An eBay Way To Sell Your Home: New Sales Method Could Change Real Estate

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buying a home in los angeles is kind of

like playing a game of roulette as many

of you already know you pick a number a

price and just hope it's the right one

yeah but a Pasadena real estate firm is

looking to change the game if you will

kcal 9s Jasmine viel shows you they have

created the first of its kind online

auction could this be the future of real

estate the firm called the DZ Penner and

pod Lee created plum bid we saw the

whole process work from the beginning to

the end as both buyers and the seller

tried it out for their very first time

two minutes it's a countdown

Michael Ala Torre and his wife Andreia

will never forget 30 seconds after a

decade in their dream home the retired

Baldwin Hills couple found themselves in

a posh Pasadena real estate office

seconds away from selling their house to