the Commission's for the realtor

how they get paid is when the property

itself sells the seller will pay the

Commission's for both your Realtor and

their realtor if they use one if we

don't offer some sort of compensation

for the buyer's realtor they'll actually

shy their client away from showing your

house even if it would be perfect for

them because they're not gonna get paid

why why would they do work if they're

not gonna get paid the the second thing

that you'll want to note is actually

your phone number make sure that that's

in the description itself I mean yeah

you want you want people to know how to

get a hold of you but this actually

helps you in more ways than one

look look at look at this Fizbo listing

so in this listing the people forgot to

put their phone number in the

description if if we scroll all the way

down all the way down till oh we'll put

the homeowner's phone number as the very

last contact on the listing the very

last one they put all of these other

phone numbers in here then make it look

like they're the people representing the

house but they're they're not these

these are actually paid advertisements

from real estate brokers in the area to

be listed in in that slot and the sad

thing is that it works

yours is the very very last phone number

here and so obviously it's going to get

looked over once we finally list a house

we've got the property description we've

got your contact information you're

ready to go your listing is finally

officially out there step number six is

to be

dealing with realtors within two to

three days or maybe even less you're

gonna start getting phone calls from

realtors but sadly these are not the

phone calls that you're looking for

these aren't the droids you're looking


these are gonna be realtors who are

hoping that they can list your home with

them so that they can earn a commission

when we listed our house we probably had

half a dozen Realtors call us and they

tried to use all these scare tactics

that said hey did you know that nine

hundred and forty two percent of all

real estate lawsuits begin with for sale

by owners right like I said it's just a

scare tactic all these agents want is a

commission just politely tell them that

you're fine you're gonna try and sell it

yourself and that if for some reason you

can't sell it yourself then maybe you'll

consider listing with them sooner rather

than later you will finally start to get

phone calls trickling in with people who

actually want to show your house to

their clients set up a time with them

where they can bring their client over

to your house show them the property but

make sure that you do it within 24 hours

or so if you can anything longer than 36

hours and it's likely that the buyers

will move on to a different property

they you know you want to get them in

the front door as fast as you can so

that they don't move on to other

listings when you show your home it is

common practice for you as the homeowner

not to be there during the showing as

long as they've got a realtor with them

the realtor will walk through through

the house and they'll feel a lot more

comfortable without you there hovering

over them they want to be able to do

whatever they want they want to look at

the house without feeling rushed or

judged or what at you they want to be

able to say whatever they want and just

look at the house you know at their own

leisure to make this process easier what

we did was we went to Lowe's or Home

Depot we bought a little lockbox and we

put a spare key in there and then we put

the lockbox on the front door whenever a

realtor calls you to set up a showing

and just give them the code to the

lockbox set up a time and then be sure

to be gone before they show up step

number seven finally are the offers the

offers will start to come in

when you have a buyer that comes back

two or even three times to look at the

house you know that they're interested

and you know that an offer is probably

right around the corner looking over an

offer is pretty straightforward a

realtor will probably send you an email

and in it will be the offer

they'll send you the purchase price and

any concessions which means anything

that the buyers want included in in the

sale of the house and typically that's

things like appliances or maybe some

decorations maybe there's a fancy clock

on the wall that they really love you

can group that into the contract if you

want at this point you can choose to

either accept or counter the offer and I

would say that in almost every single

case you should almost always counter

their first initial offer the initial

offer is just a good starting point and

I'll probably take two to three counters

back and forth to get things right back

where you want to be and so that both

parties are happy after both you and the

buyers hash out all of the details and

come to an agreement you will finally

sign something called a purchase and

sale agreement what this is is just a

legal document that has the purchase

price any of the contingencies and other

things in that agreement and then that

gets sent over to the title company the

bank and anybody else who needs it to

help with the transaction of the deal

oh all right even even I'm getting tired

we're so close to the end but step

number eight is the inspection and the

appraisal in most cases the buyer has 10

business days to schedule an inspection

with a property inspector what they'll

do is they'll set up a day and a time

and inspector will come over to your

house typically when you're not there

look at everything in the property

they're gonna make sure that the

plumbing is in good you know in good

shape the electrical is in good shape

the roof doesn't have any problems the

foundation isn't crumbling it's just a

routine check of everything so that the

buyers know that they're getting a good

house in good condition

and even if the house is in perfect

condition you'll almost always get a

couple inspection items come

back I mean the inspector has to show

that he's kind of done his job and just

find at least a few things that he

recommends to the buyers to potentially

fix so just be aware of that know that

you probably will have two to three

things to fix and that's that's just to

be expected during about the same time

that the inspection is going on the bank

will probably order an appraisal all

this is is just a person - that comes

out to the property they look at the

house and they just want to make sure

that the money that the bank is lending

the buyers that the house is worth the

amount of money that they're loaning to

them so they don't want to loan two

hundred thousand dollars to these buyers

when the house is on they're worth a

hundred and fifty thousand all it is is

just a safeguard to the bank that says

that the money that they're loaning it

is worth the value of the house both of

these expenses both the inspection and

the appraisal they're covered by the

buyer but it is just a slight

inconvenience because you'll have to

figure out a day at a time that works

with your schedule for these guys to

come over and look at the house step

number nine is the title company

typically if you have a buyer with a

buyer's agent they take care of all of

the title work for you

but the title company is actually the

most important part they're the one that

actually facilitates the transaction of

the deal and the moving of all the funds

from you know all the different parties

involved they also make sure that

everything gets recorded properly

everything gets filled out properly they

make sure the deed to the property gets

signed properly and they also make sure

that all of the the county documents are

signed properly and filled out and sent

to the county recorders office to be

stored there and recorded and finally

step 10 the last step to all of this is

the closing process typically about 30

days after you sign the purchase and

sale agreement you'll set up a time to

go and sign documents at the title

company both you and the buyers

typically different times but on the

same day

we'll go and you'll sign a bunch of

papers both of you guys are going to

leave with carpal tunnel after signing

all these papers but you're gonna hand

over the keys to the house and they're


and over a check for the sale of the

house and then but that's it you're done

once you have your check in hand and the

documents are recorded at the county the

house is no longer yours and you're good

to go ooh okay I even I'm tired that is

a long long process but I promise you

it's not as daunting as it sounds

there's a lot of steps involved but if

you walk through these little by little

it's really not as overwhelming as it

sounds it's a really straightforward

process and the fact that you can save

thousands of dollars by doing this in my

opinion is huge my parents right now are

selling their house in Washington and

it's gonna be somewhere in the high 300s

I think for their their sale price and

they're gonna be saving tens of

thousands of dollars by selling it

without a realtor anyway guys that is it

for this video thanks so much for

watching if you've got questions about

any of the the processes of buying or

selling a house please be sure to

comment down below I bought and so lots

of houses since I've done this very

first house and I feel like I'm pretty

good at the process so if you have any

questions please let me know and I'd be

happy to answer them below until then

we'll see you guys next week thanks for