Fishtail Rainbow Loom Bracelets with Sarah! #17NailedIt

hey guys I'm Sarah from so fantastic

this is the show where we feature sell

the time set today's trends today I'm

going to show you how to make a really

cute and simple fishtail rainbow loom

bracelet this DIY you'll need some

rubber bands a rainbow loom rainbow loom

hook and you'll also need a c-clip or

some type of closure for your bracelet

I'm going to start with a single rubber

band put it around one peg and then

twist it into a figure eight shape

around the other peg I'm going to do an

alternating pattern so my second rubber

band is going to be black and for this

one you're just going to put it around

the two pegs like this no twist and make

sure that when it's on there none of the

rubber band is coiling up like a spring

you want it to be straight around now

for my third color white and I'm going

to place this the same way that I place

the black one now I'm going to move on

to the hooking process to hook you're

going to grab your bottom band and then

move on to the other side of that pink

band and pull that over as well now

you're going to push the entire thing

down and of course add one more band so

there's three on at a time and I'm

moving back to pink to alternate my

pattern from here on out it's really

simple because you're going to repeat

the same step every time until you get

to the end

I've been stitching for a few minutes

and as you can see my bracelet has

gained a lot of length from experience I

know that my bracelet is almost long

enough to fit around my wrist but if

this is your first time making one you

might have to do a little bit of trial

and error you can wrap it around your

wrist to get an idea I'm going to hook

one side of the rubber band just be

super careful not to let it go

make sure it's wrapped around the entire

peg before you take out your hook so now

you can stick your hook into the two

rubber bands on that peg and once you're

sure that they're on you can pull them

off now you'll need to add a closer I'm

going to be using a c-clip you're just

going to take the c-clip and the little

opening should allow the rubber bands to

fit right through like so and once

you're sure that both sides of the

rubber band are through the c-clip you

can take it off your hook the final step

is to connect the c-clip to the other

end of the bracelet so just work both

parts of the rubber band through the

middle of the c-clip and you have a

perfect bracelet like this know if you

have a DIY would like us to help you

nail send a pic to at 17 mag using

hashtag 70 nailed it and let us know

what went wrong

don't stop trying keep ciy tune in every

week as we change failed it too