California Real Estate Attorney on Selling Homes For Sale By Owner

hi everybody this is John wick with real

estate to get a great interview today

with Greg Glazer of he's a real estate

attorney in California and he does

especially works with for sale by owners

as part of his business so I wanted to

talk to him we're gonna talk about him

and his business and then later on we're

going to talk about the Northern

California real estate market and end up

with some really nitty gritty geeky

stuff about the contracts in California

so if you're moving into California the

contracts are gonna be a little bit

different and also it's not just the

contract it's the customs what's

customary can change a lot from state to

state and I think in California they

change a lot from County to County so

we'll end up with talking about that

sorry great Greg so introduce yourself

tell me about the great stuff you're

doing the unique stuff you're doing you

bet yeah John I'm really happy to have

this interview here I'm doing real

estate law and that has included or so

by owner helping people buy and sell

real estate without a realtor I started

off doing general real estate law and

that included advising brokers real

estate agents buyers sellers

occasionally I get calls from title

companies with questions and I realize I

was assisting everyone with the process

and I should start handling the process

myself instead of just doing little

pieces putting it all together and

that's how I got involved with or so by

owner or okay great

so let's talk about the for sale by

owners the Fizz bows so they when do

they call you when the they're thinking

about it or they have a contract when

how do they decide to hey I need a

lawyer I need to yeah hey you know I I

get calls all throughout the all

throughout the process

I could call us from people just

thinking about selling their home

sometimes get calls from Byron and

seller who have already found each other

and now they just want someone to

document the transaction and sometimes

get brought into a transaction where

they already have a contract then they

have questions that come up and so I

help all throughout the whole process

and I found that that's the best the

best approach and I get calls from both

buyer and seller as well

my most most frequent calls are probably

from sellers who have found a buyer and

are look

to have the property transaction

documented and then to have their

disclosure package prepared by an

attorney and I think that that there is

something sort of intimidating about the

disclosure process itself that an

attorney can help bring clarity to and a

lot of confidence and that's where I've

had success in in this approach

fortunately the process of buying and

selling real estate in California is

very straightforward but if you've never

done it before if you're not a

professional doing it it can seem it

encoded or seem very challenging you

know lots of different terminology on

unclear questions and so there's no

great you know frequently asked

questions portal out there where you can

get all of all of your answers and so

that's that's why people come to me they

come to me with general questions and

and then some specific questions and

they're in their transactions and I

really enjoy answering them and

providing the confidence they need to to

proceed to meet their goals so you have

some pretty good questions on your

website once you talk about your website

a bit yeah sure I have a my main website

is Gregg lasercom but I also have a blog

that has really taken off I didn't

expect it to but it's it and it's called

NorCal Fizbo and the blog it covers some

nuanced things like how to read a title

report but the thing that is getting the

most attention is my my really helpful

checklists or list of steps the the way

that I summarize what what everybody

does I find that that's what people want

to know buyers and sellers want to know

they want to know what others are doing

they want to know what standard and I've

done so many for so by owner

transactions helping buyers and sellers

that that's where I can really really

shine in my services is to provide

people with clarity with with clear

information and confidence to know that

the that the course of action that they

do decide to take is going to work for

them to need to meet their goals so

somebody comes in let's say a buyer and

seller they've they've worked out do

they they've normally worked out the

details they got price and everything

figured out they just want somebody to

to the right

up and do you end up representing both

parties or one party how do you handle

the agency issue yes I only represent

both parties where they are family or

really close friends and but in the for

the most part I'll just represent either

the seller or the buyer whoever contacts

me first as the lucky one that gets to

hire and the the people who the people

who call when a client calls potential

client cause it all starts up a free

consultation or whatever part of the

process that they are in so okay well a

free consultation at the beginning okay

cool yeah exactly

and and if if they if they're just

thinking about listing their home and

they have a just a price in mind and

then they'll have questions about the

disclosures and so forth but if they

already have found a buyer yeah usually

though they will have negotiated a few

things like when they would like to

close escrow but they they generally

won't have already discussed the the

nitty-gritty like how our closing cost

can be allocated which disclosures

should be included which title company

should they use so that's where I come

in to provide the the clarity on what's

standard and what are the options and

and so it so the process always begins

with just talking just talking with

people having a nice friendly

conversation about about their goals and

being available to answer questions

that's one of the the key things in a

four so by owner law the horse owner

practice for an attorney is that you

have to be in to be available to people

and have have the answers to their

questions which is why it's so key not

to just use a regular real estate

attorney but someone who has done lots

of porcelain owner transactions because

it's a specialty specialty kind of area

in the in the law and that's one of the

things that I found of great some that I

received a lot of great feedback from

clients that I was able to answer their

questions and I have that knowledge in

the area and as you know working in the

field that you that you work in and you

are tracking Zillow charts and providing

great information to to buyers and

sellers about how to value their home


what's what's been your experience with

that with that with getting people the

value homes it's the number one question

there's pretty with sellers they tend to

have an too high of an opinion of the

value of their home and it's a then I

sometimes I end up being the bad guy you

know you know the numbers only show it's

probably not this highs and so then they

come in and say well let's just try it

really high and say well there's a cost

to that because if you're gonna sign for

above market or the high end of market

really if you can sell it in the first

week or two that's when you're gonna get

a above or the high end of market value

so if you price it really high you're

the odds of getting the high end of

market value probably decreased anyway

so there's a there's a whole thing in

I'm a I'm an economist by training a

geeky numbers guy and for me it's like

well look at the numbers they just show

us it's really plain to me but it's hard

to communicate that all the details of

the pricing of the home is it's a well I

guess you're visible it's got to be

really true to the same issue yeah yeah

with the clients in control so so those

set the the price of their home and if

and if they have time on their side to

wait for the right buyer to come along

and that's great is if you're patient

and you you don't mind being in control

of the process and and giving it time to

find that right buyer because all it

takes is one you only have one house to

sell it just takes the right buyer but

yeah you know pricing the home is is a

is a really key aspect to any or so by

owner transaction and I think one of the

things that draws people buyers and

sellers to the process is that they they

are in control that they are not going

to be pressured by their professional

assisting them their real estate agent

to you know to go higher to go low and

that's that's a key thing that I that I

also agree with when it comes to the

four so my owner is not pressuring

clients one way or the other to to list

hi list low or anything like that I just

like like to trust trust the clients in

fact that's one of the things that I

learned in law school which is that the

market value of a home is what a

reasonable seller is willing to sell to

a reasonable buyer and the sellers

opinion on the market value of their

home is actually admissible in

or as evidence because it is as some

consider it the best evidence that's

interesting so what would be on the for

sale by owner who would be the ideal

client meaning the most successful is

their personality or a situation that a

seller has or he's more likely to be

successful selling for sale by owner

using an attorney yeah that's a great


I find that people who first sell for a

seller who is has a general confidence

general familiarity with real estate

terminology that could be really helpful

sometimes I'll have a seller who doesn't

have that and so they'll want to refer a

lot of questions to me or even refer

buyers directly to me to answer their

questions and I'm fine with that

stepping in there and and just being a

you know coordinator of the transaction

in a sense being a liaison to to

facilitate the clients goals and but

yeah you know it's it's really gonna be

a confident person some of the questions

that I get asked about or how to show a

for sale by owner at home you know the

real stakes are really skilled with this

you know they will they'll screen people

who come in they they know how to show a

home they know how to not just talk

about the details of the home but also

talk about what the potential buyers are

interested in the home about it's kind

of creating a creating a relationship in

that sense and so some people just

really get it you know and some need a

little bit of work to get there but they

find their way through the process so

generally if I say if I were to say that

there's one quality you would look for

in a person who has a who pursues for

sale by owner is confidence and if they

lack some confidence they can make up

for that by hiring a professional like

myself cool so we're just saying we'll

see I do client well what people are

probably thinking where does he work so

what are your clients come from where as

to what your area I work all over

Northern California and occasionally in

Southern California I work a lot in the

Bay Area Santa Clara County Contra Costa

County work up in the North Bay and and

enjoy yeah so the people even if

somebody's from LA they can or you don't

see face to face most of your clients

you're communicating by phone and I

guess email and faxes are dead but and

so then they tell you what you want okay

this is the contract price this is what

we agreed on can you write it all up

then you send us it-it's the seller the

seller gets it sends it to the buyer the

buyer may have their attorney review it

or maybe they don't yeah yeah yeah what

I do is I walk people through the whole

process so I I in take with a you know

initial client consultation it's always

my phone and some people just contact me

by email initially and we know we'll set

up a phone conference to talk and then I

answer the questions walk them through

what the process is we'll e-mail them

over sometimes a checklists but helpful

it a list of steps which we'll go

through together to to meet their goals

and close escrow and just help them all

along the way I told them you know keep

my email handy keep my cell phone handy

I'll just be with you the whole way not

to to meet this holy mackerel Thanks

yeah yeah it's great and and and I have

a flat fee structure so client don't

feel like they have to worry about you

know turning hours or anything like that

it's just just cover and and that's

great because you want to have a good

dialogue with with client you want to

make sure that they feel comfortable

coming to you and answering even the

littlest questions there's no question

that is too you know to smaller and

significant because if it's important

enough to you to think of asking then

it's important it's going to be

important to me as your turn one of the

reasons I want to talk to you Greg was

because what most are listed is the

confession they all say no one should

sell for Sale By Owner then they have

all sorts of myths about for Sale By

Owner how it doesn't work out for the

seller but I think you know there's a

lot say most people should use a real

estate but it can be perfectly fine for

some people in some situations to sell

for sale but it works great and they

save the money it just depends on their

situation it's nice if like you said

that they had maybe sold a few homes

they kind of know the drill a little bit

it's nice if they have time so maybe

that's for whatever reason they have

time if they're totally harried with

family and kids and stuff it's not such

a good thing in my opinion but if

they're retired particularly so they

older folks they're sold a few homes

bought and sold a few homes so they were

familiar with it they have time

that would be one major group that for

sale by owners is a naturally good fit

yeah yeah and I found that too I work

with lots of retired couples I work with

lots of first-time homebuyers - hey you

know really covers the covers the

spectrum with buyers - of home phone

yeah oh yeah you bet first-time

homebuyers multiple homebuyers sometimes

I'll work with even a company who

purchases real estate as well as part of

their portfolio now so I have a ton of

experience in working with all sorts of

transactions you know 1031 transaction

complex multi-party transactions and

that's where my law background really is

helpful answering tax questions

answering you know complex real estate

questions real estate finance question

is well estate issues I imagine when

somebody inherits a house and yeah yeah

I also do wills address so you know oh

you did but you know what that complex

that can be complex when they're

inheriting do they own you know so they

should they take it if it's obviously if

it's underwater don't even accept it so

anyway so uh let's that's great so I got

a good feel for where you're coming from

and the services you provide people Greg

so can you talk a little bit about

what's happening in the market I think

San Francisco's home prices are nuts

right now but well what's it look like

from your chair yeah it's been a

seller's market this whole this whole

year and you know you actually the

perfect person to talk to John it's

because you can see on your charts how

your we looking at we're looking at 2008

in that big bubble then popped and here

we are coming up in 2015 it's like right

there and it looks just like it you know

and it's and in seven years away and

these things tend to be cyclical and

yeah I think that you know if you're

purchasing right now you want to

purchase if you do see a bubble here you

want to be smart about your purchase

look for a deal and then you know

planned if you are gonna purchase

purchased for the long haul you know so

that you're not so if there is that

you're not it doesn't doesn't worry you

too much because you're focused on a

different type of investment especially

income-producing property something like

that yeah so what

Greg's talking about is I have the the

case-shiller charts on my website really

seit Dakota come and you can go through

and just look at San Francisco there's

like 20 some cities in there and you

could look at them even on an

inflation-adjusted basis like the second

chart is inflation-adjusted so you could

feel what's happening to prices and for

some reason California is really prone

to real estate bubbles I think more than

any other state maybe Florida could be

in the same era so it's a very it's a

very optimistic place here in California

you find that in the real estate

industry you know I I was working in

different practice areas well I've

always had done real estate but a

different side of the law and when I

started working on for SOPA owner

transactions and helping people buy and

sell real estate I realized something

amazing that there's an entirely

different language and attitude that's

spoken when it comes to real estate

people aren't happy they like they you

know a seller is excited about the home

that they're gonna sell they're thinking

about you know meeting their goals and

maybe transitioning and a new time in

their life you know to you know a new

property buyers are excited about the

home that they found so it is a very

optimistic field and I think you also

find that with real estate agents that

they are generally you know happy

optimistic people speaking language of

positivity and that's and the thing that

kind of brings that brings that process

into a you know down of it is the topics

of no liability and disclosures and so

there's a reality to to real estate you

know in a risk that comes with things

and so managing that side of the

practice as well I think is as important

to bring you know bring confidence

answer people's questions clearly and in

an objective way and that's where being

an attorney is especially important

because Rose agents and attorneys have

different different standards that apply

to them attorneys are required to be

objective just why attorneys for example

do not accept Commission's on your

estate transactions because because then

we would have an incentive yeah there's

a right now can't you can't have an

incentive to to close a transaction

rather it has to be you have to provide

objective analysis which I love you know

I think objectively and so you know

frequently be on the phone with a client

and trying to talk them

out of a transaction because I don't

feel that it's in their best interests

and but you know oftentimes just there

might be a really bad real estate join I

have serious matters yeah yeah yeah I

get I stumbled into it from a geeky side

I ended up at a website which I

generated leads I extended it intended

to sell these internet leads to real

estate agents but they weren't

interested this is like 2002 3 and

everybody thought I was a real estate

agent thing I'm not making any money but

everybody thinks I'm an agent they want

me to show them homes hey you

just become a real estate agent yeah and

show them home so that's I got in it

from the backdoor through my my love of

numbers and but as and the other thing

that we share in common is we're both

kind of geeky about numbers

yeah well it's coming looking at San

Francisco I'm I'm an expert I think one

of the top you know handful of experts

on the Phoenix real estate market but

looking at San Francisco since I'm not

I'm kind of unbiased about San Francisco

I can be more objective even though I'm

not a total expert on San Francisco so

my conclusion was if you have a home and

you were thinking of selling it in the

next year or two or three you might

consider sooner rather than later that's

just I don't know what's it gonna happen

to prices but there's a couple of areas

that there's probably more the upside

potential is probably peterey now but

like I said I don't know that's just

take it in from one from one geek that

doesn't even live in California yeah

well you know the income in San

Francisco is so high yeah well you know

they can afford you can afford this and

also there's a lifestyle as well - no -

being in these in these places you want

to be around your family when you're

friends you want to be in a particular

community and those are the kinds of

bond kinds of standard of living choices

that people make and near the market the

market to use just a singular term

market is sort of a misnomer really the

markets they're so / they're so

interconnected and so so extensive that

there's room for

sorts of niche opportunities so even if

you know could be you know a tough sell

and for one you know it looks like a

tough sell you might again you only have

one house to sell you just need to find

the right buyer so yeah there's I did a

post recently effect other this week but

are let's see recently where it was the

Weiss residential index and he was

talking about yes on it that homes could

be falling in a metro area even though

the metro in some areas or some types of

homes could be falling while the general

price is going up anyway that's it was

really intriguing to get the feel that

just because the prices are going up in

general doesn't mean every home is going

up by that much yeah I said great let's

talk about it's going to the really

geeky detailed stuff about the contract

oh yeah so you're my thing so when I

first started doing course of my owner I

drafted my why just like like right from

the ground up because I like to do that

like to see how things work I like to

feel wow your geek cred is off the

charts yeah and and what I found is that

you know in the process of going through

four so by owner is that people like

standardizations right actually kind of

a really nice thing about horse owner

processes that it's really

straightforward we're gonna use the

standard forms for you yeah

when I first started out I wanted to jaw

drop my own my contract template so so I

did that but now now I use the standard

forms the California Association of

Realtors wants because it's what

everyone uses it's what escrow likes to

see it's what the parties like to see

it's what lenders love to see me and so

would you which is keep as an attorney

my goal is to meet my clients goals yeah

what we saw that during the way you

would do real REO is they would come out

and basically have an addendum which

changed the entire contract which slowed

everything down because now our standard

contract I know every clause and at

least in Arizona every clause and what

they mean I mean they come with these

huge basically we writing the contract

now I have to spend hours studying and

say where the bombs buried in this

contract from some bank so that's I

totally understand the standardization

values yeah yeah and and that's and

that's one of the huge values that are

provided to a client is being able to

analyze their contract in you know just

a matter of minutes breaking it down but

exactly here are the key points you know

see if there's any red flags in the


anything that's out of the ordinary and

because an attorney goes to great

lengths to understand the clients goals

I can read things with the client in

mind so it's like I'm reading it through

there like I'm putting on their shoes

and reading the client from from their

perspective reading the contract in

perspective and and when doing that I'm

able to summarize it for them to give

them the clarity give them the

confidence they need so that they're

making the right decision on the on the

terms because you know big big contracts

a lot of money and and that's not the

kind of thing that you can take take

lightly and so the major contract terms

are yeah

purchase price close of escrow day

policy who are the parties you want to

know the allocation of closing costs

what are the loan terms you know that's

that's a key thing what are the

standards of proof that are required or

proof of funds now you provide a loan

pre-approval letter when are the new I'm

your standard contingency is usually in

Northern California where at 17 days for

inspection and appraisal 21 days for

loan approval and what I do for clients

is I break it all down for them so let's

talk about the 17 days because that's

something we don't have in the Arizona

contract I don't think a lot of people

do theoretically according to your

contract ie it looks like the earnest

money goes hard after 70 days and does

that actually happen or does somebody uh

does that always written out somehow no

yeah it's actually standard yeah to keep

that earnest money in for 17 days and

then at that point the buyer can either

release contingencies meaning they're

gonna go forward with the sale or they

can cancel meaning that they're gonna

get a refund of their full initial

deposit and then just get to walk away

so they so the the buyer then has to

fill out another form saying I want to

proceed and then the earth there the

buyers earnest money becomes

non-refundable is that accurate right

yeah but but yeah the nice thing about

these situations is that the the buyer

only releases contingencies when they

feel really comfortable doing so for

example the only releases fashion

contingencies after they've completed

all their inspections the only release

loan contingency after they've got full

confirmation from their lender that

their loans going to go forward it's

called a loan commitment letter and so

what I do for clients

walking through each each step and let

them know exactly what to expect and I

lay it all out on a nice contract

timeline and schedule and so and if I

don't just a wonderful feedback about

how help make the process very standard

and straightforward well one of my

problems with the Arizona contract is

that it doesn't have that 17-day

contingency the earnest money never

becomes non-refundable or as they say

goes hard and so I'm always worried this

has never happened to me but I'm always

worried that the the buyer when I

represent the seller the buyer is gonna

flake out the day before closing my

sellers already moved out and suddenly

he gets his a mortgage guy to say oh he

didn't qualify you can cancel the

contract get your earnest money back and

my sellers in it that's a huge huge huge

monetary hit they've already had out and

then the translators are closed it's

never happened but I'm always worried

about yeah yeah I had the same

experience actually it's never happened

to me you know I've done I can't even

count how many I've done there's so many

and the have never had a situation when

buyer lost their initial deposit because

it's you know they're all you always

plan these things so that it's you know

it's structured and then they're always

making the right decisions at the right

time and then if they want to cancel but

they do it within the right time you

don't you just don't make mistakes and

so yeah that's kind of that's gone to

another thing is coming how about home

warranties what's the tradition there

you seller buy them or how often do they

buy them what sustained it yeah in my

experience winning when you have two

real estate agents at the table then the

the buyers real estate agent will buy

the home warranty for the buyer it's

kind of like a perk of their real estate

brokerage but in but when you have when

the buyer doesn't have a a home warranty

then sometimes they'll ask the seller to

provide it and the seller in a for sale

by owner situation will normally request

it the buyer pays for it unless and/or

they'll just build it into the purchase

price and so you know if it's really

important to a buyer then they'll just

you know compensate for in the purchase

price and and then you know being raised

with the purchase price so it's really


matter of our choice what you know if

your refrigerator breaks would you

prefer to call an insurance company or

refrigerator in my opinion home

warranties aren't that great but you

know I think they act one of the great

things about them

you know for certain people is that they

add the addcom see they add that not

layer of protection kind of the custom

here in Arizona is that the seller will

buy a policy to benefit the buyer so

that's this the custom here's it's not

yeah I bet more than half the

transactions the buyer the seller buys a

policy for yeah and the reason for that

custom which it will just come about is

that the the we're not in a hot market

like you guys are - that's oh yeah

exactly yeah that's a good point

yeah oh my gosh you wouldn't leave what

I've seen in this market waving

contingencies huge initial deposits you

know short close of escrow much more

cash down it's it's kind of nuts

thinking it what are you watching 30

days escrow 30 days yeah here's common

okay about how anybody do fizzbuzz do

pre appraisals to get the price or is

that uncommon not since I don't have an

agent you know they're just yeah yeah

any and a force of owner transaction the

most common situation is that they the

owner will go on to you know Zillow red

fin and they'll look up the price of

their home they'll look at what their

neighbors are selling it for oh that's

you know you know and just look at look

at comparable sales in the neighborhood

know and then they'll also taking their

own budget you know their own calculus

as to what they think the property's

worth and then then they'll list for

that you know they they'll generally

list for a price where they are likely

to receive multiple offers

so yeah it's the Anitha I just

interviewed Craig black money he said

that's just tradition there that's not

the tradition here so he was saying the

tradition in Seattle was to price it at

the low range of market value to try to

get multiple offers yeah they're in a

hot market too so that that's a

similarity they have with you so that

you say that that's what they're doing

you price at the low wind of market

value to get multiple offers that's

right that's yeah yeah that's that's the

that's thinking with the exception

though is for very high value property

like you know to 2 million plus then you

you price it where you want it and wait

yeah as a what I represent buyers I hate

that because now you you're making an

offer it you're doing all this maybe

spend money on an inspection for a home

that there's five offers and yeah I

figure out the inspection they get

disappointed it's like come on what's

the real price guys oh yeah so that's

that's inefficient

but nevertheless you just see what you

know and that's part of the finesse that

you find with that agents have is that

they are they're able to get some of

that inside information by not really

inside information it's more like

they're able to gain access to the

sellers preferences by talking with the

the other agents and that's when there

is why agents like to work with agents

you know they get the I know they just

basically talk about their clients goals

you know and that then you know which is

in their clients best interest because

they're you know the goal is to get to

gather information on one sense and then

the sellers goal is you know to provide

the necessary information to get offers

so so it's you know it's positive but it

also it takes the matter out of the

clients hands and many clients don't

don't want that they want to be more in

control of the situation and yeah

control they don't to be taken advantage

of what's the the customer a

earnest-money percentage yeah in a

seller's market we've seen between three

and ten whoa yeah and but no usually

between one and three okay yeah and but

you know I do also a lot of transactions

for landlords and tenants where a

tenants purchasing from a landlord and

those situations it's just some nominal

now like between you know five thousand

or one per say something like that in

family transactions you just do it

the minimal amount necessary to open

escrow which is five hundred dollars

you should okay so that so how come on

are landlords selling to tenants there's

any part of physical ease yeah it's

surprisingly common I think you know

tenants they you know you all your it's

your home you you know you see the

property going up in value you're making

this rent payment every month you think

wow you know we could be putting this

red panda to work for us and wouldn't be

nice to home and then there's also

save the seller a ton he's not famous

definitely and you know and I do a lot

of those cuz that they they do the

calculus immediately

Wow we found each other this attorney

documenting the buyer knows the

condition of the placement well because

they live there's a short amount of time

so they their fear is that they're

buying a lemon is greatly reduced yeah

okay good so your John's but you know

another common thing between the two of

us so you are you are the sixth of nine

children yes yes and I am I'm the fourth

of six children

oh I'm sorry small family your parents

were I think we have another connection

is agriculture I have a master's degree

in agriculture and apparently you're a

big fan of yeah attic farming or yes

it's very very dear to me the idea of

growing growing your own food and

growing organically to be in harmony

with nature polyculture not just growing

one thing but I love that stuff yeah oh

it's fascinating so you but so what do

you get to your water you have a yeah we

well you don't know well okay what

elevation are you got that same is

Tuscany actually 1000 B oh okay yes so

the things that grow well in that area

of Italy also grow well here grapes


yeah that's great oh you love it we love

it I've sheep it's it's very very

pastoral and it's a nice nice

environment to raise a family and just

really enjoy the land and being a

harmony that's it sound like a great

situation you built yourself thank you

good do you have kids

I do yes I have a daughter how old is

she she is eight years old

we're way off topic yeah yeah yeah I I

love it's being a family man is what

really comes naturally to me I feel like

it's one of the reasons that I was put

here on earth to be a dad it's the joy

of life you know there's

there's a balance to our work and I find

that being a dad is wonderful

perspective yeah that sounds right I'm

sure you'd be a great then because you

like helping people so uh well right now

I have one of my son of two sons they're

like 25 and 27 and ones visiting I

haven't seen him since Christmas so it's

really nice having him around and he's

going to Boston University working on a

PhD in bio informatics so he's oh okay

Wow I wonder where he got that from I

don't know you should see my wife as

well so I listen so Greg this has been a

blast talking to you so tell me if

somebody is thinking about selling in

California Fizbo I guess any real estate

question they can give you a call or

visit your website what's the best

what's the best thing for them to do to

contact you yes they can go right to my

website probably the best way finding so

it's Greg Glaser com

okay great Greg lasercom and all the

contact information is there well cool

well this has been I really appreciate

it's a been a blast talking to you see

me up to speed on the system in

California and that a lot of people when

they buy their use of the way it was

done in Chicago and it takes them a

while to realize well you know we do

things a little bit differently here

thinking if they come from Canada there

the system is quite a bit different yeah


good well thanks again I really

appreciate it man yeah you bet John

we'll do it again okay okay