Ray Harm Prints.

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okay folks these are my two prints I

have for sale on eBay by Ray harm

they're actually two separate auctions

but I'm going to go ahead and shoot this

video for both of them so you can see

the details on them one is of a metal

art excuse me sorry and the other one is

the rose-breasted grosbeak these are

both original they're still sealed in

the plastic and I'm going to go ahead

and flip this over so you can see that

this is still in the plastic it's got

the seal on it this is a little bit of

some kind of a label or something that

was on there but I believe these are all

still pretty well sealed up they were

basically in my parent's garage or in

their closet for several years since

like the 70s they just never do anything

with them so these are still in the

plastic they're not perfect they got a