the truth about selling baseball cards



what's going on guys so my idea for this

video over generally was I was gonna

post all of the cards that I bought at

Goodwill I was gonna post every single

one on eBay and put them up for like a

dollar a dollar fifty and then you know

I just hope that I got some that I got

some sells you know I wanted to see what

people who offer I was gonna do offers

whatever people wanted to offer I was

always gonna do that and that was the

original idea but then after doing some

research I figured that it was gonna

take a long long time to put like these

are only two stacks I have like eight

more of cards and taking a picture one

by one and just trying to figure out how

much it cost I feel like it was gonna be

a lot like the time you know the time

that I was gonna invest it was gonna be

a lot so I just figured you know why not

just Google a baseball card shop and see

how much you know I could get for all

the cards if you remember on the last

video I only paid about nine bucks I

want to say four I want to say in every

single one of these stacks

there's probably like around 40 50 cards

if not more I think in this one's

probably like 80 to 100 cards I want to

say that I got 500 cards for 9 bucks now

again like I said before I don't know

anything about cars I don't know how

much I can ask I don't know much I can

get you know but I figured going on even

doing one by one is gonna be a lot of

time you know it's gonna be very

time-consuming so I thought you know you

guys just go to Google a baseball card

shop and see how much I get so I found

one that was like 20 minutes away from

my house and we're actually gonna go in

see how much I can get hopefully they'll

let me record and I'll tell you guys

what I get for these two stacks


yeah yeah so you're looking to summer

just figure out what they're worth yeah

so like he said the first bad news is

you got rubber bands because if they

were valuable once they get like corners

and damaged on the sides they do survive

it yeah like I was just kind of going

over with him cards from the 80s and 90s

and late 70s a lot of them 95 percent

worthless now due to mass production so

these type of cards complete sets of

let's say 300 400 700 you're lucky to

get five bucks yeah for complete sense


so these cards I owned them yeah it came

in I would get into okay these type of

cars yeah yeah so let me see if this is

the same thing yes yeah yeah this is

early 90s pop so you could just see on

the back so this is 91 I mean nothing

yeah these cards

unfortunately they make tons of this

yeah and everybody collect the cards

they thought they had rich they saw what

was going on with the hobby I grew up

with I'm 37 so I'm down with it he's a

kid but once the internet came out I

expose how much of this was meaning that

they just they went downhill oh yeah the

new stuff like ow stones is what people

want they come autographed now yeah

they're serial numbered boxes hockey

boxes are a hundred to two grand a box

yeah you don't even know what's in them

it's a lottery kind of thing now but

bunch of those are this stuff literally

always gas money Charlie

it's alright you could give them away so

that alright but okay so I don't want my

daughter wasting their time you will

show waste law every time well I'm in

the dark should they bother with

labels okay so thank you bother with

alright guys so I'm back

I just heard in the video probably you

already know like my cards are not worth

much he didn't even look at him again as

soon as I walked in he saw that they

were gonna rubber vent it was like yeah

I don't think you have anything there he

he just like quickly saw through them he

saw that what I had he didn't give me

anything you know like he didn't even

offer to pay he basically said that he

will give this away to kids for free

that's basically what he said but I did

get a good idea he said that a lot of

people what they do is they'll put a

badge or of like a hundred to three

hundred for five bucks and then it'll

sell them like that on eBay so I was

thinking I was like I don't I wanted to

one by one but doing a batch over 100 or

300 for five bucks I'll get my money


doesn't sound too bad so I'll probably

just end up doing that cuz you know just

putting it asked us ask this because

though he also pointed out that the

corner she was like yeah if your corners

are not in a good condition like people

you know it's a big deal for people that

collect them he said also said that all

these cards they make on their like mass

production back in the days so they

don't even they don't they don't

basically they don't a minute they don't

even cause pain so what you know I'm

thinking I'm just gonna go that route

because you know I want to get my money

back I might throw them away I don't

know any kids I can give them to so I'll

probably just and kids will probably be

like hey man I'm sorry but I don't want

your cards like you got nothing there


so I'll probably do a batch of 100 to

300 sell them on eBay get my money back

again if you remember from the last

video my only pay 9 bucks for like 5 600

cards so I'm good either way

and then yeah

I'm happy like I said before I'm happy

with the outcome I'm happy that I got to

learn not buying baseball cards anymore

or my lesson real quick so no more

buying baseball cards because I don't

know I'm not you know I'm not into the

subject I don't know I'm not a collector

I don't know anything about baseball


so it'll be that no more baseball cards

buying for me and I'll keep you guys

posted on you know if I sell them what I

sold them for and so on one last thing I

want to thank you guys so much for you

know I'm really enjoying like making

these videos I'm really enjoying the

process I'm really enjoying bringing you

guys along you know I'm really enjoying

coming up with creative ideas on how to

share different things with you guys

like right now I left my job a little

while ago and I was rushing to get over

here so I can record the video like you

know he's used to giving me you know a

little bit more creativity I really

really enjoy that and I just want to say

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that too so that's pretty much it thank

you guys for watching really appreciate

it have a good one