How to tell if your stamp collection is worth anything?

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you may want to know if your stamps are

worth anything you might have inherited

tons of stamps from family member maybe

that passed away or they just gave them

away and I think others there's gold in

there that's going to be worth a fortune

even huge huge stamp collections now

this this album here is kind of sporadic

but unless you're willing to really do

the research yourself there are so many

variables to stamp valuation that unless

you're really going to get into it it's

probably worth letting someone else

value it the best way to look for

somebody is to find someone local that

you trust but there are so many

variables is it canceled meaning does it

have the post stamp marking on it from

the post office or is it brand new even

the perforation which is the way it's

printed on the sheet and then cut with

AD I can tell you if it's perfect or if

it's a centerpiece or if it was the top

corner of the sheet so it would have the

bottom right or the the right hand side

and the bottom would have perforations

but these sides would be straight all of

those variables come into play and once

the post offices discovered that people

were collecting they started printing