How to Invest in Whisky

the price of a b12 went from a hundred

and sixty seven pounds in May to 288

pounds in June not many investments do

that in this video we're going to tell

you how to invest in whiskey which might

sound crazy because you think whiskeys

for drinking but whiskey is a liquid

asset and not only are going to tell you

how to invest in whiskey we're going to

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12 went from selling 450 pounds to 365

pounds today and that would have been a

good investment whiskey can be a sound

investment rare whiskey 101 puts

together the apex 1000 the apex 1000 are

the 1000 highest selling whiskies in the

world at any given time over the last

four years the apex 1000 has gone up by

a hundred and twenty-two percent in that

same time the footsie 100 has gone up by

16% and the cost of gold has only

increased by four percent in those four

years you could have made some much

better returns if you were investing in

your whisky where do you start the

easiest transition into the world of

whisky investment is probably to be

buying direct from distillery

when distillery puts out a limited

edition bottle that's what you're

looking for there's always a lot of

demand anytime a distillery puts out a

limited edition and to service up to man

distilleries will have a waiting list

and you sign up for the waiting list and

if you're chosen they will give you the

amazing opportunity to take your money

isn't that great so you buy a limited

edition bottle and that's really cool

you might actually just want to drink it

because that's a great bottle and it's

probably going to be something that's

unique and different from anything else

in their core range but you could also

sell that bottle to someone who missed

out on the waiting list so you could

sell it straight away or you could sit

on it for a while

and those limited editions over time are

going to increase in value when you've

got a lot of bottles that you're buying

yourself you want to think about the way

you store them all you need to do is

store them upright and make sure they're

not in direct sunlight you also don't

want to have them in somewhere where

you've got radical temperature

fluctuations but if you've got it in

your living room and your living room

cabinet is away from a window you're

fine so a great way to start your whisky

investment is to try to buy limited

editions from distilleries just going on

the waiting list the next way to invest

is with a whisky broker so someone like

ASA or rare whisky 101 if you're looking

to start investing through a broker you

probably going to have to have a little

bit more money to put out because you'll

be buying bottles that are already rare

and already in demand so these are

bottles that might be selling for on a

last year rare whisky 101 sold a

fifty-year-old Glenlivet for 18,000

pounds so that could still be increasing

in value and it could be a great

investment but that's a lot of cash to

lay out so if you have more money to

invest a broker might be a good way to

do it but whisky brokers are not

regulated at least not in the UK so if

you're going to a whisky broker or a

collector make sure you really trust

them and you know who they are look for

recommendations look them up online

because if you're putting out that kind

of money you don't want to be going to

an unscrupulous broker the real question

is this was all this legal absolutely

not but we were making more

money than you or to do it

so brokers are on the extreme end that's

going to be a lot more expensive if you

want to invest with a little bit less

capital a platform could be a really

cool way to get into the whisky

investment area rather than buy a bottle

or a cask you can buy whisky as it

matures for example whisky invest

directs deals in liters of pure alcohol

units and charges 1.75 percent

commission on all trades investors

select a distillery listed on the

platform and

investment matures in the Cask at least

three years then the cask is sold to one

of the big whisky brands who sell it on

the open market you as investor get a

share of any profits so it's a good way

to get that whisky investment without

having to worry about import fees duties

or actually keeping hold of any of the

bottles your next option to invest in

whisky is through a fund or a share

there actually aren't any whiskey funds

in the UK but there's one in Hong Kong

it's had some pretty good returns over

the years but before you jump out and

put all your money into a whisky fund

that particular fund in Hong Kong has a

minimum buy it of two hundred and fifty

thousand pounds so if you want to invest

in that you definitely have to have a

lot of cash believe it or not I'm not a

financial adviser

so don't go rushing out investing in

whisky just because I said you could I'm

not giving you permission I'm saying

that it is an option and just like any

option where you might make money you

might also lose money and rare whiskey's

101 in addition to tracking all the

whiskies that have been increasing in

value also tracks the whiskies that have

been decreasing in value and as you can

see here if you back the wrong bottle or

the wrong brand you could definitely

lose your money which isn't what anyone

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hope you enjoyed this video and you got

some cool ideas about how you might be

able to invest

in whiskey other than you know just

drinking it and enjoying yourself which

is probably what I would do anyway

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