Tips For Selling Used RC Cars & Trucks

hey there Jeremy here from friend of our

sitcom the topic of today's episode is

selling your used our seat it's

certainly not the first video or

resource really online with tips and

advice for selling things or even

specifically our see but it is one of

I'm pretty sure the only videos out

there where you're going to get advice

from someone who does this for a living

and the list I don't mean selling our

C's but I do marketing and sales that's

my day job that's what if affords me all

these RC is and specifically online

sales so there's a couple of general

tips in in references to selling really

anything and I'm gonna start with those

first of all you've got to take the

emotion out of it if you love your RC

you're never gonna be satisfied with any

amount you get ever it's gonna cloud

your judgment when you've got a deal

facing you it's gonna just make the

whole experience not fun and maybe

you're selling rc4 not a fun reason

maybe you're not upgrading maybe you're

selling it because you're short on cash

that's okay too but you've got to take

the emotion out of the situation the

second real important step is doing your

research you need to go around on the

web take a pen and paper write down some

information what are people getting for

this model if you're selling a

two-wheel-drive Russell or VXL you need

to go out to ebay and not just look at

what people are asking for that's okay

it's more important to look at maybe the

last 5 or 10 or 20 that's sold take the

average price of those and that's kind

of what to expect going into it you need

to compare as close as possible and

there's certain things you need to take

out of the equation for the most part

you know one good piece of advice of the

many for example at that squirrel gives

us to sell your expensive Hawk apart

separately and I don't disagree with

that at all

is more of a pain in the butt when

you've got to ship all these separate

pieces but really for the most part

you're gonna price yourself out you know

there's a heck of a lot more people

looking for a Rustler two-wheel-drive


a Russert wheel drive with a Mamba

system in it or a Tekin system or

expensive you know servos and on all

this if you want to sell with that stuff

that's cool it'll probably increase the

likelihood that your your kit will sell

but won't necessarily increase the

overall value people who are looking to

buy things are looking for a deal the

very nature of ebay puts people in the

mindset I'm looking for a great deal so

you know as a seller you've got to keep

that in mind same thing with Craigslist

and really same thing if you're posting

things up at your local track I find

most people get they get the most money

when they sell at the track or to

somebody they know because you get to

transfer a little of that emotional

attachment on value but for the most

part it is what it is

it's plastic and metal and it's got a

value another place to research it's

forums a lot of forums have market

places where people buy and sell things

it's a good way to get to other RC

people and to avoid the fees that eBay

applies you also need as part of the

research phase you need to take into

account shipping and handling and not

just the shipping and handling price but

the price of all of the materials you're

going to need you could ship it you

could buy one of those nice flat rate

boxes that's what I use but the price of

the bubble wrap and newspaper all

newspapers should be free but all that

kind of stuff make sure you've got it

around because a big part of it is when

you know when you sell an item it's just

right to make sure you ship it out in

good shape you pack it really nice you

don't want the thing arriving broken

that's nobody wins there now you've got

an angry customer or you know somebody

who's mad at you maybe they're setting

it back and now you've just got a total

mess when listing your car you need to

be as descriptive as possible and be

honest if something's broken tell people

you might be surprised a lot of times

people might not care they might have

spare parts laying around you know it

just it just might not matter to people

it's just better to be upfront and

honest about these things you want to

take the time to clean it you want to

make it look as nice and new as possible

maybe that's not always possible maybe

it's just just hammered and there's not

a heck of a lot less

for you to do but spend a half an hour

cleaning it that's gonna add another 10

20 bucks to it and if nothing else is

gonna make sure that your RC sells

quicker because it's gonna look better

than all the other our C's that they

didn't take that time to do it if you

want to put your old stock stuff on it

that's cruel too a lot of times when

people sell kits maybe they've got tires

or certain hopper parts that they're

only going to use on that rig when they

just include them that's nice too but

take your time clean it up make make

sure it looks nice if you're including

other parts clean them up too if you

want people to have value in what you're

giving them then you've got to have

value too so if you're including a $30

set of tires and rims make it look like

a $30 tire tire and rim set don't just

clean up your rig and then kind of throw

these junky muddy tires on there it's

not going to work you need to just make

sure everything's good if you have all

the paperwork make sure that you've got

all the original paperwork if you don't

it's not a big deal it generally

increases the value if you have original

packaging type of things but well I

found what I see it's really not that

big of a deal if you're icees a little

more expensive if you have like a nice

eighth scale rig or something that's a

couple hundred bucks you may want to

consider even spending the 20 bucks for

a new lexan and painting that up a lot

of times people will pay a premium for a

nice thick and lid but even a nice solid

pink pink color without putting your you

know some stickers on there that's gonna

add value to it's just gonna you know

just go around look on eBay and look at

the bus sit up

lexan down there and if you're looking

for 150 200 dollars or more you might

want to take the time to put a new lid

on there just put a nice easy even coat

of paint the next step really is take

lots and lots and lots and lots and lots

and lots of pictures take it from the

people who know what they're doing when

it comes to selling cars like Auto

Trader cuz I comm go look at their

website you know it there's not a used

car out there with less than 30 pictures

typically and that is because

Mystikal ii the more pictures that

people find or the more pictures that

they post the higher value they get and

the more often they sell their car and

quicker to which is important if you're

looking for cash so don't just take one

don't just take two take like fifty and

then pick your best 20 and try to

include those somewhere when you take a

pictures make sure you apply the quality

all the way through make sure you have

the right lighting make sure you take in

a nice spot where the rigs gonna look

good because this is all that people

have is a you know two-dimensional

picture of your truck they don't know

about you know different how it looks or

things that are cool about it unless

they can see it being as descriptive as

possible is one of the most effective

selling tools that you've got available

to you you need to take the time and

make sure your description is accurate

just lengthy enough to be useful and

free of spelling errors or grammatical

errors layout

you know bullet points things like that

things that add value those are all

things that can increase the likelihood

that that's somebody reading your

listing on eBay or Craigslist that

they're gonna be more interested in your

rig more likely to buy it you may want

to also consider video obviously that's

easy for me to say we have a bunch of

cameras and and it's relatively easy for

me to take a take a video something

quick and upload it that said just like

with pictures only do it if you can make

it look nice I'm not saying it's gotta

be in 1080p what I'm saying is it does

have to be well-lit and not shot on a

camera phone looking all shaky and and

and things like that you know it can

help you significantly but it can hurt

you if it's not done well so to

summarize you need to do your research

and set your expectations

going into it with the right mindset the

right pricing and the proper information

it's gonna make the process a lot

smoother for you maybe you see hey these

trucks they're selling for next to

nothing I do just decide to keep it and

that's okay to at least you save the few

bucks to list it on eBay or all a hassle

taking pictures things like that you

need to take the emotion out of it the

research should replace emotion be is

descriptive and thorough as possible in

your listings so

you know tell them all the things about

it take the time to write it up make

sure there's no spelling grammar errors

anything like that take lots of pictures

we talked about maybe video to just make

your truck look the best if you're

sawing a slash two-wheel-drive there's a

freaking thousand of them on eBay if you

don't do these things the only thing you

have to compete on is price and that's

why I'm so I'm trying to be so specific

about things that you can do you've got

to look at it from the other side you

know if all they have is one picture

that's all I have to go off of the next

thing they look at is a price if they're

comparing five different ones but yours

looks better you they trust you more

they're gonna pay more for it not only

that you're gonna have more people

interested so if you've got an auction

type thing you're gonna drive your price

up and you're also increasing the

likelihood that your item will even sell

in the first place there's nothing more

annoying than waiting ten days for an

eBay auction to end and then have it not

sound make sure before you ship it out

tests at all confirm that's working

because you better believe the person

that opens a box next is going to be

doing the same thing so if you have

anything weird with it maybe it's brand

new up just popped up you got to get a

handle before you ship it because

otherwise it's coming right back Sweeny

nothing but a headache so I hope these

these tips help you when you're looking

to maybe sell your RC get the most cash

for it or possibly upgrade to something

else and if you have any other questions

post them up below and if this video is

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a great day