New Beach Front Listing with Financing - Ambergris Caye Belize Real Estate

hey everyone good morning good afternoon

wherever you are in the world today

welcome welcome to today's video we have

a very special listing to tell you about


beachfront that comes with seller

financing so i know this is going to be

of interest to some of you so

i'm going to get right to it let me just

do a share screen to show you where this

beach front is located

first of all i'm going to pull up my

google earth overlay map

so there is the island of ambergris key


and i'm going to zoom in to where this


is located first of all just to give you

some perspective

this is san pedro town so this is where

you fly in when you come on that

tropical maya air you'll land here

get off the plane and you're right

downtown san pedro

uh then if you want to go to secret

beach many of you are

buying or investing a property up there

you know that you would

drive north then about three and a half

four miles

to here to the east west connection road

take a left

and then dead end in and around sacred

beach all right

so uh let's come back to uh the airstrip

as a matter of reference so you come in

you land in san pedro town

you get off the plane and you're in

downtown san pedro now

straight across from san pedro

is this big open body of water here

called the san pedro waterway or the san

pedro lagoon

and this little area in here is what is


as costa del sol just a name given

to this portion of the island and what i

like about this part of the island well

first of all

several things but first of all you see

this line here

along the uh the seabed this is actually

an underwater power line that brings


to this area right here so that's

important because many of you are

looking for a waterfront property

and you want the convenience of having

access to power and so the lot i want to

tell you about today is this parcel

right here

which is parcel number 4859

it's about 60 feet wide of beachfront by

about 400 feet deep

and it is in an up up-and-coming area

and what makes this area very attractive


it having a beachfront and having access

to power

is there already is some nice high-end


surrounding this lot and if you look at


it is very low density for example some

of you are saying you know i want some


but i just i don't want my neighbors to

be right on top of me and so that's


some of these lots in here are very very

attractive to some of you

even this little subdivision here which

looks like there's a lot of properties

is actually very high-end large

single-family homes

so let me just pull up another uh show

screen here showing

a uh powerpoint presentation

and i'm going to do uh starting off here

all right so this area of costa del sol

is also in the path of progress you may

hear me talking about the

you're talking about or using this term

to apply to areas like secret beach or

different areas

of the island that have a reason to go

up in value

this is one of those areas that you

should absolutely be looking at

why well because again in this slide

here you have san pedro town

in the foreground the caribbean sea is

out here and then across

this san pedro waterway the san pedro


is this large area over here called

costa del sol so there i'm pointing at

it with a red arrow

here's a nice aerial view of the island

so again you see

to your left here the airstrip so you

would come in land here

get off the plane this is downtown san


heading up the secret beach you would go

this way to the north but then

straight across is this little area in

here called costa del sol

and then on the back side of the island

uh this is you you find ambergris bay so

for example secret beach

that's up in this area up here you see

cairo rosario off of the distance

and just give some perspective all right

so this is the area i want to talk to

you about today

this is the lot that i'm pointing out

with the red ariel it's a beautiful

vacant beachfront property and you can

see here it has

very very nice large single family homes

in the area

and another resort over here called

brahma blue and a couple other uh

exciting things happening a little bit

further south of here

this is the property again a little bit

more of a close-up view to it nice sandy


and here are the specifics 60 feet

of beachfront by 410 feet deep

so you see this is at least twice the

depth of a normal-sized lot in and

around secret beach

you can have something commercial here

or commercial and residential

and electric and internet is available

in this area

here's a picture of the playa villa so

if you want to learn more about this

villa which is just

two lots down from this vacant lot go on


uh search uh airbnb is available in the

coastal sew area this villa will pop

up very very cool uh single-family home

uh here is another home built in the

area you can see the uh

it's got a pool in the back just a

really really cool cool house

this is brahma blue which is also in

this immediate area

great place to stay if you're looking

for somewhere out of the way

quiet peaceful away from the hustle and

bustle of

san pedro town nice very nice pool at

bravo blue

and people absolutely love staying in

this area for example here just some of

the reviews that i pulled off the


regarding those who have stayed in these

villas or bravo blue

they love the area it's quiet it's

peaceful and yet it's very close to san

pedro town

here is one of the homes that is built

just north

of where this vacant lot is uh for sale

it's called the zen villa

this is when it was being built so since

then it's been all nicely landscaped

there's some interior shots of zenvilla

and here's some of the details uh this

area is on the grid

very close proximity to san pedro town

also you have this access road coming

down from secret beach which i'll show

you here if i go back to my google earth

shots and uh what i recommend

you look at this area for is because

this is

a cheaper lot or an affordable lot

in what will be an expensive

neighborhood all right so i've talked

about this in some of my other videos

this is more of an exclusive


because it is isolated from san pedro


it is remote and it's not so much of an

open subdivision like you have in

let's say other subdivisions on the

island all right so this is definitely

going to be more of a higher end

development now from secret beach it's

2.71 miles to the south so there you can

see this

access road that i'm pointing to on the

screen it starts

right about here lines its way down

dead ends down here and that vacant

waterfront lot is about a third of a

mile from where this road that ends so

very very close uh to having road access


in fact your builder can probably put in

a road for you within

i don't know maybe a day or two which is

some crushed limestone and carving out a

path for you to reach the lot so

there it is again parcel number 4859

also it puts you in very close proximity

to the mahogany bay village

beach club and all the west side beaches

of ambergris bay which i think is pretty

darn cool

here's another view of the mahogany bay

village beach club

and there's an awesome view of it so

imagine if you have a boat

in front of your property and you want

to go visit some of these areas

you can be to these areas within about

oh probably about 10 minutes

10 minutes of boat ride so here's the

deal on it it's priced at 150 000 us


and it comes with financing so you can

put ten percent down which is fifteen

thousand dollars down

uh pay your closing cost up front which

would be another

let's say uh probably around three

thousand dollars

so for a total of eighteen thousand

dollars down you go to monthly payments

with our which are one thousand one or

eighty four dollars and uh you can start

to finance this speech from property so

pretty pretty nice deal if you want more

information on it or the area email me

uh my email is dennis kiii

let me just try to pull up my opening

slide here yep there it is dennis kiii again this is a great

opportunity for someone

if we just go back to the google earth

shot before we close out

here's the lot right number four

eight five nine and if you have your own

pier built

you can keep your boat right at your

front door so you avoid paying dockage


and what's really cool is you can be out

to the reef

so what you would do is you go from here

wind your way through this little river

here's the sir variable bridges right

here and you would go

right out to the reef that's extremely

close so in fact if we just measure that

to give you some perspective on

distance for some reason my measuring

stick's not coming out

why would that be interesting

okay anyway it's it's it's right here

all right so what is that probably about

a mile so the reef is probably about a

mile from this lot

but also if you like to go to the


area for instance up to secret beach you

would just take your boat

head down south cut through here and

then go

north and you can be up to secret beach

right around this area

and that drive would take about 20

minutes by boat so

very very easy to get to all right if

you have any questions comments concerns

if you want to make an offer on this


uh again i don't have the uh

beachfront on the island anywhere right

now that comes with financing this is

the only lot that i have

where a true beachfront property comes

with such a low down payment financing


let me know if you're interested and

we'll get the offer written up submitted

and hopefully uh you can be the latest

featured property owner on amazoky

all right take care guys hope you're

having a great weekend and we'll talk to

you soon