How to make money fast and easy by selling loom bracelets! ( 200$! Crazy!!)

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hey josh is here and I will be showing

you how to get all this money just by

selling bracelets loom bracelets sorry

so let's begin okay so as you see I have

rainbow loom bracelets here

I used to have 100 now I'm having these

but I'm still making more and more each

time I made all of this money in I would

say two weeks just by selling bracelets

not even every day sometimes I just said

it like three times a week

and I make this money so yesterday I

made one two three four five six seven

eight nine ten eleven and then over

those two dollars so twelve thirteen so

I made thirteen dollars yesterday except

I give it the extra cash to my other

friend who helped me

oh wait 14 so I made 14 $14 yesterday

and so in total two weeks I made this

money with these twenty these also these