welcome back to couch collectibles in

today's video we're going to show you a

step-by-step process of how to

authenticate your coin of how to value

your coin and how to sell your coins so

if you found a rare coin and pocket

change or in a quaint role wide your

coin roll hunting run watch this whole

video that way you completely understand

how to get your coin open and getting

how to get a value on your coin and how

to sell your coin let's just hop into

this video and check out what to do with

your rare coins alright so step one

you're searching through coins and

you're searching through your pocket

change your coin rolls and you come

across an error coin may be an error

coin like this I don't know maybe one

totally different there are tons of

different errors out there to look for

that's why I make videos because I show

you different types of errors that you

could be looking for in circulation so I

get a lot of questions of what to do

when you think that you've actually

found a valuable coin well first before

you sell it and before you spend money

to go to a grading company my friend

Dustin over at Quinn up has an

attribution service so what that means

is basically you send him a coin and you

only pay five dollars and he will

determine whether or not if your coin is

an authentic error coin or not now it's

only five dollars you take shipping cost

as well so it's very very cheap I

honestly think it's a very good deal if

it was me I would probably charge at

least ten dollars for this but five

dollars that is a steal so coin ops link

to his channel will be in the

description but before we get to that

I'm going to show you some other coin up

stuff that will help you guys

authenticate these coins and even sell

your coins so first off coin op has two

facebook pages here is a coin op group

where you can post images of your coins

and get feedback from other collectors

so say you think you got a night

to close a mfinney well you can take

pictures of your penny and then just

post them on this group and you know

nicely ask the people and the group hey

do you guys think that I have a close I

am penny here or do you guys think that

this is a genuine error coin do you guys

think that this coin could be valuable

so that's a great group to get advice

from other collectors and here is coin

op sales group so this is where you

would sell your coins so you can

actually sell your coins on this

Facebook group but if you really want a

personal touch from coin op himself that

way you guys can just get it

authenticated instead of posted images

and getting all these different opinions

from different people going up will

personally authenticate whether you have

a genuine error coin or not so you guys

can go to his channel contact him email

him directly for his shipping

information and then once you got that

you can send your coin then we can

authenticate it's in the back and then

you got places like this to coin up

sales group to sell it if you want to go

even further in-depth and get your coin

actually graded now I always say go to

coin up before you go to a grading

company because you don't want to pay

the grading company all this money for a

coin that may not be valuable so coin up

can help you to determine that and then

if it does come back that your coin is

valuable depending on the value of the

coin it may be a good idea to send your

coin to one of these grading companies

PCGS NACS or NGC now once you've done

that you can also go to other outlets if

you want to sell through a trusted

website such as eBay or heritage


h AECOM or the Littleton coin company

I've done a whole video on how to sell

coins through the Littleton coin company

and they show you exactly what coins

they will accept you can choose those

routes as well now also if you guys want

to find the value range on your coin you

can hop over here to ebay type in say

you got the 1992 close am a penny so you

can type that in you scroll down here go

to sold listings you can see what coins

have actually sold for here's your

closing in the sword for over two

hundred and twenty four let's go to

auction that way yes these are bidded

auctions these are what these pennies

have actually sold for now look at that

when this one's only sold for around 8

bucks all together including shipping so

it all just depends on the condition of

your coin and all of that but definitely

if you got a coin go on eBay search the

sold listings and you will see different

values of course if your coin is graded

at you know a higher grade it's going to

be worth much more money now what is

this this is a 2000 P Lincoln Cent white

I am okay so yes guys go over to eBay

and check it out you can type in any

different type of error coin that you

may have or any type of money

paper money bills so be sure to go do

that as well now don't forget if you

guys want to learn more about error


here's coin ups website variety errors

calm he's got a lot of great information

on there about different error coins and

all that stuff so be sure to go check

that out as well I'll have all that

stuff and the link in the description of

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