Inside Secrets of a Real Estate Agent

home sweet home continues with

confessions of a realtor

here's Deborah Roberts it's official the

real estate market is coming back and

from princely penthouses to not so posh

potholes looks like a murder scene

an army of real estate agents is out

there trying to make a killing this is a

bare-knuckle business and there are no

refs on the sidelines as superstar agent

Ryan Serhant portrays on million dollar

listing New York about to begin a new

season in May I know you pretend like

you know everything and a Realtors life

is a daily Darwinian struggle for

survival communion yes you can you know

it I want you to leave right now in New

York City alone there 27,000 real estate

agents last year there was 12,000 598

contracts so they're out they're

desperate and they're trying to think of

ways okay how am I gonna make money

today are you a shark you have to be

trouble is sometimes those sharks are

feeding on you real estate can get very

aggressive remember this shark that's

the nature of the business you bring out

the teeth when you're a broker deals are

made and lost in seconds wheeling and

dealing from the backseat of his

chauffeured cadillac escalade sir hunt

confesses the hustle can begin the

moment you press the Search button on

your computer I can take photos from

around from around the world whatever it

is I can just create you know a listing

page or what sometimes people will do

they'll keep up listings that have been

on the market you know for four years

they sold it two years ago but they've

never taken it down so after checking

out a few websites I decided to make

some calls myself we've changed the

agents voice I was looking at one of

your listings they'll say something like

we have we have a contract out of that

one just went into contract we have

others that are kind of similar the

apartment is no longer available thank

you crying but I've got the guy upstairs

might sell I can send you another one

that's similar you meet me tomorrow can

you take it down yeah yeah

Pam and then they will try to show you

anything because now you're an act of

fire then there's the listings lingo

prepare to become fluent there are so

many misleading words and real estate

advertising the most creative business

in the world when it says cozy what does

that mean cozy cozy means small

Sandra Rena mato veteran of HGTV's

Property Virgins helps decipher the code

awaiting your touch means you're gonna

have to do a lot of work here needs TLC

means the handyman spec panda man

special they only that I'm talking in

the code oh my goodness I'm guilty

partial view means you have a partial

view of the water because you're looking

at it through a building sir hunt showed

us a trophy property that actually lives

up to the hype after you thank you three

bedrooms three and a half baths with

breathtaking views of the city so a view

of the Empire State Building not bad

but Ryan says a slick agent could pull

the wool over your eyes by not

mentioning all the things you can't see

the biggest ethical issue that I see in

the real estate market is is dishonesty

if somebody was hurt or killed there if

there were bedbugs there do they have to

tell me this stuff yes now there are a

lot of agents who will say oh well I

didn't know so if you say you know Ryan

you never told me that you know they're

the apartment was full of termites and I

could say oh whoa but I've heard of them

no and if brokers can bamboozle the

buyers they can just as easily sucker

the seller says rent amato start with

those open houses think they're for your

benefit think again the real reason why

a realtor does open house is for

self-promotion see we're using the for

sale sign or the eyes the internet

presence to get buyers to call us

and then we can convert them and believe

it or not your agent may be taking money

out of your pocket all because he

doesn't want to split the big fat

Commission with another agent it has

happened to me that I have registered an

offer on someone else's listing and the

sellers never knew about it so he had a

buyer in his pocket and didn't want to

see my offer so you may never even hear

about the highest bid on your place but

for every bad agent rehna motto says

there just as many bad clients she

refused to stage it annoying sellers who

simply don't want to do what it takes to

sell their home we said Renta motto -

New York City's Upper East Side - staged

a real estate intervention how are you


yeah I'm bringing buyers I know home

you've got ten seconds to impress these

people Wow I feel like I have vertigo

you can see it there you can see how the

floor dips yep a warped floor and what's

that pesky smell are you a smoker I'd

like to say I'm a smoker in disguise I

smelled it as soon as I walked in how do

you walk into someone's house and say it

smells but you have to and burned out

light bulbs come on do you think you can

change two light bulbs I know it is fat

man I was like oh I'll do it later

Jane you've got three four five six

seven eight nine pieces of furniture

plus a bed you have to sell the space

you have to sell the size I want you to

take half of that stuff out as she was

telling me how cluttered it was I was

starting to feel claustrophobic myself

worst of all like so many sellers Sandra

says Jane has over priced her apartment

in this case buy $30,000 if nobody's

coming to see your home and other homes

in the neighborhood are selling it's

time to reduce the price ah price the

million dollar word which brings us back

to Ryan Serhant penthouse

and like the best of the best there's

nothing else like this sir Hunt's always

out to close the deal any confession who

lives in this building you may be right