How to Become a Realtor In BC- how to get your real estate license

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how's it going Jana here would go BC

Lewiston school and today I'm gonna

explain you how to get lice in Finnish

Columbia so if you want to get real

estate license or mortgage or property

management in Australia all of you guys

will have exact same steps as long as

you want to get it in BC so just a

little background I got into the

business when I was 20 years old I look

like fifteen I was broke and my English

was horrible I couldn't even speak much

and the worst part I didn't actually

have any connections to British Columbia

and I always tell you guys if I could

make it in this business then anybody

can make it and by now I actually don't

have to work anymore I have a lot of

passive income coming through the real

estate which I love so if you want the

same for your family or for yourself