Real Estate For Beginners

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Hey friends, Kris Krohn here. And today

we're talking about real estate for

beginners. Real estate has a language to

it. And if you understand some of the

most important basic words and

principles, it can help you understand

how to make a lot of money.

So, you want to make a lot of money in

real estate and you got to learn some of

the basic language. So, what I'm going to do

today is I'm going to take this daunting

vocabulary. And I'm going to help you

understand some of the basics of it that

will help you really get into the

whole game of real estate. So, what I've

got is I've got some different words on

the screen and what I'm going to do here is

I'm going to map out what they are and what

they mean. And I think that'll be really

helpful for you. So, first of all let's

start with the most basic word up here.