China's Property Developers Offer Cars, Pigs as Real Estate Confidence Wanes | WSJ

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(speaking in foreign language)

- Some property developers in China

are going to great lengths to attract home buyers.

(speaking in foreign language)

One offered cars and parking spots as a gift,

while another promised to give the buyer a Mercedes-Benz

with the purchase of a villa.

One developer even offered to accept garlic

as part of the down payment.

The ads suggest that for Chinese property developers,

demand is down.

Since the summer of last year,

home sales for China's 100 biggest property developers

have tumbled.

Home sales, of course, are not just struggling in China,

in the Western world as well.

Home sales have been under pressure

after record surge in prices.

Inflation has become a problem

and fears of a recession are growing.

But in China, there are a number of different factors,