Burl Hunter - How to buy Burl

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hey this is Greg the burl hunter and I'm

gonna do a tutorial on the buyers guide

to burl there's so many things that you

need to consider when you're purchasing

burl most of this is maple burl there's

never any bad burl good better and best

is the way that I like to look at it

because burl is great these two pieces

on the top are like a cluster log it's

clusters of burl and so obviously where

there's no burl you're not going to have

that nice figure that everybody is

looking for but there is figure on both

sides of the burl where you get

herringbone or there's many different

descriptions but what I want to talk

about is the quality of burl what you're

buying for what use you want some of my

artists that I support love inclusions

and some want just a hundred percent

burl no bark inclusion ZnO voids both

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