How To Sell Real Estate Using Digital Marketing

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How to sell real estate using digital marketing?

Step 1: Build a website

Your website should be optimized for search engines and should highlight your properties with detailed descriptions and photos.

Step 2: Create social media accounts

Use popular social media platforms such as Facebook and Twitter to share your listings and engage with potential buyers. Use hashtags and keywords to increase visibility.

Step 3: Establish an email marketing campaign

Send regular emails to your subscribers with updates on new properties and any promotional offers. Personalize your emails to make them more engaging and effective.

Step 4: Implement search engine marketing

Use Google Ads to target potential buyers searching for real estate in your area. Use relevant keywords and create compelling ads to attract clicks and conversions.

Step 5: Use video marketing

Create high-quality videos of your properties and upload them to YouTube and other video-sharing platforms. Use descriptive titles and tags to increase visibility.


Hey, welcome back. In this episode, I'm going to tell you how to sell real estate  

using digital marketing and how to  sort it all out and where to start.

Alright, with the internet now and social  media there's actually no shortages of places  

to be digitally marketing your real estate.  You know, I'm going to show you the several  

places that you can start and stick around to  the very end and I'm going to teach you how to  

find someone that's way smarter at it than you are  and how them get them to do it for you. Alright, 

let's talk about the first one, email marketing. You  know, this is a word that's tossed around so easily  

but you know what email marketing starts out  with one email. You know and then it grows and  

then eventually have a massive list and you can  still sell things all the time with emails. You  

might be that person that doesn't open emails or  everything goes to junk but I can promise you that  

you can sell real estate by email marketing to a  warm clientele to a clientele that you built trust  

rapport with and eventually they want to buy  something from you. This doesn't just start  

like with the first day though. You've got to build  trust. You got to offer them things. You always have  

to be serving. Always be adding value. Don't always  just try and sell them on your email list because  

they'll opt-out. They'll get tired of seeing it and  they'll stop they'll unsubscribe. You want to offer  

them so much value and these emails need to be  super short and sweet and to the point. You know  

for land, I love to offer email advice like how to  buy land. How to make sure you're getting the right  

piece of land. how to do all your due diligence and  we'll do that one week and then we'll offer like  

the deal of the week for our land our house buyers.  So you want to offer value and then eventually  

sell them something. You know, eventually you  give them so much value where they now trust you  

they like you and they'll open your emails because  they're super short sweet and to the point.