The Best Way To Sell Your House is Privately

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the best way to sell your house hi this

is Bob Morrill from email home CA

talking to sellers today about the best

way to sell your house now I'm a real

estate agent so the first thing you need

to do is say hey this guy is just gonna

be biased

well I'll surprise you the best way to

sell your house today is privately and

here's how you do it you need to have a

sign on the lawn

you need to advertise in the local paper

you need to put it on a website that's

seen by at least a few thousand people

and you need to be on the MLS

the latter thing the MLS is like without

being on the MLS you're doing what every

other private company and private seller

does is you're hoping that somebody will

drive by and see your house take the

time to come and ask you how much it