The Best Real Estate Marketing Strategy - 5 Rules for Exponential Growth

Marketing is no longer this mystical

thing everything is trackable everything

is measurable Travis everything we do

every action that we take only in our

marketing has one purpose and what is

that purpose marketing is math and

appointments is a game there are five

basic rules if you want to have

exponential growth on appointments so

let's be clear look up here guys when I

say to you marketing that is making

phone calls doing open houses sending

out a social post doing something on

Facebook writing an email having a

billboard having TV in radio it's the

whole gamut everybody with me on this

marketing isn't just a postcard or an

advertisement it's everything you do

everything that you're pushing out to

the world to let them know your

experience and that you want to help

them that's marketing yes

so here's the five things number one he

said have only one outcome for

everything you do have only one outcome

for everything you do I said what do you

mean he said Tom I live in Santa Monica

California Jack Burton who's in this

room he said I know jack right I know

all the top agents they all market to my

house and he says he says every one of

them sends me a postcard that looks like

this look at all my reviews I can help

you buy I can help you sell here's some

information about the schools and

there's nine more things and here's my

phone number forty three times and a

photo that doesn't look like me

is that is that a really strong simple

message or could it be slightly

confusing what do you guys think what do

you I think

here's the note he said and summer this

is kind of my email back to you is sell

one sell hard sell one sell hard and I'm

going to go deeper with you on this but

Hank well I say saw one sell hard if I'm

sending out an email what is the outcome

of the email what action do I want them

to take do I want them to like my

Facebook page so I can work with them

there do I want them to register to be a

part of my real estate VIP newsletter do

I want them to book a listing of

I meant do I want them to call me do I

want what do I want them to do and the

great mistake and listen watch this

guy's everyone raise your hands everyone

raise your hands raise both hands

because it's that bad

every one of you confuses the out

of your customers can I explain can I

explain can I explain ready call me call

me call me or you can disagree online or

you can connect with me on social which

one you want me to do which one when we

have too many options what do we do so

when you have too many options you do

nothing but when you send your marketing

message out you confuse them with all

these options and you wonder why no one

calls let me give you a little insight

one of my very very very close friends

the man in Ken Carrie and you would not

know him directly but I promise you if

you've watched television in the last 29

years and you ever heard this but wait

there's more he produced about 25 to 30

infomercials a year if you ever bought

the banjo fishing rod he did that if you

did the alien wedge he did that if you

got 1-800 Hooked on Phonics

abcdefg that was the very first

infomercial he ever wrote produced and

directed I'm talking with Ken because

you know we're friends and were pals I

just saw like his wife you know a couple

days ago dinners like hanging out like

Bill Mitchell my mentors is her father

so we're hanging out and and I'm looking

at these people and thinking they spend

millions and millions and millions of

dollars every single day trying to

convince people to take action that's

what they do

television 30-second spot six seven spot

22 minute spot full-blown one-hour

infomercials the whole nine yards you

know what Jill I'm talking to Ken one

day and he says let me give you a little

insight that 800 number no one ever

calls I was like well why do you put it

there he goes I don't know we put it

there I said what do they all do he goes

they all go to what they all go to the

website every single one of them I said

so what do you guys doing he goes are

you baiting tent-like spender he would

say we'd run

30-second spot or a 30 minute spot and

it would say and if you call in the next

five minutes we're going to give you and

he said we used to get 10,000 phone

calls now we get a hundred phone calls

and we get 500,000 people that go to the

website sound like your world my friends

you would like those numbers but that's

the game do you track as an example

every time something goes out do you

watch on Google Analytics what happens

to your website yes or no yes or no oh

so let me get this straight who has ever

sent a mailer out ever in their life do

you know the day it hits have you ever

had this experience guys that oh these

mailers and no one ever called who's

ever had that experience besides me but

but if you're watching the day that it

hits like on my laptop I open it up and

there's an entire just thing just all

things Google and I sit there and go oh

it's Tuesday the Tom fairy shows about

to go and I watch my daily average of

people on my website go live as you say

thirty to like 350 like that is that

good yes or no should you be watching

the same thing but see the game my

friends the game is you're trying to

sell too much do one thing make one

request and allow them to do that my

friend Ken Kerry said Stephens very

simple they all go to the website now so

your website better convert on your

website now becomes the sales vehicle

the 24 hour a day seven day week sales

machine that does everything you want it

to do and more so that's number one

number two ready number two he said to

me very simple you have to track

everything everything so summer when you

send those beautiful emails here's what

I want to know let's let's do email just

for a second you ready so write down who

sends out emails I don't mean like hey

Larry I mean you got 393 emails and you

send them an open house invitation you

send them here's your newsletter here's

this stuff do you track open rates yes

or no yes or no guys there's 5,000

people in this room and god only knows

hundred people are on the live cast and

I didn't get a lot of yes like I knew

right we track every emails performance

can I tell you why because marketing is

math and emails free you with me on this

and the difference between the average

which is about eighteen point six

percent open rate on 100 emails that

means eighteen point six people got my

message what if that 18.6 goes to thirty

is the Delta between eighteen point six

and thirty is that an important thing

what do you guys think that's that many

more people that are now reading and

getting this message and able to see my

open house see my new listing see my

marketing see what we're doing but a lot

of us were just sending out emails do

you track this ready guys from email to

click to site are you tracking that from

email to click to the site right so they

open up the email I got eighteen point

six or thirty percent or 40 percent or

whatever your number is but then how

many then open it up and take the action

now I know for a lot of you inside the

room your brains like oh I don't like

all these numbers look up here

do you like numbers in your savings

account there is a direct correlation to

numbers in my savings account and

numbers in my marketing the more I know

these numbers of my marketing the more I

can turn it up and turn it sideways and

then the savings account goes up because

everything in marketing is math makes

sense so let me give you some things you

might want to write down your reading

for example bitly vit ILY if you spell

it wrong google will say did you mean

and it's that one bit ly Google

Analytics Google Analytics benefit I'm

going to make it really simple for you

who's watched one Tom fairy show ever in

your life to say I did you watch episode

53 on fifty-three Christoph my marketing

director Marni who is this powerful rock

star somewhere inside this room you

can't miss her beautiful red hair

orchestrating this magnificent team she

looks down at this and she says Tom

you're shooting episode 53 you're

telling people everything that we do I'm

a little nervous that our like our

customers yes I get it but like all of

our competitions going to know how

we drive all this traffic how we can

burn them like I don't give a I

don't give a I want my customers to

know so write in your notes study

episode 53 and if you actually go 53 54

55 56 I actually forced the hand of my

own team to share 10 best strategies of

email marketing five things that should

be on every one of your landing pages

and we just shared everything that we do

now look up here my friends I'm not

saying that we are the best marketeers

we certainly have room to grow in that

area but watch this I'll generate fifty

four thousand seven hundred new leads

this year how about you my cost per

leads about twenty dollars per lead

every five leads i generate I get like

two appointments every two appointments

I get one person to show up every five

that show up I get one new client it's

just math you with me with the same rule

apply to you yes or yes yes or yes

number three write this down you ready

he said to me you need to move from

startup to growth immediately you need

to move from start to growth in me I

said well what does that mean and he

said Tom here's the mistake and I went

please write down the mistake the

mistake is one person trying to do it

all one person trying to do it all and I

was like oh that's painful because I was

at the time thinking marketing was a

cost that marketing was an expense that

salaries of marketing people and even

outsourced partners and that all that

was expense not every dollar that we

invest into marketing we generate more

revenue and clients and when I got that

connection so here's what he said to me

please write this in your notes ready he

said startup is one person doing

everything versus growth growth is a

dedicated leader empowered to go build

the business growth is a dedicated

leader empowered to go grow the business

so I'm going to give you four or five

job descriptions or four or five titles

and I want you to list them all out and

then you can just kind of tell me who's

responsible you ready so who does your

marketing and automation on email let's


to write them all out marketing an

automation on email just write down

marketing an automation on email because

I called my guy John Wesley in charge of

email he'd punch me he's like no bro I'm

marketing an automation I make the whole

thing work right and he does here's the

second one you ready who's in charge of

social to appointments social media to

appointments who's in charge of that

who's doing variation testing on 50 60

70 Facebook Ads at all times to figure

out that a beautiful gal with an orange

blouse sitting on a white leather sofa

drinking orange juice looking at a white

iPhone produces really well but when you

get rid of all that just put a map up

you drive your cost per lead from 12

down to 2 bucks

who's doing those tests for you who's

doing those tests look at the third one

who's responsible for direct mail who on

your team is responsible for testing

headlines watching what's working being

relevant to the marketplace driving

traffic back to your website

number four you ready who's responsible

for following up and nurturing every

lead because that's a part of marketing

right guys who's in charge of like every

leave it comes in instantly being on the

phone with them who's in charge and then

number five this is the one you all love

who's in charge of making things look

pretty you know the right photo the

right brochure the new business card

changing your font to Helvetica like all

that stuff write this word down out

source outsourced to experts outsourced

to people that they make their

livelihood on producing results they

make their livelihood on social toe

appointments they make their livelihood

on call to convert they make their

livelihood on Direct Mail stop trying to

be the expert of everything look up here

be the expert going on appointments be

the expert at negotiation you do those

two things everything else can be

outsourced yes number four you ready

number four number four easy one write

this down you ready he said Tom if you

going to do this the game now number

four write down is an abt culture is an

abt culture I said what do you mean he

said you're a sales guy so give me the

ABC and I go oh oh sales guy huh always

be closing he goes yeah

you're stupid don't know now abt is

always be testing always be testing I

said what do you mean he said do you

guys send out emails I said yeah we have

like a huge double opt-in email list

that's been growing for you know twelve

plus years and he said what's your open

rate I said God be like I think we do

really well we're like in the 30% range

like it's like it's a really big part of

our business it's like better than

everything else we do and he goes so

when you send an email out how many

variations of the same email do you send

what you think the answer was back then

I'm like well we send one he goes oh he

goes what he goes company I'm like I've

like 200,000 people in my email list all

over the world and then he goes by the

way do you know the best day to send

your email is Tuesday I was like Tuesday

he goes when you send your emails I got

one days forever and I go now we're

doing it on Tuesday when you send your

emails I said why Tuesday he said

because it's the day that most more

people open up their email on Tuesdays

than any other day and since the only

game is get more appointments I need

them to open it up does that make sense

tell your buddy what day you send your

emails now we send them other days as

well but the Big Dawg email is every

Tuesday does that make sense he said but

why don't you just test it why don't you

test Thursday versus Tuesday Monday

versus Tuesday Friday versus Tuesday and

Michael see what happens and guess what

more people open their email on Tuesday

than any other day does that make sense

he said and when you send that email one

like the first hundred be this headline

and the next hundred be this headline

subject line and the next one these this

hundred I'm like dude this is

complicated he said Tom you're sending

this stuff out don't you want people to

read it this is important stuff yes or

yes guys

this is where you like no one's talking

about this in our world always be

testing always be testing but the key is

it's a culture of testing that we are a

culture of we tested this versus this

this versus this and we're always

testing to see what is going to produce

the best result does that make sense

okay number five in the last one write

this down

he said the sales team has to match the

marketing the sales team has to match

the marketing because if you're spending

your time and your energy to generate

all these leads and you're handing mode

to people that say these leads are weak

or as Kyle whistle said to us yesterday

and Tom X that 55% of all leads never

even get responded to we have a problem

do we not all right so debrief very

quickly with your buddy that guy look up

here guys that guy helped us take our

business from here to here and it used

to just be aah and now it's aah

with a lab coat and math and numbers you

with me on this and the lab coat math

and numbers allows me to do only when I

want hey it's coach tom ferry are you

looking to take your business in your

life to the next level are you sick and

tired of being sick and tired

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