Branson MO lake home for sale, Branson MO drone video


good afternoon I'm Larry Sifford this is

my wife Judy we're the older than 55

little memory lane here on Rome

bomb-makers we've lived here

approximately 16 years we're the only

owners of the home and we've enjoyed it

immensely living here over look at the

lake in fact we're not really leaving

the area are we we're gonna be living

right across the road and then we have

all right across the road we're just

looking to get into something a little


it's a beautiful home we've raised our

grandchildren here and the very rustic

appeal to the home kind of uh-oh lack of

touch words we designed it is it ol

Ozarks town




the trees on the property when we

cleared the property to build the home

we saved all of the oak tree because we

wanted to use the trees inside the home

as well as for a open barn that's on the

property we also took down a 100 year

old log cabin which was located on the

next mountain over called South

mountain and it's the highest peak here

in Stone County that log cabin we took

and we actually ripped the old logs in

half and turned both hand-hewn sides up

and the whole interior of the living

room in the kitchen now is reaching and

used for the interior walls so it looks

like you're walking into a 100-year old

log cabin the floors are made up of

ponderosa pine all the ceilings are pine

and the walls in the upstairs bedroom

and the downstairs bedroom are made of

distressed pine and whitewashed the

staircase going up to the upstairs loft

and the upstairs bedroom is made out of

two-inch thick oak with persimmon

railings which was taken from the

property as well as fence wire that was

used back by the homesteaders here to

keep their mules on the property the

fireplace sign is approximately 24 foot

tall and it's a propane fireplace gas

logs which heats the whole downstairs

here if you leave it on it actually sold

think the mantel on the fireplace is

made from walnut a walnut tree walnut

that was taken from here on the property

as well







well here we are standing in front of

what's called the memory bar my wife

Judy dealt with antiques for many years

and sold antiques out of this bar about

four times a year