Are your Beanie Babies Worth Anything in 2020?

are your beanie babies worth anything

find out right now everyone Krista the

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that fun stuff so let's talk about

beanie babies yes beanie babies we've

heard the crazy story some of them are

worth thousands of dollars and I'm here

to destroy your dreams right now and let

you know that 95% of beanie babies are

virtually worthless now what I mean by

that is if you're thinking about

reselling them you're not gonna get a

bunch of money and we're gonna go

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beanie babies now this is gonna be the

god-honest truth about beanie babies in

this video you're gonna learn enough to

know what to look for how to look for it

what is what what is good what is bad

because there's a lot of bad out there

and we're gonna get into it right now as

we could see here we're on the Thai

website they're still selling beanie

babies till this day beanie babies came

out around 1993 and have been pushing

forward all this whole time actually the

things with the crazy eyes the beanie

boos really catapulted beanie babies

back on the scene as for many years they

were in decline and so they're still

making them and all that but we're gonna

go over the other older beanie babies to

look out for and and see if you happen

to have any are these particular ones so

today we're definitely going to start

off with the most important thing is tag

generations as we can see here there's

been 19th generation so far of tags and

I'm going to tell you the god-honest

truth is anything after third generation

is used

not worth much as we can see here if you

see a star you're mostly going to see

these at thrift shops and garage sales

the one with the star right here and let

me see if I can actually zoom into that

real quick here this fourth-generation

and in below as you can see everything

has like you know little stars and

everything like that you want to look

for the tags that don't have anything on

it the first generation second

generation those two generations are the

things you want to look out for

everything else you do not want to look

out for we've seen on eBay some of them

have gone for thousands of dollars

that's not true and we're gonna go for

that in a second so no your tags as we

can see here if it has anything else on

it other than the tie logo you don't

want nothing to do with it even third

generation I would stay clear of there

are a couple of third generation figures

or figures beanies that we're going to

talk about in a second and we'll get

into that but anything fourth generation

and above forget it there is very few

and far between good stuff that's after

fourth generation but for the sake of

this video and for the sake of your

collection this is what you really want

to look out for for sure a lot of the

older stuff that's the only thing that's

gonna be worth anything as you can see

first and second generation tags have

these funny kind of tie lower case

looking tags that's what you want to

look out for third generation

there's a couple of them that are worth

it as a matter of fact I've actually

seen appraisal shows in channels on

YouTube professionals that are literally

got PhDs saying that third generation

beanie babies are worth hundreds of

dollars and I have to laugh because I've

been in this business for a long time as

a matter of fact in 1995 that was one of

the very first things I ever sold on

eBay back in the old days was beanie

baby so I have a very wealth of

knowledge here when it comes to beanie

babies and you're gonna learn about it

right now

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so first up want to kind of backtrack a

little bit there's two different types

of beanie babies there's actually beanie

buddies which is a larger kind of bear

which is almost about 8 inches nine

inches tall and there's beanie babies

the ones that we all know about the four

inch to five

a little bear figures and there's

different kind of animals everything so

be aware of that you have seen if you've

been out to thrift stores estate sales

and things you've seen bigger beanie

babies you're like oh what are those

they must be worth more since they're

bigger but I'll let you know that most

beanie buddies are worth less than $10

so just stay away from them there's a

couple of them that are worth some good

money and not really I'm just saying

maybe worth over $20 I think there's the

Flamingo and there's another one but to

be honest if you just stay clear of

those things you're gonna be good most

beanie bug buddies I think they retailed

for like fifteen or twenty dollars when

they came out someone in the comments

please correct me on the beanie buddies

manufacturer price and I want to say the

beanie babies were like five ninety five

in the late 90s in the early 2000 cuz I

actually worked at a hobby shop and we

did sell these so there's that so I just

wanted to be clear that there's two

different types of beanie babies for the

older ones that we're talking about

their buddies and the beanies and I

think buddies came out around the I want

to say about the fifth or fourth

generation is when the buddies came out

as you can see here the buddies have the

star logo that you want to stay clear of

let's talk about princess die

everyone thinks when they see a princess

die beanie baby it's worth thousands of


it is not they're probably worth about

eight to ten dollars to be honest there

is one there's three different types of

princess die beanies we're just gonna

get over or go over the one that's

actually the worth the most and it's not

by much it's called the PVC pellets


now each beanie baby will have a touch

tag which means the little tag that

sticks out of its butt I think it's a

clever little name to call it a touch

tag it's kind of a you know way to say

tushie or but or whatever but as we can

see here let's click over this you can

see here polyester fiber PVC pellets now

there's a PE pellets version and there's

the PVC pellets a version the very first

version that came out was the PVC

pellets version and it's they were they

made millions of these things so let's

just get that right out

there's no princess die bears that are

worth even over $100 unless they're


and they have the crazy case and all

that stuff you might get $100 for the

PVC pellet ones that are authenticated

and we're going to get into that in just

a second so any princess bearer is

literally worth under $15 they have to

be in mint condition

the PVC pellet ones probably go between

15 and 20 dollars the PE pellet ones

they made tons of them of both versions

but the PVC pellets ones are the ones

that they made less of therefore they're

worth a little bit more a little bit

more not by much and for those that

don't know beanie babies get their names

because there's little PVC polyurethane

pellets inside they're kind of like a

beanbag that gives it the beanie baby

name that's what that means those are

the pellets I'm not sure exactly why

they changed them over they went from

PVC to PE could have been like I don't

know like a economic thing it could have

been an environmental thing if you know

in the comments below why they changed

it swapped it over or whatever you can

leave a comment below so just to be

aware PVC pellets on the twitch tag for

the princess bear that's the one you

want to look out for it's worth a little

bit more like I said there is no

princess bear worth over $20 let's just

get that straight right now there is

none unless it's got a crazy error a

factory error that you know I've never

even heard of which definitely could

happen so we're going to get into the

errors and stuff in just a second

next up we just want to say that the

first generation as we can see here

we're going to go back to the Thai logo

thing here the first generation they

have the weird funky Thai logo those are

the ones that are going to be worth the

money as far as finding them you know at

first stores broad sales estate sales

and we're going to see one here that has

been authenticated as we can see here

this was an earlier version of the bear

these kind of look like the the bears

from the very first generation the

second generation look like this they

kind of almost look like a little bit

like vintage Winnie the Pooh bear's they

didn't quite look like the smashed face

bears that you see now so once again

you're looking for this tag as we can

see here I'm not quite sure if this is

going to be a

first generation or second generation

but it doesn't matter if you see this

kind of tag with the funky little under

key under or lowercase tie those are the

ones to look out for and also of course

if you see some authentication box that

stuff is in it's usually going to tell

you that it's been authenticated this

kind of authentication thing kind of

looks a little funky becky's

authentication we're going to get into

that in just a second is the really one

you want to look out for as we can see

here we're gonna back up just a second

to actually show you another first

generation beanie baby this is a first

generation and actually let's actually

show you the first generation touch tags

are gonna look like this everyone's

pretty much familiar the ones that are

red and white that had the little hearts

on them the very first ones that were

made in 1993 I want to say there was a

run of 12 different styles I want to say

the original 12 and I think Goldie was

one of them and 1993 through I want to

say 1995 they might have the touch tags

that look like this if you see any of

them that say 1993 those are the very

first ones as we can see here for the

most part a lot of the older ones you

might find without the tags that's very

common and a way to tell what generation

it is to look at the touch tag if you

don't have the normal tag so definitely

look out for 1st or 2nd generation those

are what the tags look like also we're

going to talk about some of the ones

that are actually worth money some of

the employee bears this one went for 400

here's a billionaire bear that went for

$130 so if you see any of the Bears with

the money symbol on them every year type

puts out a billionaire bear for the

employees and let's see if we can

actually see what it looks like it'll

even say on the tag here tie employee

1998 those are relatively worth you know

100 to 200 and some of them are actually

worth 60 $30 even I've seen them as low

as so definitely look out for the

employee bears and they'll say on the

tags and things like this this one

happens to be one of the buddies when

were we talked about the buddies earlier

in this video this is a larger one and

it's kind of funny there's lots of blog

posts that always pump up

for I don't know why they say this one's

worth like $7,000 or something look at

the price that went for $28 so there's a

lot of stuff that is misrepresentative

there's a lot of people trying to push

blogs as same like beanie babies there

were so much same thing with VHS as

Disney VHS is I'm here to tell you that

95% of beanie babies are pretty much

worthless I don't want to say worthless

because you can still sell them and

stuff like that and so let's talk about

actually some of the ones to look out

for as far as errors bongo was the

original name for the monkey as we can

see here now there were some that were

produced very the very first bongos that

were produced were actually called Nana

so anytime you see a monkey they

produced a lot of these and I want to

say this was fourth generation every

time I see a monkey I always open it up

because I'm looking for Nana I've never

seen an Anna in person but if you see

the monkey his name's Bongo you're

looking for Nana that is probably one of

the biggest rares or errors you're gonna

find in the line and what I'm saying is

you're probably gonna find this one

because they produce so many bongos that

every time I see the bongo monkey I

always look at the tag to see if it says

Nana on it so that's one of them a

wingless clackers is definitely one for

the books this is a classic now it

wasn't an error when they first came out

with clackers placards did not have any

wings as we can see here this looks like

a second-generation tag or a first

generation tag as we can see here in

1993 this wingless Quackers in the

heyday went for about twelve hundred

dollars between eight hundred and twelve

hundred dollars you can find these for

$100 or less some of the authenticated

ones go for about $200 this is one to

look out for like I said if you don't

find one with a tag which is gonna be

you're gonna see that all the time

you're gonna look for the touch tag and

of course like that so let's talk about

authenticated beanie babies this is

probably the PSA of beanies is Becky's

true blue beans this is the box and

certifications you want to look for this

one happens to be a fourth actually I

don't know why they said oh it is a

third generation this is a third

generation peanut came in royal blue the

a very short run of them normally peanut

came in like a sky-blue so if you see a

dark blue peanut definitely grab it yeah

it's it's pretty much valuable this one

went for about a thousand dollars

that is a legit price I would say

certified peanuts probably go for about

six hundred to eight hundred dollars I

don't know why this one went for so much

but it did and just be aware there's a

buddy there's a bigger version of the

blue ones so don't get excited if you

see it and it's a larger one I wanted to

talk about McDonald's

beanie babies real quick because

everyone comes across the McDonald's

ones and I want to tell you that there

is no McDonald's beanie babies that are

worth anything and even this original

set which used to sell for about $200

you can barely get $20 for that now

I want to talk about these ones people

have seen these many times in these

packages they're not worth anything

don't bother with them there's some of

them that have been selling for hundreds

of dollars that's not a true price I

don't know why they sell for that much

just be also aware that the McDonald's

the original McDonald's ones and let me

see if I can actually find one here's

the original set right here the original

set will actually have the touch or the

tags so if we can see a good photo the

tags do not open up there one piece just

remember that don't get fooled

McDonald's beanie babies are the small

ones they're not going to be the large

ones and just look out for that anyways

this is actually a really short video to

let you guys know what's up with beanie

babies 95% of them aren't worth anything

and I want to say like they're not worth

anything they're probably worth about

five dollars or less

hopefully this video helped you out some

people have asked me how do i saw beanie

babies eBay's pretty much flooded one of

the things that I saw my beanies on if I

do have a collection is Amazon Amazon is

a good way to sell your beanie babies

there already have auctions that are

listings that are already pre populated

if your if your tags are in good

condition you can just put it in like

new condition and sell them with Amazon

Amazon seems to be the better way of

selling your beanie babies just make

sure that you have you don't have one of

those super rare ones once again I'm


shop hustler hope this video helped you

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next time take care