How to sell your house on your own - Hawaii Real Estate

hey guys elizabeth here and

if you're thinking on selling your house

on your own

you may want to watch this video i'm

going to give you some really good

information and some good tips

so stick around


so if you're thinking of selling your

property on your own

there's couple of good information that

i want to give you

just so you can set yourself up for


number one tip that i want to give you


and i think that's the hardest thing

right to come up with the right price

with the right market value

please do not just go to zillow and

listen to what zillow

estimate is why because the way zillow

calculates the property value goes by a

zip code

so in hawaii it's a little bit harder to

do that why because

a house in a corner or a house that is

right in front of the ocean or has a

better view

could be worth more money than the one

right across

right zillow cannot determine that

and not just that but also conditions

and there's other things

so you may be able to get more money

um than what zillow zestimate is so it's

always good that you

do your own due diligence and what we do

as realtors we always look at what have


in the area right what is your neighbor

probably sold for and why it sold for

that price what are the upgrades were

there any credits that were given to the


um was there any major disclosures

because of course

that can affect the value of the

property right so that's

number one how to come up with the right

price and right value

number two is don't forget to prepare

your home

um for showing it why because sometimes

when a buyer comes into the property

you know they may not want to see your

pictures of your family number one for

security reasons like i always recommend

my sellers to

just remove personal pictures number one

for security because we don't know who's

gonna be coming to the property

and number two because you want the

buyer to be able

to imagine themselves in the property

right so when you go to a house and you

see pictures of family

and things like that you kind of feel

like a visitor so it's always good that

you prepare your home for sale

um i always try to stage my listings for


um why because staged properties they


so well um so you can try to stage it

try to declutter it try to remove some

items from the property try to

make it look pretty right we just want

to make it look like those magazines


so if you can do that go ahead and do it

because you are going to see that that's

actually the best way to market a


um if there's maybe some painting to be

done that's also something that i


try to pick neutral colors of course um

and like for example i always offer my

sellers my own opinion on what we could

do with the small budget sometimes we

don't need to remodel the whole kitchen

but we can change couple things here and

there with under 500

or even less sometimes that you can

definitely see that in return

um so yeah try to prepare your home for

sale that's a step two

step three also is to take professional

pictures i mean

now pretty much everyone is starting to

look at properties online

so of course even i mean i don't know if

you can remember when you purchase your

own home didn't you start it online and


there were some properties that probably

were great but they didn't even have


or you know the pictures were taken with

an iphone or a phone you know

it just doesn't show that well you want

to make sure that you get the buyer

interested i'm like ah this property is

something that

i want to take a look at it so make sure

that you

it's it's so worth it what you're gonna

spend um on a photographer

for me that's part of my service that i

offer to my clients i always pay that i

have a photographer that i work

on an ongoing basis so you know they

have the special cameras they have the

right lightning to use and things like


so yeah don't forget to invest on

pictures it's gonna be so worth it

okay the other thing is to don't forget

to get ready with all the

paperwork all the documents that you're

gonna need

for example like the seller's disclosure

statement get familiar with the purchase


try to always order a preliminary title

report in advance

because we want to make sure that when

it the time that the buyer comes in

you're able to deliver the property

right with a clear title

sometimes i've seen that for example i

always like to

be proactive and i always get the

preliminary title report

before we even hit the market i've seen

that sometimes there are mistakes made

not even by us sometimes by the attorney

sometimes they forget to release a

previously uh

lean on the property so it's always

better to take care of it

before so better to be proactive than to

go into escrow and then fall out of

escrow right we don't want to waste

nobody's time

and then learn what are those

contingencies that the buyer

can cancel the purchase contract because

you will see that the buyer

the contract is more buyers friendly

than sellers friendly so get familiar

with what are those contingencies that

they can cancel

and if you can try to remove them way


right the sooner you can get rid of

those contingencies the stronger your

escrow is going to look like

so don't forget about that the other

thing is

find out how you're going to be

marketing the property how do you want

to market it

um are you going to just post it on


trulia do you want to send postcards you

want to just put a for sale sign outside

do you want to put it on the mls of

course what you have to focus on this

you're gonna have to try to make the

buyers pool as big as possible because


you can maybe put a for sale sign or you

can just put it on zillow but not

everybody looks in zillow right

um are you gonna be paying a co-op as


what it means is are you going to be

paying a realtor

that can bring a buyer into your

property or not

right and this is something important

for you to know because

you may be narrowing down the pool to


more narrow and narrow then the bigger

you can make it the higher price you're

going to get

but if you let's just say you only

publish your property in craigslist for

example that means that only the people

that are looking in craigslist

will see your property so you may be

missing all these other buyers

out there that could maybe even pay more


right so this is why you can get a

little tricky but yeah

come up with a good strategy plan on

where you're going to market

um because again try to make your buyers

pull as big as possible that's how

you're gonna get

more money okay the other thing is i'm

just gonna give you some tips

um and then the tips that i wanna give

you is don't forget to disclose

this close this closes close why because

keep in mind that even after you close

a property buyers can always come back

at you and sue you for something that

you didn't disclose

so it's always better to disclose just

say everything

that you know about the property if

there's any fixing stones if there's any

issues with the property

this closes closes close is closed um so

yeah that's something that i always

would recommend

every seller number two

be careful with some savvy buyers or

investors because if you're selling by

owner i have clients

that they always just like to go to for

sale by owners

why because sometimes they're going with

the zillow's estimate

or sometimes they know that there's not

that much competition

so they will come and say hey i'll buy a

cash right now but for this price

and usually you will be um you could

possibly be selling it

under market value and what they do they

come they fix it they flip it they make


so be careful with that type of buyers

the other thing is don't forget to

coordinate the showings

most likely you're going to have to be

present right in the showings

we don't want to send somebody that you

don't know to your property and they're

going to be walking around you know with

your valuable things right

so make sure that you know how to

coordinate the showings you have to be


so sometimes if it's like somebody wants

to see the property at 9 00 a.m in the


and you know that those are your work

hours make sure that you have somebody

that can help you with this as well um

maybe your neighbor who knows right

but that's something to take in

consideration that's why i'm including

it as a tip

and then the other thing that i always

want to recommend

is that don't take it personal um this

is why sometimes a lot of people hire

realtors like us because

you know we remove the emotions from the

equation so

if you're for example in a showing and

then the buyer comes in and says oh

i hate these or i hate that you may you

could get offended right because

it probably was your favorite room or

was you know you have memories in this

house so sometimes it's a little hard to

remove the emotions

when it comes to a transaction there's

gonna be a lot of negotiation in between


if the buyers request something in the

home inspection

um you know it will be a little bit

harder to just remove the emotions and

say no

this is what i want understand that they

could cancel if you don't give them what

they want or

you know the negotiation process can be

a little bit more tricky

so yeah that's another tip that i can

give you so thank you so much for

watching this video if you like that

information you can feel free

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again my name is elizabeth