How To Buy Property With Multiple Owners

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How do you buy properties with multiple owners? My name is Kris Krohn and that's

been my specialty for the last one and a half decades is buying properties by

bringing people together. You see in real estate, one plus one people can equal

eleven. In other words, we can accomplish a lot more than we certainly can

individually on our own. And today, I'm gonna break it all down how.

In doing any deal, generally, there are four different components. So, if we were

to say this is the PI that represents the deal then one of those parts as

someone has to actually find the deal. Someone has got to bring the money to

the table. Someone's got to put up the credit with

the bank so that you don't have to put up all of the money just a small portion.

and lastly someone's got to manage the deal. I believe wholeheartedly that you

should only do the part that you feel strongest about and then otherwise bring

in others. So, when we're talking about buying properties with multiple people,

who are these multiple people? Well, here's a real common one. In my world, I

find all the deals and I manage the whole strategy long-term. And the

partners that I often bring to the table, they've put up the money and usually

they also put up the credit. And at the end of the day. I'm doing this and this

and they're doing this and this. That equates to a 50/50 partnership. Now, I

want to drop a really important tip with you right now. In this scenario, there's

only 2 people involved in buying the property. The moment you involve more

than 2, you run the risk of becoming a security. And all of a sudden, you have