Top 5 Tips for Selling Real Estate in California

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it's a great time to sell real estate in

California houses are flying off the

market in fact the California

Association of Realtors said that on

average houses are only on the market

for a mere ten days in fact I just

helped one of my clients sell their

house and their house was only on the

market for five days before it got sold

today I'm gonna share with you my top

five tips on selling real estate

especially here in California hi my name

is Karissa people call me kissa and I'm

an entrepreneur and blogger based in Los

Angeles my goal as a businesswoman is to

hopefully share my story to help others

live their happiest lives tip number one

why are you selling your house that's a

really important question

are you upgrading are you downgrading

are you moving because you want to be in

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