Selling A House Without A Realtor (7 Ways To Spot Scams)

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what's up guys this is city welcome to

my youtube channel in this video I

wouldn't be talking about selling a

house without a realtor and the possible

dangers that come along with this and

some ways that if you are trying to sell

your house for sale by owner that you

don't get ripped off or taking an

advantage of


so before I came became a real estate

agent in even when I was a newer real

estate agent I just didn't understand

the concept of why selling a house for

sale by owner could potentially be

dangerous when you put a for sale by

owner sign out into your yard you pretty

much make yourself a target to a lot of

people and so I want you to prepare you

for some of the realities of putting

that for sale by owner sign out in your

yard and who's going to be contacting

you the first one's going to be real

estate agents and I prospect FISMA

fizzbuzz myself I contact Fizbo us on a

regular basis I know that it in no ways

people who are for sale by owner but the

first one is going to be real estate

agents real estate agents are going to

be calling you 90% of real estate agents