How to get your Real Estate License & Become a Real Estate Agent in CANADA

what's up everyone its Mike sherrard and

in today's video I'm gonna tell you guys

how to become a licensed real estate

agent in Canada


alright everyone as mentioned my name is

Mike shirt better known on social media

as the purple realtor and in today's

video I'm gonna take you guys through

step by step the process you need to go

through in order to become a licensed

real estate agent in Canada so for those

who don't know me I'm from Calgary

Alberta in Canada and there's so many

videos out there online and on YouTube

of how to become a licensed realtor but

due to the popularity of different

people largely those videos pertain to

the United States so because we have a

different system up here I'm going to

explain how to become a licensed realtor

in a province within Canada step-by-step

so the first thing you need to do is

meet the four pieces of criteria in

order to even enroll within the courses

to begin studying for your license now

these four things are as follows

residency language age and education the

first thing you need to adhere to is

residency so you must be a resident of

Canada in some sort of way now you can

either be a citizen of Canada you can

have a permanent resident card or you

can have a work permit the next thing is

language you need to be proficient in

English no English certainly does not

have to be your first language but in

order to take the course within Canada

you need to have English as one of your

fluent languages the next thing is age

you need to be at least 18 years old and

lastly is the education requirement

which states that you either have to

have a GED or a high school diploma and

of course if you've done post-secondary

education like myself and went to

university or college you can of course

provide your transcript from there but

the minimum requirement is to have a

high school diploma or a GED completed

now once you have adhered and proven to

adhere to those four pieces of criteria

by providing things like transcripts

license information

data like that on yourself you were able

to now move forward into the courses

that you need to take pre-registration

in order to get your license now these

courses have to be completed within 18

months of registering speaking from

experience myself it's very very easy to

complete them well within that time I

finished mine within two and a half

months while working thirteen hours a

day full-time so I was just doing that

on the side and it only took about two

and at mon-sol very easy courses but

let's get into the details of this

course is to explain what you are going

to have to do in order to pass them and

what those courses look like so the

first thing you're going to do is take a

free portion of the course which is

called the introduction into a career of

real estate this very high-level stuff

that just explains what it is like when

you become a realtor what you're going

to have to go through in terms of the

courses that come after and just very

general information about the real

estate profession and life as a realtor

what to expect and what you're gonna

have to do going forward in order to be

successful in this industry the next

thing is called the fundamentals of real

estate and this is the main part of the

course again it is the fundamentals of

real estate so this goes into very

generic information about becoming a

realtor things about the law around it

the history of it the legal aspect

things you are obligated to do and for

your sellers and buyers it's very high

level again it is the fundamental so

this course might take you probably

about two-thirds of the time in terms of

studying and testing but it's very very

easy it's very basic it explains the

laws and the histories all kinds of

things like that that are very basic but

it is the fundamental course that you

need to start with does cost about

$1,300 and there's a test associated

with that now once you complete the

fundamentals of real estate this is

where you get to decide where you want

to go next what do I mean by that I'm

talking about do you want to do

residential real estate commercial real

estate rural or do you want to get into


management the course after the

fundamentals of real estate is up to you

it depends on what you want to do what

you want to get licensed in of course

over time you can become licensed in all

four of those but to get started you

need to choose just one of them now for

me of course obviously took the

residential real estate course and that

cost about eight hundred and fifty

dollars again Canadian and that is what

goes into a bit more of a niche

information about residential real

estate specifically goes into things

about working with sellers working with

buyers listing a property measuring a

property legal things to watch out for

how to adhere to the criteria of your

certain province things like that so

that is what that specific course is

going to get into for you depending on

which one you pick over the course of

taking the fundamentals of real estate

and your choice of specialty which for

me again is presidential you're going to

have to take three courses know these

three courses are all multiple choice it

gives you practices when you're going

through the courses so it's all going to

be questions or certain scenarios that

if you relatively have seen before so

you'll be quite prepared for it and

these courses are something that you

need to get a minimum mark of 70% on now

again just being completely honest

they're very basic everyone can pass

them it's not that difficult and if you

go through the courses properly you're

gonna be very well prepared so this is

not something to stress over whatsoever

and I know for myself because I took the

online courses and not in-person

these tests that I had to do I would go

to the local college or university sate

here in Calgary and they costed about

$100 each so that was an additional

three hundred dollar charge just in case

you're trying to budget for taking your

license something to be aware of now

once you have finished all three of

those tests also signifying that you've

finished all the courses you're going to

now be able to apply for your license

this required in my case something like

a thumbprint that is

proved by the government so this is a

final piece of ID that confirms that you

are who you say you are before you get

into it over the course of that process

being submitted you need to start

choosing a brokerage this is going to be

someone that is so crucial to getting

started a lot of people are gonna

downplay what brokerage means and what

it means to sign up with the right

brokers now I can speak from experience

it makes a huge difference which brokers

you decide to work with I will link a

video below on how to choose the right

brokerage for you it's not saying that

it's gonna be the one that I chose but

how to choose the right brokerage for

yourself please watch that video it's

going to help you so so much

now once you finally decide which

brokerage you're going to work with the

broker from that brokerage is going to

be able to submit for your final

licensing and once they get word back

you are officially a licensed realtor in

Canada alright everyone so let's do a

quick recap the first thing you need to

do is submit your four pieces of

criteria in order to adhere to the

minimum requirements for getting your

license in Canada which comes down to

residency age education and after that

you needed to complete the

pre-registration courses within 18

months of registering so that will be

the fundamental of real estate which

everyone has to take after that you will

move on to either residential commercial

rural or property management those

courses again $1300 Canadian for

fundamentals 850 for the specialty after

you have done those courses and

completed the coinciding three tests and

achieved a grade of 70% or greater

you're able to start submitting for your

final license in that process you can

choose a brokerage once you have signed

the papers with the brokerage a broker

will submit for your final licensing

approval and once you get the go-ahead

you are officially a licensed realtor in

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questions with the licensing program or

if you're in the process of getting your

license right now in Canada thanks so

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