Real Estate Rental Houses Management System using Ms Access and VBA | FULL TUTORIAL Start to End

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hi guys

uh welcome to Visual Basic for

application and Microsoft Access

tutorials in this session I'll be doing

a demonstration on how to create a real

estate or rental houses management

system uh so this is how my system works

we launch our system the XX Frets real

estate nakur limited so here I key in my

credentials done

then I am taken to the dashboard when

I'm in the dashboard there are several

things I can accomplish like for example

I can set the month to the next month

like for example we are in January so I

can set February or March then I can

also add tenants but before you do that

we can just hide the ribbon so once we

hide the ribbon I can be reposition to

add a new tenants so I just go to this

GUI here then I can just add a new