Selling a House in Texas [2021]

selling house in texas as an unlicensed homeowner does not require you to use a

realtor or the paperwork they use. In 2007 my

brother Jake and i learned to use a one-page contract to purchase houses

the first time we took this one-page contract to a title company we really

did not know what the reaction was going to be

it was like uh can we get this processed here

she looked at it and said absolutely you can bring me a contract on a paper

napkin and i'll close it for you. hey it's me gerald an active real estate

agent and investor and i'm all about helping others what i've learned and

continue to learn since 2007. so why do people use a realtor if

they're not required that's a great question

there's a lot i mean a lot to real estate and if you decide

not to use an agent that doesn't necessarily exempt or excuse you from

the consequences of the choices you make so just keep

that in mind now for the most part i would say people use realtors for

their knowledge experience resources and a sense of security think

about it we could all repair our own cars and

many of us do but if you don't know how then you can take the time to learn how

gather the proper tools and resources and fix it yourself however if it breaks

down while you're on the road then that could

very well be a consequence of your action

or inaction now some people will take the car to a mechanic and say

just fix it and some will do some research to find out what's wrong

they may not be equipped to do the repairs

but they have armed themselves with knowledge so when they take the car

in they have a better understanding and are more confident in dealing with the

mechanic so where does one go to gain the

knowledge of the home selling process here to state of texas

wait you hear it all the time you have to start with a good real estate agent

as opposed to what a bad real estate agent is an agent to tell you they're

bad when you're doing the research does the mechanic tell you they're bad

of course not yet they're still in business that we

wonder how okay for the homeowner that may be

considering selling their home we have created a web page of videos

to help arm you in the home selling process

no worries now there's no opt-ins or registrations required to access these

videos and so we have attempted to make them

brief concise and as simplistic as possible all right to get

to that page just go down the description below and you click on this

link right here uh and takes

you directly to this page and again everything on this page is directly

related to selling that house it kind of starts off

when you remember when you first purchased how much can you get for your

house where to start what's the best way do

you actually need a realtor choosing an agent this form iabs that a

lot of agents try to get you to sign a consumer protection notice

actual listing agreement between you and the agent

the data input form the seller's disclosure is very important

we want to make sure you get everything in there information about

notice buyers to sellers lead-based paint a lot of people don't know they

have liens on their properties i've encountered that before the option

period actually explains so you you'll know what's going on wire frauds

rising things and make sure watch out for that insurance costs for title

insurance as well as a seller's closing cost and

the average difference between average and median

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