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right now just going to get a quick

workout in and start Monday but before

this video starts if you haven't watched

this video on the screen right here then

go watch that video before you watch

this one it'll give you some context so

one of my videos I talked about how I

made a living selling beats online in

four months this this video is not gonna

make you a sale it's just gonna tell you

how you can do it if that makes sense

the other video I did kind of said how I

did it had the exact ways of how I was

DMing people on Instagram to sum it up

that's basically what it was but this

video I'm going to tell you kind of how

everything works in like just the

licenses and and how to make it

transaction just like run you through a

process of a beat sale it's very simple

but I'm gonna help you do that I'm gonna

vlog I'm gonna make some beats today and

it's gonna be lit so without further ado

I'm gonna go work out and then we're

going to come back and let's get into

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all right so the purpose of this video

today is going to be how to sell your

first beat so let's say you started

making beats right and you get to a

point where you're like hey maybe I can

sell these maybe someone will be

interested in these beats and you want

to put them out so there's a few ways

you can do that after you export your


you have your mp3s ready you got your

track outs you got your waves and you

want to get them out to an artist the

first thing you got to do if you want to

sell them is have a way to sell them

let's say you're like alright I'm gonna

put these on YouTube I'm gonna put them

on soundcloud I'm gonna put them on

Instagram Twitter I'm gonna put them

everywhere and try to get people's

attention there's a few different ways

you can approach the whole thing so the

main way I would suggest selling your

beat is through a marketplace the most

well known marketplaces are what beat

stars and air bit earbud combi starcom I

use beats stars but if say if you don't

have ten dollars per month twenty

dollars per month or whatever just sign

up for one of those say you're young or

whatever say you have no money in your

bank account you can't afford it you

know a debit card or anything you can

use PayPal so sign up for PayPal PayPal

com you can sign up for PayPal and

people can send money to your email you

can make invoices and and set it up you

know look it up on YouTube you got your

PayPal set up you got your beats on the

internet there's artists hitting you up

there's people hitting you up hey man I

want to buy this beat how do I do it the

next thing I'm gonna talk about is

licensing licensing what does all this

stuff mean does it even mean anything

what does this stuff mean so so for

example on my website right here here's

what here's what I happen and there's

many ways you can do this is you can set

up through a marketplace you can just

set it up on your website and people can

send you money here's what I have for my

bees here's the setup I've had for a


mp3 lease wave lease tracked out lease

unlimited rights right those are the

things if you don't know what that means

basically essentially this is an mp3

lease you send them the mp3 file this is

a WAV lease you send them the WAV file

this is a trapped out lease you send

them the tract outs if you don't know

what tract outs are look them up it's

just every single sound you use when

your export on FL studio says split

mixer checks whatever unlimited right

is they the track outs the mp3 the wave

everything and there's no limits on

streaming or however you set it up you

can set it up in any way possible

there's no restrictions there's no

there's a lot of gray area you only mean

this let me go through it a little bit

right now as you can see if you go on

the mp3 lease you get the high quality

mp3 file buy one get one free so if you

want another one add to your cart you

can sell up to three thousand copies

this means iTunes mostly iTunes is where

people sell music in 2018 up to 550

thousand audio streams max this stuff is

all in the contract to up to 50,000

audio streams maximum and you can

download instantly just in case people

don't know I just added that in there

with the 50,000 audio streams it

basically means that they can they have

a maximum stream of 50,000 so if they

hit 50,000 on Spotify if they hit $50 on

YouTube if they hit 50,000 on any

popular streaming service whatever they

have to upgrade their license most

likely Spotify is the biggest place for

a lot of artists if you're hitting

50,000 audio streams you're making a

little bit of money you don't I mean

that's 50 bucks that's enough for a wave

lease which is like I think people get

more than that on Spotify so that's how

I kind of have it set up they're

probably not even gonna hit 30 without

3,000 copies most likely it's gonna be

built around streams but here's the

thing right you're probably thinking

alright Kyle this is this is a question

I get a lot how do you track people down

how do you like know if someone hits

fifty thousand two hundred thousand

there has been there has been cases

where I've hit people up and been like

hey I noticed you went over you your

songs doing good I notice it went over

the limit you want to upgrade to

unlimited rights I'll give you a

discount I'll take what you already paid

off of that and it worked out i've had

people doing really good business where

they end up you taking the unlimited

rights they've made a bunch of money off

of it whatever unlimited streaming there

is also so basically all of these

options that I have here mp3 Lee's wave

lease track at least unlimited rights

these are all technically like leases

you don't I mean they're not final

things if you if they want the exclusive

rights they have to email me personally

most exclusive rights for my beats are

around thousand dollars and they get

everything all the publishing everything

is theirs they can sell it again if they

want to you mean the whole beat is there

so that's a thousand dollars which is a

lot of money but a lot of people ask me

hey Kyle

producers blasting this - if they hit

the stream limit is there a way that you

get their beats

taken down does there

beat get taken down after that no it's

like if you went up and robbed someone

you're not gonna turn up in jail you're

not gonna teleport over to jail it's the

same type of thing you have to have if

you really wanted to enforce that and

say you had 50,000 audio streams you

would have a team of people a lawyer

everything behind you

filtering out checking in on these

rappers and producers and all these

people that are buying beats off you

you'd be checking in on them every

single day to see if they use the beats

what type of streams are it doesn't

really work like that it's more of like

a safety thing someone can take your mp3

lease get millions of streams off of it

and make a ton of money but that's their

own risk you know I mean they're taking

their own risks like that too to just

bet on that you don't have a team of

people behind you that can figure that

out and get money for you or you and

yourself can go out and get that money

they're taking their own risks so you

got your beats on YouTube or SoundCloud

or whatever you got your website set up

or you got your PayPal set up to hit you

up you have the licenses they're making

purchases you're selling beats and there

you go and then over time you'll learn

about making sure you're keeping

everyone's email and customer service

and all that stuff is separate but that

that's literally that is literally I

think selling beats could be a great way

to come up as a producer it is probably

is literally responsible or my come up

as a producer if I wasn't selling beats

on the internet I wouldn't be able to be

where I'm at today with this YouTube

channel and now that possibilities are

endless so I think it's a great way to

help your come up it's a great way to

get a stream of revenue I don't think

it's like an n route I don't think you

can do it forever I don't think you

should want to do it forever I think

everyone wants to build with an artist

or whatever they want to do but it is

definitely a great way to get your feet

off of the ground and yeah randomly made

this is that gonna go by the way




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difference so much there's less of that

like hissing sound just a lot better

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