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welcome to the tom ferry show everybody

welcome to tom ferry show super pumped

to be sitting here with my great friend

and rockstar sales trainer and coach of

the superstars mr. coach bill pipes

thank you for coming man

so so so bill you know we're we're in

this new year and so many people are in

this sort of new year new you mindset

and everybody watching the tom ferry

show or facebook or everything else has

seen me talk about this rant around your

commitments and then aligning your

behaviors and your here so I had to grab

you because I believe one of the most

important behaviors is the art of

selling that habit the skill of being

able to articulate your message in a way

that causes people to trust you and

ultimate gets them to say yes so I

figured I got the guy here who leads our

sales edge course and is helping so many


let's go maybe just uh like simple like

the markets great

why does skills matter in a great market

you know I look at the market right now

I look at all the sales edge that we've

done and the participants it actually

come and we've got some of the top

agents Tom you know like they're already

closing 60 70 80 million and I think why

are they here yeah and for me it comes

down a couple things number one it's

this word time right I think time is so

political yeah when you got great skills

it gives you the ability to get more

done with less time it takes fewer

conversations you know you're leveraging

yourself a little bit more if you're you

know if you don't know what to say you

don't know how to say it it takes more

conversations you burn through more

leads you have to spend more money so it

comes down to number one time right so

let me get I want to touch so so you're

saying widest skills matter skill save

time this skill save time so like I know

what to say to a client I can get to the

ass or get to the no but not have to

follow up I don't fall 11 hi

almost four times I don't have and

here's the other key - it comes down to

number two is money you know I get ya if

you're highly highly skilled then you

don't have to spend as much money on

marketing right so you got two agents

right yeah one agent spins they both

spending the same amount of money in

terms of marketing yeah okay

one of them highly highly skilled yeah

okay has the ability knows what to say

knows exactly how to close knows how to

present effectively and powerfully they

can spend the same amount of money on

lead generating this one over here is

going to actually get a greater return

on investment because of their skill set

then this one over here who doesn't know

what to say and doesn't know how to say

it powerfully you and I've seen this so

many times and everyone watching you

think about your office right think

about a sales meeting and someone stands

up and says I signed up for ding ding

calm web leads and they're terrible and

you're saying the room like I sign up

for ding-dang calm web leads and I'm

killing it crushing it you know was it

was it a lead disparity no it's just

it's like one has skills and they know

what to say and follow-up and they're

and they're comfortable confident and

your marketing is only as good as your

skills say that again

your marketing no I like the dude part

dude dude dude that's your marketing is

only as good as your skills wow that's a

powerful statement you know a powerful

state because what the skills do is they

it's like throwing gasoline on the fire

yeah right yeah so you can have all the

leads but if you don't know what to say

and you don't know the appropriate

scripts and dialogues and the strategies

for influence yes so you're gonna burn

through a lot of cash okay if you

haven't downloaded all of our scripts on

the website we should link up like a

link to Tom fair comm just to download

all the scripts are free so so maybe

let's go a little deeper and I want you

to you told me once there was like a 30

day plan tour like how somebody could

like learn the skills massive skills

quickly get themselves up to a level of

swagger confidence but first I want to

know in your opinion because you've now

done all these events you've seen all

these people and you you see the room

you see when they light up when they're

learning a specific skill where maybe

they're not as hot on other skills so

what skills matter the most now what do

you what are you seeing I look at and it

doesn't change that much good

and now right now when I look at sales

edge where people get the most lit up

where they're the most inspired where

they're just like I want more yeah it's

when we talk about the presentation it

would you want the listing presentation

let's embrace death in my mind your

ability to be a powerful presenter when

you're when you're saying in front of

clients list their house with you it's

so critical because think about this if

you had a strong presentation you want a

prospect you want to put yourself in

situation s yeah if you've got when

you've got a strong presentation you're

going to close more on on leads because

you because you want the opportunity to

be able to actually present now flip it

over the other side Here I am I don't

know what to say on a listing

presentation we know that all human

beings are motivated by two you know two

forces you got pleasure and you got main

yeah if you don't know what to say the

thought of sitting in front of you know

a client a seller and sitting there and

feeling like an idiot a friend a past

you know a past customer that maybe you

sold in my house but you never listed

the property with them I'm with and all

of that fear right and so all of a

sudden you link listing presentation

fear pay listing presentation pain so

what I notice happened by the way if you

notice how many people then say I just

like buyers buyers are easier right and

and really what they're saying is I

wasn't willing to do the work to develop

the skills that's right yes powerful

that's a powerful insight so I'm sorry

in a rod oh no no no so and and so when

you work on your presentation and you

get stronger and we're going to go

through some strategies the techniques

that you can ultimately use that within

30 days guys you're going to be like you

could be one of the top presenters or at

least you'll know what to say in just

about every single every single

situation yeah presentation that was

where you got a cam belt so that you

know the question is how do we develop

the skill so you're saying there's you

know I remember you mentioning this this

30 day plan so I'm going to encourage

you to write this down now here's what's

great I've you know snuck in or I've

seen like on periscope who's in the

audience and sales edge and it's bananas

I mean it's Peggy Lynn Spiker who's like

225 transactions John McCain Scott

compass with Reid ties in

one year I would like Remax agents in

the country and certainly in New Jersey

but your tommy tools you're on to see

all these amazing agents showing up and

they all say the same thing it's not

long enough we need more time we need

four days we need five days yeah so

Lewin so what's the read a plan you gave

those men and women and just the same

thing by the way relate to maybe

someone's watching right now who's never

watched a time fairy show before they

never you know they don't know our

history we didn't really go into our you

know 20-year relationship they don't

know what sails edges and they don't

care right but they're just they're

brand new agent and they're like yeah

he's talking to me like I get it so

gills matter much does it relate to them

check it out to you who is brand-new and

this is your first time here's what I'd

say to you either you're going to spend

your time building your skills or you're

going to spend your time in front of

people failing and trying to figure out

how to do it you're gonna spend the time

either way it's either I'm going to

spend it on skill building so I don't

have to spend as much time you know out

there and presenting or on the phone or

I'm going to learn by trial and error

which is just so like just could beat

you down 87 percent failure rate every

five years and it skills I really

believe it's its skills and strategy so

here's the great well yeah let's hit on

with this number one take one script at

a time obviously I said I recommend the

listing presentation simply because the

fact of you know do we want you to work

with buyers absolutely however listings

control the market listings are

leveraged yeah and if you're a strong

listing agent easily translates over to

you being able to close effectively with

buyers so choose one script if it's not

the presentation if you're already

rocking it at the presentation then

maybe you do lead follow-up or you do a

for sale by owner script whatever area

you need a past client center of

influence my question is and just start

basic so one script one script number

two what you're going to do is you're

going to stand you're going to schedule

10 to 15 minutes every single day it's

not sexy and you're going to actually

just read the script over and over and

over and over again this is the

technique I mean you and I have been

doing this yes yeah yeah you know we

still do this today I mean I do I just

my presentation before I go onstage

absolutely okay so it's and it

this this even the formula yeah this is

the technique of the strategy that's

ultimately used by actors and actresses

we didn't just make this up new

benchmark this from Hollywood for some

of it from some of the best of us best

active actors and actresses number two

once you're chanting it over and over

again third component is you've got to

find someone to be able to actually

roleplay or what I like to call we call

confidence builds confidence builds yes

nice shift in your language there

absolutely Tom to the context I mean

we're not role playing yay not much fun

you know in a confidence bill for 20

minutes and here's the key with this huh

don't just choose one person I see this

is a big mistake that ultimately people

yank is they'll choose one person their

role play with them for about three or

four days per week it's a challenge with

that well you're only getting the same

you know person the same technique

they're same DNA so I need somebody that

maybe has a different mindset a

different attitude a different tonality

a different cadence yes so let's go

through different objections who has a

different point of saluting you feel

uncomfortable some that makes me feel

uncomfortable this is the same person

over and over again you better hope you

only run into prospects that are like

that person that super important I like

usability like you said all and you say

this all the time all change occurs

outside your comfort zone

yes you know if you really want to get

good find some people that are better

than you and convince them first cell is

to sell them to roleplay with you right

and then grow with them okay so number

so I want to be clear that you said you

said 10 to 15 minutes chanting it chant

huh huh yeah yeah but he's also going to

read it

hi I noticed that your home recently

came off the computer and is no longer

on the market

yeah couple of questions that I'd like

to ask you yeah for one is your home

currently still for sale number two why

do you think the home didn't sell I mean

you just sit with the script and you

read it oh you read it follow your eyes

and over and over there's a chance that

one person doesn't know the old numbers

that you and I both know the old case

study of 738 55 will you share with that

first one why getting the words out of

the way chanting it and rehearsing it so

or a quick study that was done at UCLA

and doctor by the name of Alfred

Moravian broke it down and he said that

communication has three components

number one are your words the words are

seven percent of communication number

two is your tonal quality how you say

something I can go Tom you want to list

your home with

me don't you or I could say Tom you want

to list your home with me don't you

same exact words but the delivery

actually changes the meaning the tone

and you were nodding yes and you'll

notice nothing you'll notice the other

portion that is so powerful guys is 55%

of communication is the body language

there yeah yes yeah no so when Jones

like get the words out of the way and

then you create some congruence a

message dude you can't be thinking you

cannot be in a position where you're

thinking what am I going to say next

because what happens is at that point

you lose confidence more importantly

than that though you're not listening

have you ever been in a conversation

with someone where you could tell that

they're not listening they're there

waiting to talk over there you know yeah

they're just not engaged they're not

engaged yeah so 10 to 15 minutes of

chanting you get the words down get the

words to have the words down that and

then the role play you're working on the

38% yeah you know like do they have

often it's building you're working on

how do I sound what how am i delivering

the best yeah you know and you guys you

and your your confidence building

partner are you having a discussion like

hey this is really good you did a great

job here your tonality was great you

were down swinging I mean there's so

much that you can go into that's why you

want to come for sales edge you know so

what I love is to is is to be able to

get the feedback of hey you just ask the

question you know you've heard me talk

about the three questions like you know

there's not a lot of homes on the market

certainly not nice ones like yours have

you had any thoughts of selling right

but that's practice like have you had

any thoughts I wish there was a bouncing

ball any thoughts of selling not have

you had any thoughts of selling like

that's helped like people like they

don't actually do that but but that's

their fear like oh if I don't you know

if I don't have the script down I'm

gonna come across like I'm reading like

a robot and that's nothing about it dude

and that's not the goal is to have you

sound like a robot the goal is the goal

out of all of this is to allow you to

enjoy this allow your great personal I

see what I believe is that everybody has

a fantastic personality it's just

sometimes what gets in the way is their

lack of preparation in terms of their

skills and then all of a sudden we get

super tight oh my gosh you know start to

freak out Oh see them as a dollar sign

or a dollar sign leaving because I

didn't know what to say

you got so one script start with one

script I love it 10 to 15 minutes chant

get the words out of the way role play

or aka compound build to work out my

tone and

and my technique what was number four

number four is a tough one all right

this is the first three might have been

tough for them but okay so let's know

number four is there's studies have been

done that say when you write something

down yeah you learn something seven

eight times faster because you activate

my hand I have to think about I don't

need the words first then I have to

write it then I have to read it as I'm

writing it so the act of taking that

script and writing it out once a day now

the listing presentation is six pages

long yeah

so again I go back to this either you're

going to spend your time building your

skills and actually be effective with

clients or you're going to not spend

your time building skills be ineffective

and spin the same amount of time spend

more time because the fact that you've

got to have to go and go see more

clients you're gonna have to talk to

more individuals it's not a percent

percent so you got to write it out so at

one script chant role play confidence

build and then we both know that same

study because it's allowing you to

memorize the words so the words are out

of the way and now the words just come

out of me naturally and automatically

and again you said it

that's one like even if they don't have

a personality because not everybody does

another buddy does but those of us that

have a personality the personality is

able to shine and you're able to be more

authentic totally versus like in your

evidence and yeah you're able to listen

and I believe that thought is the enemy

of sales sit on thought any time you're

thinking it's the enemy of sales when

you're thinking what do I say next I'll

listen notice what I just did but I

think what am I gonna think is wrong I

shrank and I looked away from you

because I have to think about what is

what's the path we've all been in that's

it that uncomfortable situation of a

presentation where we didn't know what

say we asked a question they didn't

understand it we did some metaphorical

example and they just scratch their head

looks you were like oh you're ants

mignon in the middle your presentation

that's all that's fun so so this is

powerful stuff is there anything beyond

the core is there number five bonus Oh

bonus number five let's hear it get

record all of us where's the phone

where's the I don't have a phone

are you he just left the side of the job

very show and I'm back alright everyone

has one of the

yes on side of this there's a voice memo

oh yeah that does memo voice memo press

record record the script in your own

voice brilliant okay

recording it because this is leverage

while you're driving around instead of

listening to talk radio or music or

whatever it is that you may listen to

you plug in your recording of yourself

having done this repress repeat as

you're driving around what's happening

is that's being played in the background

because it's in your own voice it

actually it's called passive learning

process you don't have to think about it

and you begin to actually it just

becomes automatic I haven't had a gal

that I used to coach a woman I used to

coach down in Florida and she had a

three year old kid right and she would

play the script in the background the

entire time on this and at the you know

all of a sudden as she's driving one day

the kid goes when do you want to move

you all the scripts doing the language

do you want to list your home with Vicki

a little kid at three years old and how

did it happen same way actually same way

that we learn ABCD efg cuz we average it

over over and over again so that's the

key this point this last point is crude

and we can go total old school and we

could say loop in some baroque classical

music slow the mind down the bay I mean

that's God that's you you can google the

benefits of baroque classical music to

do what's called super learning right so

you can really increase your ability to

retain all that information by adding

brew class commuting faster that's Boro

be a ROP oh yeah yeah yeah Br okay yeah

it's some Baroque music so so bill this

has been awesome

Hillary um thanks my obviously of course

and then you know I want to like

publicly thank you you know you're out

on the road you're doing these events

you're you're rallying all the speakers

and all the coaches to continue to help

everybody in the ecosystem up their game

and you know we did that survey and it

was so obvious and if you you know if

you haven't seen the survey results yet

3,000 people responded and when when you

looked at the coaching clients of ours

you looked at the people that just play

in our ecosystem and you actually looked

at some coaching clients of other

companies that were actually

participated in a survey the standout

for our group was marketing obviously

killing it

and the authentic skills that

this non sort of robotic same thing to

everybody every time but instead it's

like being mindful of the person you're

in front of it really engaging in their

model the world which is like what sales

that just all about so you know I just

want to thank you you got for them thank

you for giving the opportunity I just I

have two things and then we'll please

about number one is this more bonuses

more about no bonus here oh there's no

more that number one all all life is

about sales the skills that you have in

terms of becoming a great sales person

translate over into I mean you and I are

both on this kick a great father great

husband yeah yeah I know when I build my

skills and influence it allows me to be

a better better father to Liam and

Sophia and a better husband to my wife I

make is off everything's influenced yes

and you know that's number one and

number two is the goal is to allow your

greatness to come out period the scripts

are designed for your greatness to come

out and it's a dance we don't want you

to ultimately become a robot it's to

allow you to sort of use it as an

outline a framework a guidelines so that

you can ultimately you know so more have

more fun when it's all over when it's

all save a ton a ton a ton of time and I

love the dance and do the dance dance

and maybe that's a sale so well this has

been awesome and thank you and listen

for any watching I would encourage you I

mean look it I download our scripts

download anybody scripts just download

some scripts like it doesn't really

matter to me I really have not attached

what I love is that little you know four

point then the five bonus to make sure

that you're mastering those words and

owning it in your personality for your

clients so you achieve your goals

2016 that's your every baby that's what

it's all about so thank you and thank

you so much remember always your

strategy matters and now more than ever

what you say absolutely rules thanks for

watching if you love what you're seeing

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thanks so much