My Dad Is Giving Me His Property

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Michelle is with us in Springfield

Illinois hi Michelle how are you doing

great day thank you how are you better

than I deserve what's up well my

question is my dad wanted to put my name

on his his property his home he doesn't

know anything on it he owns it outright

as security if anything ever happened to

him I would just take possession of the

house and my husband and I are wanting

to buy a house next year and I'm

wondering if having my name attached to

his property is going to affect anything

I want to do when we live just out of

state no fee unless unless he didn't pay

his property taxes okay which he does I

don't have to worry about that if he

didn't happen he could see now you're

one of the owners and if you don't pay

the property taxes you're liable right

okay you're in a partnership now with