Podio for Real Estate: One-Click PDF Contracts Automation

on this video I'm gonna show you how to

create a customized PDF contract from

within your Podio app it's pretty cool

so I'm going to show you how I set this

up using globey flow and this is gonna

save you so much time I'm not sure if

you do all your contracts manually at

this point but now you basically can

just click one button and the contract

will generate for you so I'll show you

how to do that so I'm going to set up a

workflow so that every time I click

generate and save as attachment podio is

going to automatically merge all of the

relevant fields into a PDF file that I

attach on global flow so here's how you

do it make sure that the actual address

is filled out because this is what's

gonna be on the contract and make sure

your actual offer looks like this with

the dollar sign because that's how it's

going to show up on the actual PDF and

if you have any fixed constants like

what settlement company you use or what

you're buying entity is you can just

keep that as a constant and you can

always go back and change it later but

this just makes it easier so you

literally just need your seller name and

address and offer price all right so

let's go to low B flow and create this

workflow so this is just one of my

workspaces I'm going to go to the offers

app and if you don't have global flow

yet this is a third-party platform that

allows you to create different cause and

effect type workflows from within Podio

for instance you can program it so that

if you update a lead in a certain manner

like if you click a certain button it

will create tasks for you to do

something and then separate tasks for

another teammate to do something

or you can update something or create a

new line item and something will get

created in the offers tab for instance I

mean the options are pretty much endless

you can create basically any sort of

automated workflow that you can think of

using this and some other tools that

I'll show you all right so let's make

this quick

flow new flow when the item is updated

since it already exists we'll name it

yeah contract alright so you want to set

your filter the filter just means what

happens first before whatever you're

trying to do happens in this case you're

gonna want to do field the previous

value match if generate contract field

before is not equal to generate and save

as attachment and subsequently if it is

equal to generate and saves attachment

so in other words if before it this

isn't clicked but then it is clicked

it's kind of a backwards way of doing it

but if you think about it it makes sense

then and only then will it create this

action so if I unclick it if I have it

clicked and then I unclick it nothing's

gonna happen because it has to equal not

that before it's clicked it's kind of

weird but it works trust me all right

actions then do the following you're

going to go down and make a PDF and

attach it to this item this is so sweet

that it's ridiculous purchase contract

or click on this little boxy thing and

you do sellers name choose the letter

and then at this point ignore the header

unless you

put like your company logo basically all

I'll do is just copy and paste the

entire thing and then clean it up a bit

alright so I just adjusted the spacing a

little bit sometimes when you update it

or sometimes when you paste it from word

the spacing is all messed up but that's

alright you just do a little bit of work

up front so you never have to manually

do a contract again so I'm gonna go in

and say real estate contract of sale put

the actual address in it'll show up

right there

this agreement of sale made this and

we'll put in the date oops

current date bind between let's put in

the seller and this is my buying entity

and the address again and the price this

is all taken right from within PO do

actual offer boom and then we can put

the sellers name again down here and

just so I don't have to sign it I'll

upload a picture of my signature

so what I did is I put this I put it on

my back end on my website and copy the

URL right here and then I'm going to

shrink it down a little bit so it looks

legit and then I'll put the date just

like that alright so this is going to be

how it looks and this is how it's going

to put in all the fields from Podio so I

think this is good for now just as an

example we're gonna click Save and now

we can actually go in and test this

system out so let's click on generate

and save as attachment boom almost

instantly the offer was created as a PDF

and attached right here so let's click

on it boom it looks beautiful that's all

you need to do these days to make stuff

happen there's really no excuse to

automate your business in such a way

that you can focus on doing deals

networking and not doing all the tedious

work like going on Microsoft Word and

doing contracts just be willing to

sacrifice a little bit of upfront time

to set up these automations and I'm

telling you it'll save you so much time

in the future let me know if you have

any questions and I hope this helps