How to sell your old coins. I appraise a coin collection.

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How to sell rare coins?

Step 1: Research and determine the value of your rare coins to avoid getting ripped off.
Step 2: Decide on your preferred method of selling the rare coins: auction, consignment, or direct sale.
Step 3: Choose a reputable dealer or auction house to sell your coins.
Step 4: Prepare your coins for sale by organizing and cleaning them, if necessary.
Step 5: Negotiate a fair price with the dealer or auction house, and complete the sale.


well hello everybody i am spectacular

the silver stackular today in this video

i have a coin collection and i'm going

to appraise the value of this thing for

a friend and it's actually the friend's

mother's collection so i want to go

through it and i'll talk a little bit

about what i'm going to do as far as how

i'm going to value things um what i use

to value things and

who knows maybe we could find something

really cool in here

1944 steel cent um the the legendary

1964 peace dollar i mean you know

the sky is the limit in here so we're

gonna get in here and look around stay

with me because we might find some cool

things we want to see if mom's going to

get any money