Why you shouldn't sell Real Estate part time

what's up you guys it's Graham here so a

lot of people are asking me if they can

sell real estate part-time and my quick

and short answer is probably not it's

probably not a good idea and here's why

you compete with people who eat breathe

sleep and live real estate 24/7 you're

up against people who literally do

nothing other than sell real estate do

you really think you're able to compete

with somebody who does real estate 24/7

all the time every single day when for

you maybe it's like a part-time thing or

you're just doing it like here and there

probably not

I've also found that doing real estate

and being busy in real estate is a bit

of a snowball effect that the busier you

are the more productive you feel the

more people you meet the more deals you

close the more money you make and it all

tends to build on itself so when you're

doing real estate part-time you can

pretty much just cut all of that in half

and it takes a lot longer to build up

that momentum to start making money and

be successful you're really gonna see a

very slow progression if you just do it

part-time the real estate market also

tends to move extremely quickly and that

every single day a new property is

listed sold expired cancelled withdrawn

in escrow price reduced it's so

important to know everything on the

market every single day so that if you

have a buyer who's looking you know

everything out there or if you have a

seller who's asking you how to price

something you've already seen everything

else out there you can accurately price

a property for a quick sale and it's

also so important to know a lot of these

listings in person and not just view

them on a computer and like scroll

through the pictures it's so difficult

to stay on top of this when you're not

doing this full-time it's also really

important if you're selling real estate

to have a flexible schedule I can't even

tell you this I have to put up with

like for instance I get clients calling

me sometimes at seven o'clock in the

morning saying hey I want to see these

ten homes starting at 9:00 a.m. and I

have to drop whenever I'm doing and go

and make those showings and make sure

the buyer gets to see the homes they

want to see same thing like if I have a

listing sometimes we're gonna call like

8:00 a.m. from someone who's like hey we

want to see this at 8:45 the buyers only

in town for like a few hours can you

show it to me the answer is yes of

course because I'm a real estate agent

and that's what I'm paid to do so if I'm

working like at 9:00 to 5:00 or if I

have something else going on I'm doing a

huge desert

to the client by not being available

when they are available

honestly so many deals can be lost if

you're not available in the moment when

the buyer is ready or when the seller is

ready if you're not able to do it

oftentimes what will happen is maybe

they rethink it they change their mind

they find something else or they find an

agent who is available who can show it

to them when you can't I also often have

really weird hours there are some days

where I do nothing for the entire day

and other days where I'm working like 16

hours straight from like 7:00 a.m. until

like 10:00 p.m. doing showings writing

offers negotiating deals it is so

unpredictable sometimes for an entire

weekend I'm not doing anything and then

all of a sudden on Sunday at 2:00 p.m. I

get a phone call and that changes

everything and then an hour later I'm

out with the buyers showing them these

amazing houses for hours and then my

whole Sunday night is gone but that's

the nature of the business I mean as a

real estate agent it's pretty

unpredictable in terms of what your

schedule is gonna be like often I can't

make plans too far ahead of time because

I have no idea if a buyer is gonna want

to see homes or if I have maybe a

listing appointment coming up and I need

to be present for that this would pretty

much be impossible if I had another

obligation or something else that took

up my time and like I said a lot of my

schedule is completely day-to-day and

that I don't really know what I'm doing

tomorrow or the day after or the day

after that I just know I have to be

available just in case a client needs me

to show them properties this is why it's

so important to be available as much as

you can when you're selling real estate

it really requires a hundred percent of

your attention also the relationships

that you have with other agents are

extremely important and oftentimes if

you're doing a part-time they're not

going to take you as seriously it's so

important to build a rapport with these

other agents because at the end of the

day these are the people that are gonna

help get your clients in first to one of

their listings help push one of your

offers through or give you a good offer

because they'd rather work with you than

maybe another agent when you're around

the other agents too they will trust you

more and a lot of these agents are in

the business for the long haul I've done

the same deals with some of the agents

today then I've done deals with almost

nine years ago when I first started it

helps tremendous

to be on their good side to build a

rapport with them and be friends with


they might also bring you a really

strong offer to one of your own listings

and that's why it's such a good idea to

be around other agents to see them often

and it's a lot easier to do this if

you're working full time doing real

estate part-time is just gonna slow

everything down dramatically now it is

possible to sell real estate part-time

and these are actually a few scenarios

where I feel like it is a good idea to

sell real estate part-time the first is

maybe if you're working nights or taking

classes at night or doing something else

at night you're pretty open during the

day usually for me I'm busy until about

7:00 p.m. and then after that my nights

are usually pretty open and that's when

I usually end up making YouTube videos

so for me it's really important just to

be free during the day and then at night

but the most part is really not that

busy so you pretty much have nights to

do really whatever you want if that's

working a part-time job or taking

classes in fact I usually think it's a

good idea if you're just starting out in

real estate to work nights because that

would provide you with some pretty

consistent income up until you're able

to build up your real estate business

and then you can quit that and focus

full-time on real estate the second is

that maybe if you're unsure if you want

to jump headfirst into real estate and

you just want to try it out to make sure

you enjoy it first I totally think you

should try out real estate part-time

just to make sure you enjoy it

there is no sense like quitting your job

dropping out of school

moving to like Los Angeles to try real

estate if you try it for like a month

and you realize like wait a second this

totally sucks I'm gonna hate real estate

this is the worst career ever I don't

want to do this I made a huge mistake

don't do that said if you want to try it

out part-time in between classes in

between jobs on weekends that is a great

idea just to make sure you like it and

then if you like it you can make a

choice if you want to to jump in

headfirst and do a hundred percent real

estate the third is the type of person I

have seen do extremely well selling real

estate part-time and usually this is the

type of person who has amazing

connections and a great social circle

who buys and sells real estate

frequently so maybe they just have

really good connections and they don't

need to spend a lot of time prospecting

or marketing themselves because all they

need is maybe one or two friends every

then who buy or sell real estate and

that's it it's pretty simple or maybe

they have family that goes and buys and

sells real estate frequently and they're

the agent that their family uses so

that's another example of what I've seen

people do part-time really really well

these are the same people who can do

real estate part-time because they built

up the network and the infrastructure to

support a part-time business because the

hardest part when you first start doing

real estate is just finding clients when

you start you know pretty much nobody

and it's up to you to go and generate

your own business so if you already have

the business of the people who are

looking to buy and sell who will use you

that's pretty much half the work right

there and you can do it really well

part-time now on the flip side you may

be doing your clients at a service by

not doing it full-time because you might

not be able to offer what a full-time

agent can so just to recap here the

difficulties you're going to experience

doing a part-time is that you are

competing with people who do it

full-time and that's really difficult to

compete with other people who do nothing

but real estate it's also really

difficult to keep track of all the

inventory on the market when everyday so

many things are changing and at the very

least number three if you're doing a

part-time just make sure you have a

really flexible schedule it is gonna be

so much more difficult to sell real

estate and be successful at it if you

have another part-time job or something

else that's taking you away during the

day when you should be out there showing

homes and seeing what else is on the

market and finally number four other

agents might not take you as seriously

because you're not a full-time agent and

building those relationships with other

agents builds your credibility and helps

push your offers through when it comes

time to write an offer for clients but I

think it's a great idea to do real

estate part-time if you work nights or

if you're not sure it's something you

really want to do and you want to test

the waters before you jump in or if you

already have an amazing network of

people that buy and sell I think you're

okay if they will use you and if they

trust you and if you know what you're

doing to do a part-time because chances

are you're gonna be doing pretty well so

as always you guys thank you so much for

watching I really hope this was helpful

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