Instagram for Real Estate Agents in 2020 [TOP 5 TIPS for Realtors]

Instagram for real estate agents in 2020

man oh man have things changed in this

video I need to talk to you about the

top five things that you need to be

doing as a realtor on Instagram in 2020

after all the algorithm changes after

everything has basically been flipped

upside down so that you can start to get

great results I've leveraged Instagram

to make hundreds of thousands of dollars

in real estate simply by the law of

gravitation and people coming to me so

what I want to do with these five tips

is share them with you so that you can

start getting similar results what's up

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without further ado let's get into it

now number one is quality over quantity

when I got started in real estate I

downloaded Instagram in 2017 as you may

or may not know I was ranked one of the

top 30 Realtors in the world on social

media number 27

just after 10 months of having Instagram

on my phone it was all a quantity game

back then back in 2017 I posted every

day for 600 days in order to get my

first 10,000 followers on instagram gary

vaynerchuk talks about it as well about

constantly just post post post post post

those days are gone the algorithm has

changed and now people care more about

the quality of your content before you

go in make assumptions about quality of

the imagery I'm talking also about the

quality of the post description or

caption because here's one thing that

you may or may not know it's really

important to increase the watch time of

your Instagram post

similar to YouTube which credits watch

time on Instagram the longer people

spend on your post the better the result

is going to be in terms of how Instagram

shows it because if you don't know what

happens whenever you post something on

Instagram Instagram shows it to about

10% of your audience and based on the

engagement within the first hour of that

10% if a lot of people start engaging

with it then it's going to show it to

another 10% and then another 10% and so

on and so forth so what you want to do

is engagement also comes from watch time

so using multiple photos where you can

post a string of photos that works

really well if you look at any of my

Instagram posts you'll notice that I

write longer more thoughtful captions

one because people need to take time to

read that which again increases the

watch time but - it also excites people

to engage because I usually do take the

time to write something thoughtful so

make sure that you're going for quality

of the image or video as well as the

description or caption number - this is

the big one and this is the one that

most of you are messing up big-time this

is all about getting more personal and

becoming more vulnerable Instagram is

all about building your personal brain

and if you build strong enough personal

brand people gravitate towards you you

become a client magnet look at Tony

Robbins for example why do people want

to work with Tony Robbins there's a

million other public speakers out there

that talk about personal development

because he's Tony Robbins if you build a

strong and a personal brand people just

want to work with you the only way that

that's going to happen is by becoming

more vulnerable and getting more

personal I see so many people that turn

their Instagram page to a Homes & land

magazine they're posted just listed just

sold open house coming soon coming later

coming whenever nobody in the history of

the world has looked at a picture of a

house on Instagram and said a.m.

regardless of which agent is behind that

house I want to work with that person

people work with people that they like

know and trust the three things that you

need to do and build when leveraging

social media especially Instagram you do

need to post some photos about real

estate that house is being sold and

things like that because it is

credibility do that 20% of the time the

other 80% should be you in the image and

could be you at an open house but take a

selfie if you outside the open house or

have somebody take a picture of you

holding up your signs or doing something

fun or playful make sure that you're

highlighting your two personality if

you're funny if you're quirky if you're

weird if you're awkward we've all got

our unique attributes that make us

special people resonate with that they

want to get to know the real you okay

number three the magic is in the

Instagram stories this kind of goes

along with being personal but again so

many people fall short and don't

understand this from me the vast

majority of the clients I've worked with

have come to me through my Instagram

stories your Instagram feed is kind of

like the full final production video or

the movie you can edit it you can tailor

it you can make it look however you want

to look but the thing about Instagram

stories is it's the raw uncut

behind-the-scenes footage that everybody

wants to see and also it's the best way

for people to get to know the real you

because if your personality just simply

doesn't resonate with somebody then

that's going to be a misalignment and

you're not going to enjoy working

together by using Instagram stories if

you are putting at your true authentic

personality people are gonna get to know

the real you and here's the amazing part

is they're going to make their own

decision if they don't like your

personality that's a win because they're

not gonna work with you and you don't

have to go through a terrible

relationship a lot of the times you're

gonna see people do like you which is

why they're following you and that makes

it easier when you meet them because one

they feel like they've already known you

and two you know it's gonna be a smooth

transaction because of the fact that

they've already made up the decision

that they like you for you

number four leverage engagement groups

again going back to the importance of

engagement within the first hour on

Instagram I'm a part of to engagement

groups one is for an entrepreneurial

community and one is for a real estate

community and what we do is every single

time that we post on Instagram there's

about 10 or 15 people in each of the

groups you post in that group and all 10

or 15 of them will post engage like

comment on your photo and what does that

do that drives the engagement up within

that first crucial key first hour of

your post and again it's gonna help your

content reach a larger audience with the

hashtags at using and things like that

but by leveraging engagement groups is

going to really help you because you're

working with like-minded people you're

helping each other out it's sometimes

hard as a

brand-new agent to get a lot of organic

engagement from day one that's a little

secret that you can use in order to bump

up your engagement and work with others

that are also trying to do the same now

number five use more video content if

you scroll through my Instagram right

now you'll start to notice a lot more

video content coming into play and

that's not for no reason if you look at

any of the top entrepreneurs I'm Gary

Vaynerchuk Tom bill UJ Shetty a lot of

these people they're all going hard on

video that's because video gets more

engagement and also a lot of platforms

not just Instagram but LinkedIn and

Facebook are crediting based on their

algorithm video content so it does

increase the watch time and it does

excite more engagement also again it

makes it more about you it makes your

personality shine so make sure that you

start putting out more video content I

cannot stress that enough if you want to

see what's latest and greatest in terms

of trends just simply follow my

Instagram and watch what I'm doing

because I'm constantly analyzing

different people in different industries

different niches on how they're getting

the best results and getting more

engagement you have so many

opportunities to put out highlights

about communities going to local events

doing things like open houses and doing

property tours talking about buyers tip

sellers tips there's so much you can do

and again if you want to know the top

six videos that every real estate agent

needs to be creating click the card

above and I show you how to do that get

some practice my first videos were

terrible you don't have to be a

professional to get started but again it

really is gonna help you grow your

following your impact your influence and

your income the three eyes if you want

to know any more information about how

to properly leverage Instagram for real

estate I do have a full program on this

showing you every single step of the way

from start to finish

brand new revised for 2020 so make sure

you check that out and I guarantee

you're gonna get some incredible results

by implementing these strategies thank

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