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Have you ever considered investing in real estate?

Well, of course you have!

For many, buying their first home is the biggest financial decision in their life.

But for this video we are going to look at something different:

We are going to examine how you can invest in real estate, not to live there yourself,

but to generate a strong cash flow that will speed up your way towards financial freedom.

This is a top 5 takeaway summary of The Book on Rental Property Investing. Written by Brandon Turner.

I know Graham Stephan will be sleepless in his bed tonight because of it,

but yes, this is really happening. The Swedish Investor enters the field of real estate investing.

Takeaway number 1: Why you should become a rental property investor

There's much great to say about investing in rental properties. Here are some of the pros:

- Purchasing with leverage

The Swedish investor. Do you need to have

$200,000 in cash to buy that property for $200,000?

No, fortunately not.

When investing in real estate, it's fairly simple to borrow someone else's money so that you can get started earlier and

so that you can increase the returns on your capital.

- Hustle for greater returns

The more time you put into this, the greater your returns will be.

You can leverage your time and abilities to increase your success. For instance - by rehabbing a property yourself,

by networking to find better deals on mortgages, or by simply spending more time to find the greatest properties.