Buying an RDP HOUSE: Is it safe, legal and morally correct?

buying an RTP house is it safe is it

legal is it morally correct if so how do

I go about buying an RTP house hello

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video we are going to touch base on some

of the legalities around buying an RTP

house also I'm going to share my

thoughts and my opinions on this topic


so before we get started here is what I

want you to take note of a Title II did

is the only proof of ownership of a

property now if you own a property you

must have a title deed for it and it

must be registered in that its office

and it must be noted in the municipality

that you are the owner of the property

now unfortunately most active peeping

officials don't have or possess a title

did in fact research shows that by 2016

almost a million RDP beneficiaries did

not have title deeds there was a backlog

of title deeds being issued most people

have been having what is called a letter

of authority what does it do

it actually gives powers to an

individual to take decisions on a

property so if the peasant decides they

want to sell the house they wanna extend

the house they want to do anything they

want to do with the property they have

the legal right to do so so what is the

legal and correct way of doing it let's

say you have now established that the

seller actually does have a title deed

for the property now you need to go

through the same roots that everybody

goes through in terms of transferring

the property into your name now that

you've done all the due diligence and

you are happy with the information you

have found about the RTP house and you

are happy to proceed with the purchase

you now need to ensure that you do

everything by the book so if you are

using a real estate agent ensure that

they are the ones that do the

communication with the bond originators

upon originators who will then assist in

linking you up with conveyancing lawyers

and also the transfer attorneys who will

then be responsible for transferring the

property from the seller into your name

edit its office and everything is done

correctly you are not taking any risks

where you are going to pay a cash

payment through the seller and then you

will do the transfers later on and all

of that you must ensure that you have

all the legal documents to

see with the purchase of the of the RTP

house and it must be registered in your


it might take 8 weeks it might take 3

months depending on the type of estates

that it is but it is possible and it is

legal to purchase an RTP house so let us

now touch on the morality of it and that

is my opinion now an octuple house is

given to someone in need it's the

government giving an RTP house to those

who need it the most

now if you no longer need the property

you are now fine to go and move on to

something else something bigger and

better then you decide that you are

selling the property morally I find it

to be a bit skewed because you are no

longer a person in need you are now

treating this great gesture from

government as a business opportunity for

you to go and expand your pocket someone

else could actually use this property

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