Real Estate Expert Reveals Her Tips On How To Sell Homes Faster

welcome back to the American dream our

next top producing realtor out of

Nashville Tennessee is Miss Jacey cook

with I like Realtors JC welcome back to

the American dream thanks Sarah it's

nice to see you it's nice to see you too

so I wanted to ask you I know that

photos are really key to getting people

to see your home that's the first thing

that they're gonna have an impression

for so what's the best advice that you

can give someone in preparing their home

for photographs to be shot well that's a

great question so the first thing is

trying to minimalize everything that can

make the home look very personal to them

take down all family pictures and

impersonal touches and anything that

could be polarizing to a customer you

know religious artifacts I know it's

tough for some people to to put their

head in that manner and put those things

away for the time that they're selling

but it does make a big difference

okay so just little things like that now

you are also telling me before we

started the interview how important it

is the the photographer you use and of

course the direction of the realtor can

make a really big difference in the

image results for marketing so can you

tell us a little bit more about that

absolutely so I have a photography

company that I use and one particular

photographer has done a lot of work with

me you get to know each other and kind

of the things that you're looking for

but every property has specific selling

features that hopefully your realtor

will point out to the photographer even

that they may not see a really awesome

stairwell a vaulted foyer something

outdoor or something to a kitchen but

the realtor knows what the selling

points are versus the competition and

working with that photographer to make

sure they capture images of that to make

the house sell and show online the best

all right so it sounds like there is a

lot of collaboration it's not just you

hire a photographer and they take the

photos but the realtor directions

actually really important with that too

absolutely so I know that you also have

a cool new digital feature that you've

been using a lot and it helps with

photos to really sell your listings can


fill us in on this program yes so

recently I've been using this online

company called box brownie and you know

it's proven that a house that has

furniture or a stage sells faster than a

house that's empty it just helps people

that that don't have the vision for the

way the furniture could go in the house

see that so if you I've had a couple of

listings where the house is empty and

the clients have moved and this program

I can work with their designers to place

all different types of furniture with

different themes whether it's farmhouse

or traditional or modern you can lighten

pictures you can take out add sunsets to

the background there's all different

things you can do but really virtually

staging you can see in some of the

pictures what the before-and-afters look

like from empty to filled with virtually

staged furniture and what they see

online is really what's gonna bring a

client to see that house so it's been

huge amazing all right I really like

that a that feature and it probably

helps people really envision what the

home could look like too especially like

you said if they have maybe just a

little trouble kind of seeing that for

themselves yes or a tough space and how

they merchandise it perfect well I know

that you also have a listing for us to

describe so can you talk about that yes

I have an awesome big brick home and

beautiful gated Belle Vista and Franklin

it's in Williamson County which is you

know one of the most sought after

counties in the nation it's six bedrooms

four and a half baths with a full

finished and unfinished basement

beautiful lot backs up to the woods

perfect house for a big family that

wants lots of space a theater room

another big bonus upstairs and room for

a pool if they want to put it in but

it's 150 azalea lane and it's listed at

698 five all right sounds absolutely

beautiful and amazing Thank You JP cook

for coming on to the American dream we

love having here thanks Sarah I'll see

you again next month sounds good and

you're watching the American dream don't

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