The BEST Social Media Strategy for Real Estate Agents (2020)

it's 2020 and everything is changing I

want to share with you the best social

media strategy for real estate agents in

2020 we've all seen the fact that

Instagram and Facebook and YouTube all

the algorithms are changing so how are

you gonna stay on the top of the latest

trends and how are you gonna leverage

social media in order to scale your

personal brand in this video I'm gonna

share with you six tips that you need to

do in order to crush it with social

media in 2020 what's up everyone my name

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much about my story I've leveraged

social media in order to build my real

estate business and my first year I did

over a hundred thousand dollars just

from Instagram after I didn't even have

Instagram on my phone I've also been

ranked the top 30 realtor in the world

on social media within just my first 10

months of downloading the app and last

year in 2019 all of my business came

from social media

I didn't prospect once I never went out

to a networking event none of it I want

to share with you strategies that you

need to be implementing in 2020 in order

to become a lighthouse and what do I

mean by that so many realtors are doing

real estate wrong so most realtors are

old school like a tugboat what they do

is every day they put on their suit and

they go out into the ocean and they try

and bring as many boats back to shore as

possible and then the next day they have

to put on their suit don't won their

little tugboat on more boats bring it

back a wrong way of doing business the

best way to do business is to actually

become a lighthouse which attracts

tugboats you want to become a client

magnet one of the best ways to do that

is by leveraging social media and

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and it's super cheap let's get into the

top six tips the first one is have a

strategy guys you need to be following

something we're all so busy but one of

the most common complaints I hear from

real estate agents who are trying to get

into social media is I forget to post

today or I'll do it tomorrow or I'll do

it the next day I don't have any photos

I don't have any of this you need to

create a Content calendar you need to

have a strategy you need to know that

you're gonna be posting exactly X amount

of times per week which again means

consistency you need to make sure that

if you are committing to going all-in on

social media you need to be consistent

in doing so if you can only commit to

one post per week on all platforms then

just do one post per week but do it

every week for the rest of the year if

you can do three times a week great but

don't burn out I see so many people that

try and post every day and then after a

week they're burnt out they've got no

content no energy nothing to give and

then they fall flat so make sure that

you have a strategy where you can be

consistent and you have a calendar that

you can follow and you know exactly what

your plan is on your social media

platforms which leads in to number two

pick two primary platforms that you want

to have a presence on but then have some

sort of presence on all of them and my

first couple years as a real estate

agent I use Instagram primarily to build

my personal brand and build a connection

with an audience on a deeper level I use

Facebook for lead generation and I use

that to build up a consistent flow of

leads for me to get deals while I was on

vacation while I was out of city

whatever I was doing 24/7


those were the two platforms that I went

all-in on and it worked out extremely

well now I've added YouTube into the mix

again trying to provide as much value as

humanly possible

YouTube's great for both lead generation

and building your personal brand then

you have things like LinkedIn LinkedIn

it's excellent for networking and let's

talk about tic-tock tic-tock is the one

that everybody is shying away from

nobody wants to do it everybody thinks

it's for eighteen year olds are younger

if you want to click the card above I

will show you how to effect

use tik-tok for real estate no here's

what you need to understand about tick

dog is it's not about enjoying tick tock

nobody our age is going to enjoy tick

tock it's all about learning how to

communicate with different audiences and

leverage different demographics of

people because those 18 year olds on

tick tock in five years are going to be

buying their first house so you want to

make sure that you're finding out how to

build connections with these people so

stop trying to convince yourself you

don't need to be on ticked off because

it's too young and it doesn't matter

make sure you start to understand how to

have a presence on all relevant social

media platforms the way that I'm doing

this is by repurposing my content I just

launched a business that helps real

estate agents do this where they just

send us simply their raw unedited

footage they record a video like this no

editing nothing done to it they send it

to my team my team fully professionally

manages it with the highest quality

motion graphics and then we repurpose

the content for every single relevant

social media platforms what that does

you can record one video per week and

have enough content for every social

media platform for that week two

incredibly efficient it's incredibly

effective Tom Ferries telling everybody

to do this Gary Vaynerchuk telling

everybody to do this we are finally the

first people that are offering a service

to do it for you for an effective and

efficient costs if you want to know more

about the service that we're offering

drop a comment below I'd be happy to

reach out to you and show you some of

the crazy magic that we're working

number three is quality over quantity

four years is all been about a quantity

game Gary Vaynerchuk is telling people

post post post post post post post not

anymore because social media platforms

are becoming so saturated with content

you need to find ways to stand out I'm

not talking just about quality of the

image or the video I'm talking about the

quality of the editing I'm talking about

the quality of the description or the

caption if you look at any of my

Instagram posts what you're going to see

is longer form posts and why does that

matter on a lot of the algorithms watch

time is one of the number one component

that they take into account as a factor

for ranking you so if you have longer

form captions one it's going to excite

more engagement because usually it

requires some thought but two people

spend more time reading it and what that

means is it increases the watch time on

your post and hope

you're gonna get more abuse from that so

if you don't know how Instagram works

basically what happens is as soon as you

post something it shows it to 10% of

your audience based on the engagement of

that first 10% within the first 1 hour

they show it to more people so if you

get no comments no likes no engagement

then after that 10% gets shown your post

that's it it dies but if it gets a lot

of engagement then you're gonna start to

see it grow number 4 more video video is

king every single social media platform

algorithm credits video as the best it

reaches more it gets more engagement at

the end of the day I'm going to talk to

you about this and number 5 but it's all

about people getting to know the real

version of you and the best way to do

that is by video because you can edit

you can photoshop you can do whatever

you want to these still static images in

photos but with video people get an

opportunity to get to know the real you

your actual personality you need to make

sure that you're going hard on video

across every platform now number 5 is

get more personal and be vulnerable at

the end of the day as real estate agents

people work with people who they like

know and trust those are the three

factors you should always aim to be

building on social media and the only

way that you're gonna do that is by

becoming authentic vulnerable and

putting in your true self which is why

on Instagram stories work so well

which is why video content does so well

on all platforms because people get to

know the real you

I get vulnerable I talked to people

about when things didn't go as planned I

talked about when I have bad days I

share my wins I share my losses people

start to gravitate towards you because

they feel like they can trust you they

become loyal followers and they start to

engage with you nobody looks at a

picture of some property on Instagram

Facebook LinkedIn anywhere and says damn

regardless of what agent is behind that

house I want to work with them doesn't

happen people work with you they don't

work with your just sold photo they

don't work with your just listed photo

they're going to work with you if they

get to know the real you

show your hobbies show your family show

your passions don't be afraid to put

yourself out there it's going to take

time took me months of posting every day

to get comfortable with doing this but

you need to do it Gary Vaynerchuk says

content is your ticket to entry to any

relevance going forward number six go

all-in on value I talked to a real

estate agent the other day and she was

saying well my

I don't want to put out all my secret

strategies on Instagram and Facebook and

LinkedIn and YouTube because then other

agents are gonna be doing it every top

entrepreneur is giving away stuff for

free which is why you're on YouTube

because you're looking for free content

you need to make sure that you are

giving enough value for people to see

you as a resource you want people to

come to you because they see the value

that you're giving so don't be afraid to

give value also leverage that buyers tip

sellers tips top mistakes people make

when buying house

top mistakes people make lend selling

House ones that are giving the most

value are the ones that are winning

there you have a guys that's the top

social media strategy that you need to

be using in 2020 if you guys have any

other questions please make sure you

drop a comment below otherwise check the

link about the mastermind that we just

launched thank you so much for watching

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