RCI Timeshare and timeshare sales presentation

in this lesson we're going to talk about

the negotiation

i'm going to try to make it as realistic

as possible the way it's been done to me

30 times during so many presentations

this never really varies the format

virtually always stay the same

i'm gonna try to keep it as realistic as

possible we're gonna go through

every single permutations from the offer

all the way

to the end i'm gonna give you all kinds

of scenarios for negotiations that have

worked for me

and some that i have not accepted we're

going to talk about all this and you're

going to get a good idea

of a simulation how that would work if

you do it for real

so let's start with 55 000

that's gonna be our offer price

plus one thousand seven hundred

this is the fees now this amount

normally is never negotiable in any way

and like i said generally they negotiate

by packages so the next package after

that might be

thirty thousand and if you go down to

thirty thousand

maybe the fees might go down to thirteen

hundred or they might stay at seventeen

hundred it depends

on the resort it depends on the company

and how they handle the thing

so they might tell you here 25 weeks

now we have already established that

it's 2 000 per week as an average but

the thing is

it depends okay we're talking about uh

you know depends on the resort okay

but my idea is just to give an idea here

why is it fifty thousand dollars then

because they always keep a certain

amount for themselves if if it had been


your first time for example at twenty

thousand dollars maybe the only gonna

give you three four weeks the rest

is sort of their entry fee like you're


becoming a member which has a value you

want to become a member

it's not always an exchange week for


at one you know like at the amount that

the week's worth

they will take a portion eventually that

portion will diminish as you upgrade

eventually it's going to vanish


depending on how much investment you

have so 25 weeks

now they might say these are they're

going to call it

free weeks okay

now that may not be true meaning

it's not really or more of the point it

is not really true

it's prepaid week okay we never call it

they never call it pre-paid week i never

call it pre-paid week i always refer to

free week it's easy

but the truth is there are weeks that

you have prepaid the reason why they

call it freeze because

once you have paid you don't have to

come back and when you want to use these


you can use them without actually

having to pay anything and then they

might offer you let's say

50 weeks that are member weeks okay

so these are for the members now what

are these weeks

well the member weeks okay you will have

to pay the member price to get there so

maybe it's two thousand

dollars a week so that's what you pay

and maybe it'd be three thousand dollars

in march april or whatever

now these weeks here

they will be probably january for


april uh april to

well sorry french here april to i don't


june and then we'll start again in

august to maybe november okay

so these are what normally they would

call silver weeks or they'll car low

season weeks

this is what they're offering you here

now you could

change this okay like having them at

christmas time or any other times okay

that's not an issue

you decide that next what they're gonna


so these weeks are different right so

these weeks you get them

you pay for them when you want to use

them and once you have 50 weeks done you

can no longer use your membership so

once these are burned

when you use both of them technically

your membership is now useless

because you've burned through all your


what you can do at this point okay and

say okay

either the off let's say the offer is

fine for you for now the 55 thousand

dollars is okay that's not a big deal

so what are you gonna do they might say

like this

thirty percent today

okay so that would be 30

uh down payment okay

so that's your 30 down payment and 70

over i don't know that could be anything


uh so let's make it let's say four years

so for

40 48 months time um i don't know like

uh that would come up to what like uh

13 1200 a month or something uh no less

than that it's 50 000 sorry

uh like 800. okay so about okay it's

just an example anyway

sorry for the math but so that's it so

that's one approach

now what they can do at this point

sometimes if they need money and i've

seen this so many times

is going at it like this

now we're going to come back to this

sheet we're not going to discard it

we'll leave it there

so what they can do okay

at this point is go like this

so 55 000 plus

1300 okay i'm sorry 1700.

20 so 25 weeks we said

at 30 70

they can go with 30 weeks if you give 50


so you give 30 000 today

and the rest may be in

three months

or maybe six months okay

and they will give you 30 weeks

now they can even go with let's say 40


okay i've seen that crazy actually i

didn't i still i saw worse than that

so better than more better than that you

will now that's that price is almost at


a week we're not at 2000 anymore but

it's 100

today okay within the next

hour okay now this is where i was

talking to you about if you don't have a

credit card that can cover this

like 50 60 000 limit that could be a

problem you might not be able to do that

kind of deal

if you don't have a credit card that has

that kind of limit or if you don't have

an easy

easy way to do it calling your bank have

a transfer

there's a lot of bank that can do a lot

of transfers okay

if you have that kind of money that's

not an issue so that's something that

you can definitely do

these are the kind of negotiation that

you often see

now what you can do at this point let's

assume that you cannot do that let's

assume we go with a 30

and then after that you can pay zero

interest over time

now here you can come back and say okay

give me 28 weeks

okay this is one way to do it or

they may come down okay that's less

that's definitely a possibility like i

mentioned to you they may come down to


000 okay but for 15 weeks for example

or more like 13 weeks okay or 10 weeks

or whatever

and then maybe you can manage to bring

it up to

15 weeks okay this is not a problem

these are the kind of negotiation you

might see

okay uh then they might get down to ten

thousand dollars if they really want to

have uh

something with four weeks okay or three

weeks or two weeks okay that's

that's all the kind of possibilities

that they would have

what my recommendation is is trying to

increase it

by about 20 to 30 percent if it's

refused that's okay

another thing that i want you to try to

do here as you as i mentioned to you

i mentioned about things that cost them


that they can actually increase their uh

revenue with very easily

uh in the future here you can go and

slash it

and ask for 75 that's not a problem

okay so that's the okay because this

cost them nothing in reality as you're

gonna be

paying for the week yourself now another

thing that i have seen

okay that you can do okay and i'm just

gonna brush up very quickly over

a certain permutation okay um

like i said i've mentioned that i'm

gonna mention it just in case you didn't


you didn't get that at the beginning but

or i already have another lesson that

mentions it a bit so

you have 55 for let's say 25 weeks

uh in let's call it silver time okay

like uh

low season but if you want to travel

during february

or march that's another thing you can do

okay you can easily say

let's assume this is two thousand

dollars and this is three thousand


so what you could do if you wanted to is

you could negotiate it like this

you could always say give me 15 silver


and give me i don't know uh eight

gold week okay the the high season one

that's that's an option to you you can

change these numbers okay

overall so long as it come close to the

same amount of money

that's definitely not a problem you can

do that that's fine

okay during the negotiation that's

that's that's okay

a thing that i have seen recently okay

and actually i

jump on it like like there's no tomorrow


it was very important for me uh in the

in the in the long run

okay because i don't mind investing in

that and i use the week because i


like i sell them to people and i will

mention that my last lesson if you want

to buy weeks for me if you're not buy

weeks but

if you want to go using my membership

and get my benefit without actually

investing in a timeshare

you can do that okay i'm offering these

the one that i cannot use every year

so what i what the ad offered me was

25 uh 25 weeks

okay and they are and they offered me

50 241.

now the 241 here is is is good but i do

have to pay that amount so

if so is 50 weeks that basically i pay

zero to go

but here two for one i pay two thousand


and i get an extra free one so

technically they're worth one thousand

dollar each

right but i still have to pay so that's

55 000. if i wanted to use this entire


that would have been like this right

plus 50 000

over time as i used a week to get

my uh 100 weeks right here

okay so i end up with 125 weeks

for a hundred and sixty

so a hundred thousand and six seven zero


right i don't know if you follow here so

so that's the thing but i do have to pay

that fifty thousand dollars uh sorry

that's that's actually wrong numbers

uh that's a hundred thousand dollars i'm

so sorry

um so that two four one so i have to pay

a hundred thousand dollars

in order to be able to get uh extra 100

weeks so now we are at

155 yeah that makes more sense okay

in order for me to get those weeks

my negotiation here was i told them to

give me only 10 here

okay and increase this to 75.

because the value to me okay as i find

one person

every every person i'm gonna find

because now i'm not actually this amount

now i'm not actually paying it out of


okay i have a huge viewmanship on uh on

different places like uh

on google and uh on on youtube

and on facebook and i have a lot of

friends so

it's sort of easy for me to tell people

okay look you're going to buy

a week from me i'm going to sell it to

you and i'm going to get a free week

so that way that allows me to travel

okay and invest more

in the in the business now these kinds

of package are rare

okay granted i only saw it twice in 12


but when you see that kind of thing then

you can jump on them

okay sometimes they will have

restrictions sometimes they'll have

different kinds of referral program

sometimes they may have three for two

they may have it

valid only one time per year but this is

kind of good because it's not too hard

to find one or two couple that

are going to go travel and you get your

your free weeks

uh the resort actually used this as a

the referral program

uh sometimes they change uh nowadays

it's uh they only give you uh

350 per referral back in the days was a

free week it's huge difference

okay you do have to pay more for that

but this is another permutation

something else that's possible

this is also where in the negotiation

that i'm telling you you can add

um a lot of um

you can you could literally add as many

um side you know side dishes that you

want for example

if you feel like you want to add let's

say uh

some for some more masa some more

massage or reserve credit or something

like that this is the kind of petty

negotiation so maybe if you say

give me 28 weeks the guy says no i'll

only give you 27

but you can say okay give me 27 weeks


i don't know unlimited golf uh

okay for example or give me i don't know

like uh 30 massage okay if it's

something they can do they will

uh or something like that whatever res

or credit or

what kind of means that they have to

give you extra

another thing that i have seen that i

definitely recommend you can do if

it's a flexible if it's a deed or if

it's a fix

you cannot do this if it is not

here's another thing you can do and i

recommend that you do it

nights okay

we always talk about time shares in

terms of weeks

right but you can separate this by

nights as well

and that's a thing you can do you could

go with let's say

you end up with a negotiation as 28


for your amount of money you could say

give me 20 weeks


and 56 nights

what's the difference the difference is

that you will be able to go for

seven nights and if you want to add two

more so

your regular week and you can add two

more nights if you want to

so seven weeks so one week seven so

seven days or seven nights here and two

more nights it makes nine nights

so you can go a little longer if you

don't have those separate nights in your

contract in a lot of resort

they will not allow you to break it down

you'll have to buy them directly with

the resort and you may not have your


so this is another things you can do

separate them by night

this is something that i have so seen in


and i have participate i have a lot of

separate nights because a lot of people

actually sometimes they like to go for

nine days or even three days then when

you do you

split a week you can't do that you don't

want to lose your week

the other thing that you want that you

could see in

in contracts okay is uh when

your weeks are going to expire and this

is always a thing that you want to go

up with okay so you're 27 weeks okay 25

weeks they might say that you have

i don't know 10 years to use them okay

well the thing is you can negotiate that


in many ways in many forms you could say

give me 15 years

give me 25 years the lifetime of the


that doesn't matter you can negotiate

that in reality for them

it's just a mean for you to lose your

weeks they might say that

your weeks okay and this is uh something

you might say 25 weeks but it's going to

cost you 500

they're three weeks but every time

you're going to use them they cost you


you have to be careful with that certain

weeks are designed like this

um or for example i have two weeks

okay i have that a lot in my contract

that i can so basically i can use these

two weeks to

go to the resort for two weeks and so

two weeks in a row

or so either is you know one plus one

okay so two weeks or i can literally use

uh let's say uh so this is two weeks so

that would so that would equal to

uh let's say first to fourteenth of a


but if i want to travel to one to the

first to the to the seventh of the month

or that be the eighth because there's

eight nights

then i can have two rooms right so far


so far this is very easy to understand

now where it's becoming a bit more

complicated is that

two weeks equal one

presidential suite presidential suite is

a suite with two rooms okay

so that becomes now a little different

the idea here is that basically i

i use these two weeks and it becomes a

presidential suite that's fine because

residential street is two room with a

bigger living room

but i have to pay out of pocket 950

extra okay out of pocket to be able to

use that so that becomes two weeks plus

950 dollars

i have negotiated sometimes with

zero dollars so that's also a


that's fine i agree that you want to

give me instead of giving me 25 weeks

you want to give me let's say i don't

know like

uh 14 time two weeks in presidential


so that's fine but i want zero dollars

not with the 950

that's a negotiation i'm not getting any

more nights

okay if i negotiated 28 okay see if they

had agreed on 28

i'm not getting any more nights but i'm

not paying the 900. or they may say like

50 50. so

7 seven like this and seven like that

so that's it so this one has nine

hundred dollars to pay

this one has uh zero okay that i've seen

that kind of thing

um i've seen also something different as

well um

agree on 28 we wanted 30. they don't

want to give us 30. they don't want to

show in the contract 30.

so we're there for two weeks okay so

we're staying at the resort for two


so they turn on say how did you pay for

those two weeks i use them from my three

weeks and my membership it's an upgrade

okay we're gonna re-bank them in your

membership or i've paid for them

we're gonna refund you so that way it

doesn't show that the negotiation

that they actually gave me more than 28

weeks but

they get that back i've mentioned that

to you the same way

when i said we're at the resort right

now give me three

extra night okay so give me three extra


here the guy calls the front desk okay

so you call the front desk and you

discuss it directly with the front desk

this does not appear in the contract at


okay it does not show in their contract

that i have received three more night so

nobody else no management

nobody in the you know in the resort in

the future

can come to them and say why did you

give this guy 30 nights while you

normally give 15 to others he did not

okay it's nowhere in the contract it

doesn't show

so this is a way to do that as well so

if you stayed at the resort for two


you can or one week or whatever you can

always ask the person okay but right now

i'm staying at the resort i want you to

refund me for that week

that they can do and that is basically

the equivalent of negotiating one more


without actually having it appear in

your contract

that's another way to do that there's a

lot of permutation

okay the the sky is the limit we're

talking about flexible weeks here

um that's fine if it points its point


so there's a lot of things but overall

these are

all the things and and then some i guess

that i have seen during my presentation

but again those numbers will change

depending if they need money or not

depending on how much they need it

when they need it if they're really

struggling another thing that i have

seen as well

is let's say i pay fifty five thousand


uh for something and normally um

i will pay it in one shot okay in


but if they do need the money okay they


uh if they don't pay and if you don't

pay in advance and you still have some


they may call you and say that a lot of

people mention that in the group

it's true i received the email too it's

just because i pay in advance so

to me that's a waste but i get more

benefit at the beginning anyway but

let's say i didn't pay everything in

advance they come to you and say look if

you can clear your uh your balance today

will give you 20

off of what you've paid so your residual

so let's say you still have like

i don't know 15 000 to pay well we'll

give you 20

out of that 15 or i've seen three weeks


because at this point they need money

and they're willing to lose 20

in order to collect cash quick this is

something i have seen as well you should

benefit from this whenever

that happened because it's an extra perk

that you didn't expect

and that they give you but i'm not

saying don't

if you can't pay immediately to have

more benefit do it

as opposed to paying monthly and hoping

that they're going to do it because it

only happened twice

for me in 13 years so i don't see

you know i have received two emails like

that in 13 years so that's nothing

so that's the kind of thing that you can

do the rest is basically benefit and

everything but that's already in the

package and that will be

mentioned okay at the during the

negotiation not the negotiation because

you cannot really negotiate your member

your your benefit but that's the thing

now before i let you go i'm going to

talk about one

last thing that i've

noticed also a lot in uh in presentation

and i want you to understand how it

works okay what we call

basically the your residual or your


um past you know like passover if you

will when you talk about

upgrades so let's say hard rock for


they have a premier level which is what

you begin with you get vip

and then you get all of them now hall of

fame has multiple levels but

okay and platinum's the last level the

minimum you need is 250 000 dollars here

100 000 there now this number may have

changed uh they may have increased they

may have decreased because of

coronavirus i don't know

but it's a it's a it's a decent uh

approximation anyway

so the thing is is that let's assume


okay uh for the hall of fame you get

let's say

the butler okay which

and you get i don't know the freak about

the cabana by the beach

and you get uh i don't know uh ocean

view okay

so guaranteed ocean view

there's tons more benefit than this okay

private transportation

demo transport whatever but let's just

stick with that

let's say vip you get i don't know a

free upgrade

to concierge level considers level room

for example

okay and you get i don't know uh

let's put van you know transportation

using a van

here you get well you get zip okay

you're a member but you don't get

anything really

you have access to certain private areas

or certain pools for

for for premiere but they're very rare

you're not really getting much

the thing is is if the presentation

offers you something

at 95 000 to begin with okay let's

assume i'm just using a huge number here

because i want to

i want to make it close to what what i

need to teach you here

well you're going to be a premiere

you're not going to have

any benefit of vip here you're going to

just be premier

so in here they may give you 50 weeks

okay that's not the point

but i'm saying is you will not get the

vip benefit if you want to invest

250 000 you're not going to get all the

fame it's the same thing

that for anything else so if you're a

vip already

with a hundred thousand dollars of

investment and they offer you another

ninety thousand dollars

you still will get the same benefit

you're not increasing these benefit here

and you won't be able to negotiate

in any way to get a higher level until

you get

that amount of money in the pot okay

it's the exact same thing with airlines


uh platinum with united for example

uh so if platinum for united is um

75 000 miles well if you have 74 000

you know 0.9 000 miles you're still

missing you're not going to have any

benefit of pla

of platinum okay the fact that you're

missing a few miles

you're not going to be able to do

anything you'll have to fly more

back in the days when it was continental

airline you could have bought them

but today with united anyway

no comment but the idea is that yes it

is possible

um it is possible that you you know

that you will not get any more benefit

because you

don't reach the minimum investment for

the higher level

it has nothing to do with the

um you know like you negotiating that

extra thing you cannot say okay i'm


i'm gonna put like a hundred thousand

but i want you to give me the butler

it's not part of the system they'll

never allow you to do that because then

the hall of fame will pay 250 000

is gonna complain and that's not to work


the thing i want the thing that matters

is that when you're going to come back

so you're going to they're going to look

at your profile and they're going to see

that let's say for example your premier

okay and you have let's say

sixty thousand dollars invested okay

uh yeah sixty thousand and by the way

the fees the

seventeen hundred dollar fees that i

mentioned before does not count okay so

that's just the raw money you put in so

you have 60 000.

so now they might make you an offer

automatically at 55

000 and say to you that

if you do this you're going to have the

free week and everything we've mentioned

to you at the beginning

plus it's going to push you over

to the vip level and now you're going to

get all the vip benefit

okay so this is exactly uh

this is using your your initial

investment so basically what you have

put in already

your capital that you already have in

your membership in order to upgrade you

to something better

and now your benefits are going to

change tremendously vip by the way is

what you would have if you travel with

me automatically without having to pay


but that's it i cannot offer you all of

aim that's not possible

but i can offer you vip so that's the

that's the idea that would be the

equivalent of you investing a hundred

thousand dollars

immediately without having to invest it

okay that's basically the the idea if

you were to use a

another frame like me to travel but the

idea is this

you will only see that level if

you already have more than a hundred

thousand dollars or whatever the cap

for that level is so this is where

they're gonna get you

to invest more we were very close to

hall of fame

uh the deal was not that enticing but

when they started talking to me about

okay but you're gonna get the butler we


they're smart okay the guy was literally

telling me this now okay

like we're gonna call the butler right

now the butler is gonna come he's gonna

talk to you and they did and the butler

came and they talked to me and they told

me yes but you're gonna get this you're

gonna get that you're gonna get this

we only had two days in the in the the


and we had another you know like

basically 12

12 other nights to go so we're like ah


that's nice we're gonna have all those

benefit okay

so maybe the offer was not as great but

because we were increasing in level

that was making it possible and we did

and then eventually we continue

investing but

this is a thing that you may you know

may consider

why um you should upgrade because you're

gonna upgrade also

getting more benefit without actually

having to do anything just because of

your investment

push you over a cap the same way would

be with an airline

when you're going to be like you know

silver gold platinum and then i don't

know like 1k

and eventually uh you know welcome into

a bigger program

uh so so that's the thing okay this is


the type of negotiation that you have to

keep in mind as well

okay whether or not you're going to get

more benefit or not

you may not get any if you don't go over

that threshold

so that might be worth it to invest a

bit more or you do it a subsequent time

if you don't do it this time okay that's

not a big deal

but i'm telling you it's worth it

sometimes just to

bust one level and have way more benefit

and that's it that's for the negotiation

i hope it wasn't too long and i hope i


as much as i could in order for you to

get the global idea so that when you're

going to be made an offer of 50 000 or

20 or 30 or 40 000

that you're not too shocked about it and

you understand a bit

how to negotiate that and this piece of

paper by the way

okay all these piece of paper that we

have here

um all the negotiation you're gonna

bring this

when you're gonna go with your contract

to sign your contract and you're gonna

go over this and you're gonna say it

okay you're gonna

you're gonna write it down you're gonna

check it out because if the guy

promised you that you have enough money

to go upgrade to vip

you want to be able to to know that hey

during the

the presentation that's what was said

you didn't say vip in the in the

contract or

we said 28 weeks you put 25 this is

where the proof

of your negotiation will come from so

you need to have this

and the when you're gonna go negotiate

and that's it

so i hope that was useful and see you at

the next lesson