Where to Sell Rare Coins Currency and Precious Metals


let's get right to it basically we're

going to cover different places to sell

your coins and currency and some what

your precious metals as well now that

you've been collecting stuff and

watching videos on YouTube and reading

books and researching online so and so

forth on your hobby and maybe even

jumping in on the community on Facebook

that we have with over 9,000 members on


we really appreciate everyone being a

part of things let's move on you know

now you have all these things you're

like man where do I sell this stuff what

do I do with it you know who knows we

know so let's talk about it number one

is gonna be your local coin store some

of you may have a local coin store you

know close by or you might have to

travel a little bit to get to one

there's a couple pros and cons to

selling to a local coin store positive

thing about selling to them it'll

generate generally get a decent market

value for your rare coin or a variety

coin or fancy serial number or whatever

you have another thing is is that they

generally are going to have a slew of

price guides and up-to-date material

that like that related to those things

so they'll be able to reference

something to give you at least a price

point and then they're gonna shoot you a

value probably lower than that of course

because the con to that is they have not

only overhead for the store where they

have to pay for electricity and all that

good stuff and rent and everything for

their building but they also have to

turn around and sell that bill and sit

on it or coin or whatever but sell that

item for a premium they have to make

money too so of course you're not going

to get the most money out of a local

coin store but it is a place that's

going to be the easiest to sell it to as

far as with out having to post things

online or whatever which we'll talk

about in a moment

another place to sell stuff that's going

to be brick-and-mortar is gonna be a

pawn shop well I think I know what

you're thinking pawn shops get a bad rap

for a lot of people and they're just

renowned for ripping you off but con

shops will buy a lot of stuff like that

especially if they have a relationship

with smelters and refiners which will

about later then they're going to give

you a value for your coins and currency

most likely depending on what it is

they're probably hunting more for

historical currency rather than ones

that are errors and stuff

although errors can sell to anybody and

pawnshops might like that depending on

who runs that pawnshop or whatever of

course a con to that is similar to your

local coin store it's not going to be

the best value it's gonna be a pawnshop

value and they're probably not going to

do ponds they're gonna just want to

offer you a cash value for your error

variety piece that you brought in and

that's gonna be it so that's another

thing you can do so ours another

brick-and-mortar place and I think the

last one on the list is going to be coin

shows and coin conventions those I've

been to tons of those and they're kind

of hit and miss to be honest with you so

coin shows and coin conventions you can

sell more likely to people who are

attending the con along with you that

you're gonna sell to people that are

just you know out and about at the con

that are just viewers or people that are

running panels or vendor booths of

course if they're a vendor booth and you

know essentially what the title kind of

suggests they're gonna be there to sell

you coins as opposed to you selling them

coins but it does happen they might be

looking for stuff too and of course if

you have some high echelon rare coin or

currency or whatever then you have a

high likelihood of selling it to really

anybody especially in a coin show so

those are that's another good place to

go and sell your bills and currency yet

let's talk about some non-physical well

last physical place ought to skip to at

the bottom of the list here there's

going to be smelters and refiners so you

can send there are are online ones but I

think that finding one locally or one

that you can drive to would be the most

proficient way or efficient way of doing


smelters and refiners don't care about

the type of coin you have as far as if

it's an error coin or something like

that so if you have this double dime

coin or something super historical and

that's where it derives its value from

then a smelter and a refiner is not

going to be the place you're gonna want

to sell that coin they're going to be

looking to melt it down that's what they

do smelters and refiners are going to

melt things down into the most basic

form they can say for example in two

silver and and they're gonna sell that

off based off the spot price for junk

silver so that's that's something to

keep in mind same with pawn shops they

might buy her gold and stuff like I said

because they would have a relationship

with a smelter a refiner and they would

pay you a spot price on that gold or

silver depending on what the item is the

weight and type of that precious metal

let's jump to places online so next on

the list I know we kind of skipped down

but online coin dealers and buyers so

these would be your places like at max

like PCGS even Littleton coins and stuff

they have a separate part that's going

to buy stuff for department that buys

various items there's lots of different

places if you just search cell X

denomination of paper currency there's

places that kind of specialize in buying

two-dollar bills and fancy serial notes

stuff like that so there's a lot of

online dealers that are gonna buy it and

then they sell it out to stores to drop

shipping and auction sites and stuff

like that that brings us to our next one

which is going to be online auction

outlets obviously the 600 pound panda

bear in the room is going to be eBay

they're the huge dealer of everything

online as far as options are concerned

in my opinion there are big options

sites that are also large physical

auctions I'm sure you're aware of that

are these huge places that sell really

really rare notes and stuff like that

but eBay is a really good format to sell

your stuff in it's also a safe thing as

far as securing payment and all that

good stuff you've probably used a debate

before works the same for bills and

coins I sell a lot of stuff on eBay

through my eBay account so I guess I can

I can say that I've had great success

with it as far as when I do want to sell

currency I've come across and so on and

so forth another a place that you can do

it at which is our last thing we'll

touch on is going to be social media

outlets and platforms the biggest one I

think is going to be Facebook they have

two different versions on the facebook

stuff you can join a lot of different

pages in

oops we have a group it's called coin op

sales and trades I have a link in my

description box or this video in there

you just have to be 18 and older and we

kind of try to moderate things as much

as we can keep people safe on there you

can do things through secure payment

portals like PayPal and Google Wallet

and stuff but you can sell your coins

and currency on there we certify all the

sellers and stuff like that they and

they're generally if not always a member

of our actual just group forum on

Facebook which is just called a coin op

another another thing on there is the

marketplace IBUs the facebook

marketplace a ton of times to buy stuff

as well as sell it so that's a really

good place that you can post coins to

albeit I see more people selling

historical stuff like wartime currency

or actual slabbed coins that are already

kind of grated or whatever on Facebook

marketplace as opposed to just a loose

currency so I wouldn't really think that

unless you have a big following of

people that buy that type of stuff or a

large community of collectors which is

highly unlikely in your area then

Facebook marketplace probably wouldn't

work that great but the Facebook groups

would so you know think about that but

as far as physical and digital places

you can sell your coins and currency

we've touched on I think what six seven

of them that are going to be good spots

for you to sell your stuff I buy things

up too so if you want to email me email

my email in the description box below

pictures of what you have if you just

want information on it or if you want to

try to sell it I don't know a ton of

people that you know buy stuff up

hopefully I can help you out and I hope

you found this video helpful on places

to sell your your stuff to let me know

of any questions in the comments and if

you have any suggestions on places to

sell to you that weren't listed in this

video I love that type of stuff please

comment that below as well and have a

wonderful day