How To Do Deals In Multiple States

hey it's Joe this one is from how

Cooksey in Odessa Texas does your

training provide guidance to aspiring

investors to know the ins and outs of

the varying laws and regulations from

state to state so they can do deals in

multiple states thanks for all you do

for newbies like me hell yes

first of all I'm not an attorney I don't

even play one on TV I can't give legal

advice yada yada yada yada but I've got

a lot of experience and I've been doing

this for a while so if you have any

legal questions ask an attorney but what

we've done is created a system that one

seems to work everywhere that we've done

it in not just in the United States but

in Canada in Australia in the UK in the

Philippines you know we had a guy in

Kazakh scant kazachstan I can hit can't

even say it the old US has hard you know

we you know any place there's a free

market for real estate because you know

most most markets are designed around

14th century British law the deed system

was built around that British law and if

that system works that way which it does

in most of the free world then you can

do this system and you can make it work

now you might want to add they might

have a regulation here or regulation

there and you might want to tweak things

as you go but you can get started with

this system and you can move forward

with it and without too much fear of it

of having a problem you can also do this

without a license because you're a

principal in the transaction just like

it's legal every place you go to sell

your own property what you're doing is

putting yourself in control of that

property by getting a document that has

a signature from the seller saying

you're a principal in the transaction

and by doing that it gives you the right

to sell it without having license now if

you have a license that's good too

because then nobody can ever accuse you

of trying to do business without a

license which we've had a few people

that have been accused of that

and it's especially difficult for people

that are brand new to defend themselves

because they don't have the words yet

and the explanation and they were true

understanding of how that happens so

when you're every dealing with agents I

would suggest that you you know not talk

to agents if you don't really know what

you're doing and then later as you get

better you can actually partner with

agents and you actually make money with

agents or maybe you can even get a

license yourself which I think makes a

lot of sense again I've had a license

for more than 20 years of brokers

license and I have my own company I do

not list and sell property I buy and

sell property as an investor not as an

agent all right hope that helps