5 Tips for Starting Real Estate Agents [Philippines]

hi in this video I'm going to give five

tips for starting real estate agents if

you do not know me yet my name is Marty

I'm a licensed real estate broker a

freelance software developer a VP for

sales and marketing for a real estate


now I youtuber and a father of two dogs

I've been in the business for almost

three years now and I'm doing this

because I want to help my fellow real

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more videos without further adieu these

are 5 tips for starting real estate

agents the first one is to not be afraid

entering the real estate business can be

overwhelming especially if you do not

have any experience with it we brave and

be willing to learn and everything will

be ok now I'm an Italian accent when I

saw Anna last time and Imbaba can be a

beginner or a sucker money being

available so come Matta

oh come on gamba he was I don't so you

can experience capacity next rifle I

would never review for the licensure for

brokerage for being ruble and you

Mahakala Abaddon is me more experienced

system so who made you overwhelm me nah

Futaba say salami meymaneh benton i

mimic lines no salami mamma Fontanella

pero siempre will happen background will

happen experiences all about listing

will abound client so imagine a vatapá

inertia pero

as time goes on my mom Amica me Mohammed

- Aaron Laden abortion break open sí sí

Padre no naka Futaba decimal a

possessory Limpy Ramon remittance Paris

Malaga Susan like Yuma transfer mo for

marketing materials para depends if I

know say Jenga betting sabot Nang

developer for me I started with general

brokerage of Sri Lanka's Tuscola

my point is regardless a follow-up on

metal benta or oh allah upon cliente or

what I have on this thing but if you

work hard and you work smart everything

will be ok the second is get ready to

handle rejections not all clients will

buy all of your listings so eventually

you will get rejected and make mistakes

but learn from them and be better

welcome home Coco gdb Molina Playa de

Mayo is a Samana listings more important

in agony Kamala PAGASA

a teapot Petula number being mushy but I

sell real estate model become a meaning

allow me Mohamed canasa Brahminical est

me mama Mimi tan so brown bin Dussehra

mmm mmm I cannot the desing was a

property that was home button grade of a

salmon yummy mummy meat Kahneman at the

deli most appropriate up was made a long

time ago made the lamb bhuna

come Agana tapas solarium of people

Dustin's a property and got in Abilene

ambiente the point is is to prepare

yourself for these kind of situations

and every night again a client you

always treat them with respect and you

move on the third tip is to get a mentor

so you can get great experiences great

stories great wisdom from our fellow

experienced agents must Etta was a

licensed broker Daniel Nanako

and your father Khanna man has

experiences with

real estate development sir real estate

Mohammed I encountered a situations in

numerous situations

Kayla and short Aiyappa say well there's

little room for error

land enough own property you've been a

Google Shopper how petty mugging for you

contra or something like that so it's

best to ask breaker strands port is to

be transparent never tell lies about

your listings because somebody it can

backfire and damage your credibility

container non-compliant beanahab inavaja

beluga Sabine wind a tall container

Noonan client come in imatinib asaba a

novena Bentham Oh Sabine went at all

type an island in my at credibility at

moon papaya dito mister bond o sanam

attack and you offer pricing Kissimmee

Michaela lat kilala hamona agents then I

go over price on properties and my

advice is Joaquin I overpriced assemble

a paper in the monument commission

regardless if it's a sneer pressure or

in there this is some of our possible

problems and see minion of a goose

happened with the be the seller your

mobile pricing especially if the meet my

own client in celery and in Indianapolis

happen more our line credibility new as

an agent and may possibility ninety you

muscle limit early sale value Dido again

the tab has always be transported the

fifth and last depth for starting real

estate agents is to always get an

authority to sell and register your

prospect buyers this serves as your

protection if every the buyer goes

directly to the seller I'm gonna go up

on a sniper pepin/alma no authority to

sell and Papa Bear McConnell hog that if

mega soma event does not community

inquire Amanda client especially social

media caesarean kunavaram sender Parma

registered names nella a Cindy night in

May he wasn't elegant mm our buyers na

de derechos a sellers so moral and

copper no Commission and may possibility

no hindi chaya honoring him standard if

allah authority to sell say me nothing

available in casino girls in Amman and

Papiamento started so these are 5 tips

for starting real estate agents if you

have questions comments or violent

reactions comment down below I will be

giving more tips in the future

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happy selling