How to Post Your House/Listing on Craigslist | 2018

how would you put your listing on

Craigslist so just type in your

Craigslist in your town or whatever town

that you want to put it on I always put

my listings on Salem Craigslist

Eugene Craigslist Portland Craigslist

and Corvallis Craigslist because those

are the surrounding areas and then from

there you're gonna click housing offered

if you're a real estate agent it's

important for you to make sure that you

click real estate buy broker otherwise

if it's for sale by owner then click buy

owner but pretty sure it's like illegal

for us as as Realtors to click buy owner

if it's not by owner and then I will

abide by these guidelines all right and

then from there you post the title so

the address of your home I already have

so many titles added in there that it

just automatically comes up because I've

already posted this to Craigslist but

doing an open house tomorrow so and then

what I did is I went to my listing on on

Zillow and I just copy and pasted the

bio and I'm going to paste that onto

there and onto the body and then make

sure if your realtor you say licensed in

the state of Oregon with whatever

company are with because that is

important put the location there the zip

code goes here I don't remember the zip

code it is nine seven three two two nine

seven three two two perfecto and then

you just continue on here to fill out

the rest of the information so to put in

an open house click on this I'm having

an open house tomorrow so I'm gonna

click tomorrow

that increases the feed three bedrooms


two bathrooms I mean this is not an

apartment this is a manufacturing just

so I'm gonna click comment at license

info I am licensed in the state of

Oregon so I am putting that there if

you're not if this is your first time or

a second time or so filling this in on

Craigslist you're gonna have to type all

these things in but since I've posted so

many times it automatically comes up and

then this CL is

this is won't actually show your real

email address for me I always like to

have my really email address on there

and then I always say by text because I

get enough phone calls I don't want any

more calls that I don't need so if I

mean if someone needs to call me about a

property that's fine but I would prefer

them to text if possible especially just

with little questions so I clicked by

text phone number contacts name mine's

already in there Street College Park


it's an Albany Oregon perfect and then

click continue

I don't know the cross street so I'm

just gonna skip that and press continue

now we can upload images here so it'll

go straight to your pictures

scroll down to pictures of this house

okay how am I gonna do this while

holding my phone so to click multiple

pictures I'm clicking ctrl and holding

it down while clicking this excuse the

dirtiness of my keypad is disgusting I

know so I'm going really slow because

this is hard to do with one hand but you

get the idea so I've clicked all of the

photos and now I am waiting for them all

to load once they're all loaded click

done with images and then there we have

it will the being one of being I'm gonna

edit the images because for some reason

I missed a picture of the front of the

house and that is muy importante there

we go and then I'm gonna move this

picture to the top because I want that

to be the first one they see done with

images and now we're really done then we

click publish then you go to your email

there we go like this accept Terms of

Use and now you can view your post