How To Flip Real Estate With No Money - Even If You're Homeless!

have you ever heard the saying it takes

money to make money whenever I tell

someone that you can make money in real

estate with no money and no credit

that's usually what they tell me

the truth is if you have money you can

certainly use it to invest in real

estate and that will allow you to make a

return on that investment but it is

possible to start making money in real

estate even if you're dead broke living

in your parents basement or even

homeless now I'm exaggerating a little

but seriously there is a way in real

estate that doesn't require money to

make money

it takes hustle to make money and the

way that we do that is by flipping

houses so on this video I'm gonna break

it down for you and I'm gonna show you

the four ways to flip real estate with

no money even if you're homeless coming


hi it's Jerry Norton and what I love so

much about flipping real estate is

unlike a lot of other real estate

strategies you don't need money to

invest in order to make money if you're

broke and you don't have two nickels to

rub together then pay very close

attention to this video that was the

case for me I was working in

construction in my mid-20s digging holes

for minimum wage when I got started in

real estate and I became a millionaire

by the age of thirty I'm living proof

that you can do it there is one real

estate strategy that has been the saving

grace for me my most successful students

and countless others and that as a

strategy called wholesaling what's so

great about wholesaling is you get paid

for your hustle with wholesaling it

doesn't take money to make money

it takes deals to make money and it

takes hustle to get deals let me explain

real estate investors who have capital

to invest or access to capital to invest

are desperately looking for deals either

the buy-and-hold for cash flow or maybe

to fix up and resell these investors are

in every market in every city all across

the u.s. these investors want one thing

good deals and this is where wholesaling

comes in a wholesaler finds a distressed

property where the seller is motivated

to sell that property at a discount

aka a good deal the wholesaler gets a

contract with that seller and now that

contract legally binds the seller to the

price in terms of the contract that

contract now is extremely valuable that

wholesaler can take that contract to a

local active investor and that investor

will pay for the right to take over the

contract and buy the property that

investor will pay 3,000 5,000 10,000

20,000 or more I recently wholesale at a

little house for $23,000 and I didn't

put any money into the deal so let me

break down the four ways to start

flipping houses with no money but first

if we've never met I'm Jerry Norton and

this channel is dedicated to helping you

make money right now in real estate not

later in 10 or 20 years or even three to

five years but right now so that you can

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the first thing you have to have to

succeed at wholesaling has nothing to do

with real estate at all and is the most

important you have to have a

burning desire and some hustle I was

dead broke when I started but what I did

have was a burning desire for a better

life and a willingness to do whatever it

took to change my financial situation I

felt like Dwayne the rock Johnson did

when he started out he said I had 7

bucks in my pocket and I knew two things

I'm broke as hell and one day I won't be

now I can teach you strategy but I can't

teach you passion I can teach you

technique but if you quit every time

things get hard I can't help you I can

show you how to build a six and even

seven figure business flipping houses

but if you're not willing to pay the

price and put in the time energy and

effort I can't help you I can teach you

the skills to be successful but the

traits needed to be successful come from

within you and desire doesn't cost a


number two is technique and strategy

with wholesaling there are specific

steps to find deals analyze them

negotiate make offer structure the deals

getting contracts with sellers and cash

buyers and I believe if you're willing

to invest money and a good training

program and in a coach and mentor you

can ten times your results it's the fast

track to success and I offer all of

those things from home study courses to

elite mentoring programs but if you're

starting out and you don't have any


tap into the free resources that are

available just with me I have hundreds

of how-to videos on YouTube I gave away

my best-selling book for free link in

the description I gave away two

different deal finding software tools

for free link in the description I gave

away a ninety six page QuickStart kit

with some of my best resources for free

link in the description I do that for

three reasons one I was in your shoes

not that long ago - God will bless me

tenfold for giving back and 3 when

you're ready to invest in yourself

you'll come to me so there is no reason

you can't start learning and wholesaling

houses for free if you're starting out

with no money I recommend you do what I

did as soon as I started doing some

deals I reinvested back into my business

for marketing and I reinvested in myself

and I paid for advanced training and

mentoring and I still do that today

watch this video to learn the two rules

when choosing a mentor number three is

lead generation there are lots of ways

to spend money on generating leads such

as buying lists doing direct mail

hanging bandit signs on telephone poles

and so on but there are also ways to

find leads that don't cost any money

such as driving for dollars get

bird dogs to find deals for you going

after on market properties that are

listed for sale with real estate agents

like I mentioned I give away two

software tools for free that fine leads

for you links are in the description

what I recommend is to focus on as many

free lead acquisition strategies as you

can and as soon as you start doing deals

reinvest 25% in the marketing and 25% in

to training and mentoring now if you

have the discipline to do that you will

be wildly successful number four is

earnest money when you send a contract

with a motivated seller it's customary

to put down a good-faith deposit of five

hundred to a thousand dollars this money

is held in escrow and then apply to the

purchase at the closing well what if you

don't have five hundred two thousand

dollars for earnest money deposit here's

how to handle it first of all when

wholesaling as soon as you get a cash

buyer you'll get a deposit from him or

her make sure that posit is at least

equal to the deposit you put down with a

motivated seller so for example if you

agree to $1,000 earnest money deposit

when you sign a contract with a seller

and then two days later you wholesale

your contract to a cash buyer investor

require that investor give you at least

$1,000 deposit that way it washes now

cool strategy in delaying paying your

earnest money for a few days then

collect an earnest money from your

investor and use that money to pay for

your deposit you can put it right in the

contract earnest money to be paid within

five days of accepted offer and that

gives you enough time to collect an

earnest money from your buyer so the

reality is you can start wholesaling

houses with literally no money invested

but here's the bottom line you can't

have a million dollar dream with a

minimum wage work ethic real estate

changed my life forever and it can do

the same for you follow these four steps

go after your dreams with everything

you've got and you will be successful

and I'm a big believer that God will

give us what we desire if it's for a

righteous purpose but we have to

manifest it so leave a comment with the

following Jerry I'm committed to

becoming wealthy so that I can bless my

life my loved ones lives and countless

others who need me to show them a better

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